Quotes From Week 8 Editions of NFL Network’s ‘NFL GameDay Highlights’ & ‘NFL GameDay Final’ — Highlighted by Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders on Cowboys WR Dez Bryant’s behavior

NFL-GameDay-FinalDeion Sanders, Michael Irvin, and Willie McGinest on Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant’s behavior on the sideline during the Cowboys loss to the Detroit Lions:


·         From NFL GameDay Highlights: http://on.nfl.com/1g5KVGB

·         From NFL GameDay Final: http://on.nfl.com/1eYKP0r


Michael Irvin:

  • “I talked people in Dez’s camp and people with the Cowboys’ camp and the way they see this, it is passion on the sideline. Guys are telling me that [Dez Bryant and Tony Romo] guys were embracing on the bus ride and going to the plane talking about it. [People on the bus were] talking to Dez about it, [saying] ‘We don’t have any problem with it. We just want to make sure that the passion is directed in the right way.’ You have to know how to address that kind of passion.”
  •  “He doesn’t have a problem with Jason Witten, he doesn’t have a problem with Tony Romo. He wants the football.”
  • “For years we talked about people on the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys having no passion, no leadership and it seems like they don’t care. Now we get a guy with maybe a little too much passion and he doesn’t know how to exactly display it in front of a TV audience, but now we are going to go and say, ‘Get rid of all the passion you have?’  No, it is absolutely crazy.”

·         “I truly will talk to Dez about this. You can’t go after the quarterback. I have never gone after Troy [Aikman]. Search all you want, you will never find tape of me going after Troy. I am going to talk to Dez about this same thing. Get everyone else going, but you walk quietly up to Tony and say ‘What is going on buddy? Can you get me the ball a little bit better tonight?’ and talk to him and a little bit better. I will address that with him.”

On Dez Bryant’s personality:

  • “I would much rather hold you back than have to push you out.”

On if the incident will be an issue moving forward:

·         “As long as this was [an isolated incident] and not something lingering. That is the difference. This is not going to linger.”


Deion Sanders:

·         “He is the only guy on that team that plays with that kind of passion. The only guy. There is a way to channel it, but I love the passion. There is nothing wrong with what he did.”

·         “At certain times he shows immaturity. [However,] you can’t want the passion, mental toughness, and aggressiveness on the field but not want it off the field. I guarantee you he is yelling about the way his team is performing… and ball distribution.  You can’t ask for his passion and intensity in certain areas of the game but not really want it when it is really going down.”

·         “Dez Bryant is the best player on the Cowboys, so let’s [remember that.]”

·         “We don’t give receivers and running backs enough credit [about knowing] the game. When you line up, you know where that ball is supposed to go when you are looking at the defense. If that ball is not coming to you when you know it is supposed to be coming to you, oh, we have a problem.  It is OK for the quarterback to get on everybody, but not the receiver?”

On if Dez Bryant’s sideline behavior will be an issue moving forward:

·         “No, none whatsoever.”

·         I feel like he is the only guy in the city of Dallas that Cowboy fans can identify with. He is really the only guy that plays with that type of passion and intensity. I love Sean Lee, I love what he brings to the table, but offensively, he is the only guy that you have.”


Willie McGinest:

·         “It was a little excessive, but necessary. There have been some issues when guys haven’t been as passionate or showed emotion.”

·         There are some correct ways to do it. [There is urgency,] when you are looking at that clock and time is winding down and you know you need to make a play… I don’t think it was all about him getting the ball, it was about them making plays. When Terrance Williams made that long touchdown, he was cheering for him on the sidelines.”

·         “I don’t know what transpired between [Williams touchdown] and the end of the game. Maybe it was another mishap, another play that was missed. He didn’t handle it 100% the right way, but there is nothing wrong with that. It is football. You can’t expect everybody to act nice and quiet and walk on eggshells. Players don’t act like that. I have lost it a couple of times on the sidelines. You have to gather yourself and get ready to play. I think Jason Witten was telling him, ‘We still have a little time to go. Get yourself together so we can go out and try to win this football game.’”

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