Video and Quotes: Norman, Nicklaus, Miller, Chamblee, Nobilo, Breed, Poulter, Davis and Dawson Discuss Proposed Anchored Putter Rule Change

Earlier today, the USGA and The R&A jointly announced a proposed rule change on anchoring the putter.  USGA Executive Director Mike Davis and R&A Chief Executive Peter Dawson join Golf Channel in-studio today to discuss the decision in a Golf Central Special following the announcement.  Golf Channel’s news coverage also included reaction from Golf Channel and NBC’s team of analysts and insiders, including Johnny Miller, Brandel Chamblee and Frank Nobilo, along with interviews with from throughout the world of golf, including Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman and Ian Poulter.

Below are links to interviews from Morning Drive and the Golf Central Special earlier today with discussion, reaction and analysis to the announcement:

Golf Channel Analyst Brandel Chamblee: USGA and R&A Are Making a Mistake

Chamblee: “I think the USGA and the R&A are making a mistake.  This is not a decision that so much affects just the touring professionals.  If you consider the fact that there are 25 million golfers in this country and perhaps 50 million golfers around the globe, and if we are led to believe that their numbers are in fact true, that upwards of 20-25 percent of the population that plays golf are going towards this putter, you are talking close to 20 million golfers that are affected by this.”

Chamblee, Nobilo, Breed and Rosaforte Debate Proposed Anchored Putter Ruling

Rich Lerner: “To the recreational player who has gotten some enjoyment and had some success with the anchoring method, might be upset right now.  What would you say to that person?”

Michael Breed: “Come and see me for a lesson!  This is going to be good for us to teach.  We are going to have a chance to rework the instruction part of the game.”

Jack Nicklaus Reaction to Announcement on Morning Drive

Johnny Miller Reaction to Announcement on Golf Central

Miller: “I don’t have anything against, quote-unquote, banning.  But when you are not able to anchor the putter when you’ve got the yips, boy that takes a lot of the goodness away from the long putter.”

Greg Norman Reaction to Announcement on Golf Central

Norman, on the idea of bifurcation: I agree with them (Chamblee and Miller) 100 percent.  It should be bifurcated…We are in a position in this sport where we generate a lot of interest no matter what we do, from an economic standpoint or from a manufacturing standpoint.  These players move the needle and so we have to be able to make sure we move the needle in the right direction.  Bifurcation is the right thing to do.”

Mike Davis and Peter Dawson Discuss Announcement on Golf Central

Ian Poulter Discusses Proposed Anchored Putter Ruling with Steve Sands

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