Stanley Cup Final Notes & Quotes — Game 6

“For the first time in their 45-year history, a Stanley Cup for Los Angeles. The Kings are the Kings!” – Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick

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“It’s all on L.A. They seemed distracted. They admitted as much. They looked tired, and now you’ve got to think they’ve got to be apprehensive.”

-Mike Milbury on Kings before Game 6

“They hit the post so many times in Game 5 it was a symphony.”

-Mike Milbury on Kings nearly getting to Devils goalie Marty Brodeur in Game 5

“That’s the difference in the series so far for me. When one goaltender makes a mistake, it costs them a hockey game. (Jonathan) Quick made the mistake in Game 5.”

-Mike Milbury on the goaltenders

“There was a lot of nasty in Game 5. A lot of hitting, a lot more hitting, and a lot more Hatfields vs. McCoys. There was an element of hatred in this thing for the first time.”

-Mike Milbury on the intensity in Game 5


“This is Game 7 for the L.A. Kings. They have to win tonight. If they don’t win tonight, they’re not winning the Stanley Cup. I think they get the job done, but if they don’t, look out. The Devils are going to be carrying that Cup.”

-Keith Jones


“Soccered on goal.”

-Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick after Kings Justin Williams, who lost his stick, kicked the puck towards the goal

“(Bernier) does not try to play the puck. Plays the man.” [which is illegal]

-Eddie Olczyk on Devils Steve Bernier’s hit on Kings Rob Scuderi, which left Scuderi with a bloody face and resulted in a five-minute major and Bernier’s ejection. The Kings scored three goals during the five-minute power play.

“The big boys have come to play for Los Angeles.”

-Pierre McGuire on Drew Doughty, Mike Richards and Dustin Brown after the Kings second goal

“You had mentioned before the start that this was a night when Dustin Brown had to be large. He has been.”

-Mike Emrick speaking about Eddie Olczyk’s prediction prior to the game

“They’re furious with Dan O’Rourke down here. They think that they botched this game because of the missed call on Stoll on Gionta.”

-Pierre McGuire reporting on the Devils bench with three minutes left in the first period and the Kings leading 3-0. He is referring to a supposed missed call on a hit by Kings Jarret Stoll on Devils Stephen Gionta


“This was no fine line that was crossed by Bernier here. This was barreled across. I’ve been critical of the officiating at times during this series. Not this time. When a guy’s in a vulnerable position like this, you have to let up…This is what the officials had to do. This has turned this game around and given the chance for the Kings to win the Stanley Cup here tonight.”

-Mike Milbury on Bernier’s penalty

“It could have been, could have been a minor penalty at the most. But there’s no glass there…I think they got that one right. But does he [Peter DeBoer] have an argument there, I’m not sure [to Keith Jones]?”

-Mike Milbury on the no-call on the Stoll-Gionta hit

“He does. The frustration is, if the penalty is called, as soon as [Rob] Scuderi touches the puck, the whistle goes and the Devils are on the two-minute power play. There’s no five-minute hit, no five-minute major for Bernier because it doesn’t happen. That’s where the frustration comes from for Peter DeBoer.”

-Keith Jones in response to Milbury


“Look to the glove, (but) where do you go? You go to the stick side.”

-Eddie Olczyk on Jeff Carter’s goal, the fourth of the game for the Kings. Olczyk emphasized throughout the series that players should shoot on Marty Brodeur’s stick side

“In the words of Al Pacino in ‘Scent of a Woman’, ‘They’re just getting warmed up.’”
-Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick on the Kings’ fans

“This is a very good team that is stacked up with prospects for a very long time.”

-Pierre McGuire on Kings


“Dustin Brown’s had an all-world night for the L.A. Kings. What a game he’s played.”

-Pierre McGuire after Brown blocked a shot and swatted the puck down the ice while on his back during a penalty kill

“A mean spirited game with nets and goalies, just like…this.”

-Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick on water polo, the sport he will call at this year’s 2012 London Olympics

“An improbable, but inspiring run.”

-Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick on the Kings as the clocked wound down

“For the first time in their 45-year history, a Stanley Cup for Los Angeles. The Kings are the Kings!”

-Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick on the Kings winning the Stanley Cup

“Many books will be written about this improbably run, but a thrilling run for southern California, for hockey and these Kings. In the blink of an eye, the horn sounds and one team politely waits and then joins in congratulations.”

-Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick on the Devils prior to the handshake


“I just love hockey for reasons like that.”

-Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick on Jonathan Quick and Marty Brodeur shaking hands

“…Los Angeles, California, hockey capital right now.”

-Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick

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“The Bruins were bigger and stronger last year. The Kings were bigger and stronger than everyone this year.”

-Keith Jones

“If the Bernier penalty does not occur, who knows how this game ends.”

-Mike Milbury

“The greatest of all time, Martin Brodeur. The greatest of this time, Jonathan Quick.”

-Liam McHugh

“Get used to it. The Kings will be back here again.”

-Keith Jones


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