Notes from NBA TV’s NBA Fan Night presented by Sprint – Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Notes from NBA TV’s NBA Fan Night presented by Sprint – Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dallas Mavericks (98) @ Philadelphia 76ers (100)

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Tuesday, Dec. 4 

Fans can select between the following games:

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Philadelphia 76ers

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Brooklyn Nets

Indiana Pacers @ Chicago Bulls

Phoenix Suns @ Memphis Grizzlies


****  ****  ****  **** Pregame Show

Matt Winer, Chris Webber and Greg Anthony

Anthony on the Philadelphia 76ers’ acquisition of Andrew Bynum: “The [Andrew] Bynum acquisition was a huge risk because of his injury history. Two ways you get better in this league… acquisition and improvement.  The acquisition aspect of it didn’t materialize, but the improvement did.  When you talk about the impact that Jrue Holiday has had…he is a different player than a year ago.  He’s becoming almost a franchise-caliber player.  He has accepted the challenge and he has prospered.”

Anthony on the Mavericks and the return of Dirk Nowitzki: “They have a group of guys – [O.J.] Mayo and [Darren] Collison [in particular] – that haven’t played with Dirk and they don’t really know what the adjustment is going to be like when he gets back.  They have been able to go out and play games like they always wanted to and are playing well.  This is still a solid team.  They have some good pieces if they get Dirk back and they could be one of those dark horse teams in the Western Conference.”

Webber on the Mavericks state of the team without Dirk Nowitzki: “I like the fact that they have two different teams.  The one team without Dirk, with guys like [Chris] Kaman, and then one when Dirk gets back which will be a different team.  They will merge really well under [Mavericks’ head coach Rick] Carlisle’s structure.”

Anthony on the Mavericks’ Chris Kaman: “Sometimes you forget how good Chris Kaman is offensively.  He can shoot it as well as any big in the league and he finishes well with either hand.  He could be a difference maker if Dirk returns and is the Dirk Nowitzki of old and not an old Dirk Nowitzki.”

Webber on Kaman:  “He [Chris Kaman] is one of the best finishers with both hands in the league but he has a lot of work to do inside the key.”

***** ***** *****

Sprint Halftime Report

Winer, Webber and Anthony

Anthony on Phoenix’s Michael Beasley:  “The biggest problem for Michael Beasley is he just shoots.  He doesn’t impact the other areas of the game.  He is a basketball talent and he has the ability to score.   But he needs to have more impact on the floor if he is going to be the best player for this team.  He doesn’t give an effort [on defense].  He has to incorporate the intangibles into his game otherwise he is going to be one of those guys that people look at as someone with a lot of talent that never fulfilled his potential.”

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NBA GameTime presented by Hyundai

Winer, Webber and Anthony

Webber on the Mavericks and the 76ers:  “These games are really important during the season for these teams – and these are two bad teams.  They don’t have their main players and they aren’t whole and complete.  When things get rough, it means that you have to will it mentally more than physically.  A good team knows that they have to play better until their best players get back and they [Mavericks] didn’t play that way.”

Philadelphia 76ers Thaddeus Young joins the studio team via Arena Link

Young on the state of the 76ers this season:  “We can play with each and every team on any given night.  We have the right guys to go out there and do it.  As long as we have the concentration and focus on the game we will be fine.”


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