“I don’t know how you can have a bigger legacy with regards to his team, his career and the league than Ray Lewis.” — Brian Billick — News & Sound Bites from Wild Card Sunday Editions of NFL Network’s ‘First on the Field’ & ‘NFL GameDay Morning’

NFL-GameDayMorningNews and Sound Bites From Wild Card Sunday Editions of FIRST ON THE FIELD & NFL GAMEDAY MORNING

“I don’t know how you can have a bigger legacy with regards to his team, his career and the league than Ray Lewis.” – Brian Billick on Ravens LB Ray Lewis

“He’ll be a dominant player and he’ll be able to be the difference in the game.” – Michael Lombardi on Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Quotes from First on the Field

Every Sunday morning at 7:00 AM ET, NFL Network is First on the Field with Melissa Stark, LaDainian Tomlinson, Sterling Sharpe and Michael Lombardi providing the first analysis of the day’s games.

“I don’t know how you can have a bigger legacy with regards to his team, his career and the league than Ray Lewis.” – Brian Billick on Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis

“I don’t think Houston will be able to handle [Rob] Gronkowski and [Aaron] Hernandez. That’s going to be the difference in the game…It’s going to go the same way as the first game went [in Week 14].” – LaDainian Tomlinson on the Houston Texans facing the New England Patriots in the Divisional Round

“The number one quality has been his mental toughness, and that has been instilled in their football team. Now that’s why they’re better on the road.” – Michael Lombardi on Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson

“This is a perfect game for him; he knows it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers offense dressed in an Indianapolis Colts uniform…He knows all the routes, he knows all the plays – you’re not going to fool him.” – Michael Lombardi on Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis

“DeAngelo Hall covering Dez Bryant in Week 17 against the Dallas Cowboys was out of his mind. I don’t think he’s going to be able to take Golden Tate or Sidney Rice away the way he handled Dez Bryant.” – Sterling Sharpe on Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall

“This is the guy that you need to build the offense around. He’s the foundation and allows you to do so many things.” – LaDainian Tomlinson on Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice

“That’s a great hire by the Bills because he brings together that pedigree that is popular now: a substantial pro background with that mix of college.” – Brian Billick on the Buffalo Bills hiring Doug Marrone as head coach 

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning

NFL GameDay Morning is the most comprehensive pregame show on Sunday morning, airing at 9:00 AM ET on NFL Network and taking viewers straight up to kickoff. Host Rich Eisen joins analysts Steve Mariucci, Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin to bring fans the latest news, injury reports, pregame analysis and game previews.

“Ray will be remembered as one of the greatest defensive leaders to ever lead a defense, and he led so long and he led so well.” – Michael Irvin on Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis

“He’s been great for the 17 years on the field and all of those accomplishments, but he’s been even greater off the field for so many different people. That to me is why he goes up there with some of the best that have ever played this game.” – Kurt Warner on Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis’ legacy

“Their offensive coordinator and their defensive coordinator did this team a disservice…I didn’t see the plan that they had on defense and on offense they definitely didn’t have a plan for Joe Webb to come in that game and do anything that was to his strengths.” – Warren Sapp on the Minnesota Vikings in the 24-10 loss to the Green Bay Packers

“He’ll be a dominant player and he’ll be able to be the difference in the game. That’s why I like Seattle to win.” – Michael Lombardi on Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson

“I just didn’t like what I saw from Matt Schaub. He gave the Bengals and Andy Dalton every opportunity; Andy Dalton was just a guy who the game seemed a little bit too big for him. This game will not be too big for Tom Brady.” – Marshall Faulk on quarterback Matt Schaub and the Houston Texans who will face the New England Patriots in the Divisional Round

“This is a legacy game [for Joe Flacco]. Ray [Lewis] is on his way out…He has to step up and say I’m going to be the catalyst to lead this team.” – Michael Irvin on what is at stake for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco in the playoffs

‘Sunday Sitdown’ – Interview with Seahawks CBs Richard Sherman & Brandon Browner

NFL Network analyst Michael Irvin sat down with Seattle Seahawks cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner to discuss the Seahawks’ secondary, head coach Pete Carroll and facing the wide receivers of the Washington Redskins:

On finishing the season winning seven of their last eight games:

Brandon Browner: “A big part of that is the progression of Russell Wilson, and then us on defense we’re playing good football at the right time.”

On Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll:

Richard Sherman: “I appreciate him because he put together a ragtag group of guys that nobody would ever put together. He took an undersized safety out of Texas [in Earl Thomas] and made him one of the best safeties in the NFL. He took Kam Chancellor, a guy who people thought was too fat, too big and was going to play linebacker, and made him into one of the most feared safeties in the league. He took Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman, two guys nobody would ever think would start in this league.”

On the best cornerback tandem in the NFL:

Sherman: “We’re the best defensive backs. It’d be hard to make the argument for anybody else because the way we play ball and the way we play together, there aren’t many completions out there to be had.”

On what it was like to hear that he could possibly be suspended for testing positive for Adderall:

Browner: “As a man, mistakes were made. At the same time, I couldn’t put my team in that situation trying to appeal something and I could possibly miss the playoffs. You just have to live with the mistakes you make sometimes.”

On appealing the suspension:

Sherman: “I heard it from everywhere, but in your heart of hearts you know what the truth is. The system is designed that if you’re truthfully telling the truth, you know you’re right and you know what really happened, then the truth will prevail. It did once again.”

On Redskins wide receivers Santana Moss and Pierre Garcon:

Sherman: “I don’t think they’re anything that we can’t handle.”

Browner: “We played against Santana Moss last year. He did a little bit of talking, but he got smacked around a couple times. If that’s where he wants to take it, we’ll take it to smacking him around a couple times.”

To view the entire interview with Sherman and Browner, visit:


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