“Robert Griffin III has earned Mike Shanahan’s trust… He is a mature kid, very bright and smart. I have to trust Griffin III’s opinion.” – Steve Mariucci — Quotable from Wild Card Sunday’s Edition of NFL Network’s ‘NFL GameDay Final’

NFL-GameDay-FinalWild Card Sunday (01/06/13) – Quotable from

NFL GameDay Final on NFL Network

– “Robert Griffin III has earned Mike Shanahan’s trust over the course of the season. He is a mature kid, very bright and smart. I have to trust Griffin III’s opinion. He is the only guy who knows how that knee feels.”Steve Mariuccion Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

– “If the guy can go, you allow him to go. Robert Griffin III has earned that right. He got you there on a bad knee, so allow him to play.”Marshall Faulk on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

– “The bottom line:  Robert Griffin III is not coming out. I am not coming out in a situation like that. Unless the coach knows I cannot play and he yanks me out, I am not coming out.”Kurt Warner on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

-“Robert Griffin III is the guy who led you to the playoffs, beat the Cowboys, and the one who put 14 points on the scoreboard. You don’t question him.”Deion Sanders on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

– “I would rather have to hold him back than have to push him out there. I like what Robert Griffin III is.”  – Michael Irvinon Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

– “All of a sudden, this young quarterback, Russell Wilson, is not a weakness or a concern; he is the leader of their football team.”  –  Steve Mariucci on Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson

– “Do you know how much love and respect you get in the locker room when you are a quarterback and you are leading your running back down the field for a touchdown?” – Deion Sanders on Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson who helped running back Marshawn Lynch reach the end zone with a down field block

– “I will give Richard Sherman some love if he handles his business vs. Atlanta Falcons’ wide receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones. This type of game separates players; a game that  propels them to a Darrell Revis, Charles Woodson level.” – Deion Sanders on Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman

– “What Gus Bradley did after the Seahawks fell down 14-0 – to get his guys to play at the high level they were capable of  – was amazing. Usually when the snowball starts, it gets bigger. He did a great job today. It was impressive.” – Marshall Faulk on Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley

– “They got away from running the ball. They should have given Alfred Morris a steady diet of the football.” – Deion Sanders on the Washington Redskins who were up 14-0 on the Seattle Seahawks after the first quarter

– “With Ray Lewis back, the Ravens played like the Baltimore Ravens of old.” – Steve Mariucci on the Baltimore Ravens defense


Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed interview on NFL GameDay Final

On Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis:

“Ray really put it in perspective this week when we were in meetings. We wanted to play really hard for Ray and make sure this train keeps rolling for another week. We want to take him all the way. We want to end up in New Orleans and planning on being in it, but you have some obstacles that you have to go through first.”

On his conversation with Indianapolis head coach Chuck Pagano:

“[Chuck] was just saying how we already won [because of  his successful treatment].  I was praying the same thing. It was a blessing to be playing with everything Chuck has been going through – my family has been dealing with some sickness that hit us also – so it was just a blessing. We had a young kid come to camp and he has leukemia also, a young kid. He really put it in perspective and let me know that this game is small compared to real life situations.”

On if this could have been his last home game as a Raven also:

“No, we aren’t talking about me. I am in a football mode. I definitely have some more in me, unless the Lord says differently in the offseason. I am just focused on getting to New Orleans, bringing it home, and seeing my people. Denver is the [next] team up right now.”

The complete interview with Reed can be heard here:



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