Quotes From Week 2 Editions of NFL Network’s NFL GAMEDAY HIGHLIGHTS & NFL GAMEDAY FINAL

NFL-Gameday-LogoQuotes from NFL GameDay Highlights & NFL GameDay Final

– “In my power rankings, the Broncos would be the No. 1 team right now.” – Marshall Faulk on the Denver Broncos

No one can cover LeSean McCoy out of the backfield, one-on-one in this league. Get him the ball at all cost.” – Deion Sanders on Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy

“Julio Jones is one of the top 4 wide receivers in the NFL at this point.” – Deion Sanders on Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones

“Everyone in Washington thought it was going to be their year. You underestimate the whole league when guys like RGIII [think] ‘I can just [play] and do what I need to do.’” – Michael Irvin on the Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins offensive line cannot protect Robert Griffin III as a pocket passer. In the pocket, he is at risk.” – Marshall Faulk on the Washington Redskins offense

“[Right Now] the Washington Redskins are atrocious on the defensive side of the ball.”  Deion Sanders on Washington Redskins who fell to 0-2 and have allowed 71 points in two games

“The Vikings have stuck with Christian Ponder too long.” – Michael Irvin on the Minnesota Vikings

“Andy Reid is coming to Philadelphia with a better team [this year] than he had last year.” Marshall Faulk on Kansas City head coach Andy Reid and his matchup with his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, this week on NFL Network’s Thursday Night Football

“Randall Cobb is a No. 1 wide receiver and Jordy Nelson is a No. 1 wide receiver and  they are performing like No. 1s.” – Michael Irvin on Green Bay Packers wide receivers Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson

“Absolutely, the Miami Dolphins are the best team in the AFC East right now.” – Michael Irvin on the 2-0 Miami Dolphins

“Say what you want about Richard Sherman, he makes plays, talks-the-talk and walks-the-walk.” – Deion Sanders on Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman


On NFL.com the following video clips from NFL GameDay Highlights & NFL GameDay Final are available for viewing:

Sherman: We’re on another level – Talking with Michelle Beisner, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman reacts to the team’s dominant victory over the San Francisco 49ers:



The Seahawks’ domination – The NFL GameDay Final crew breaks down the Seattle Seahawks victory over the San Francisco 49ers:



Is Jay Cutler the answer in Chicago? – The NFL GameDay Final crew debates:



Week 2 GameDay Express – All aboard the NFL GameDay Express as it travels throughout the league:



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