Notes from “Sunday MLB on TBS” – Sunday, July 6, 2014

mlb-on-tbsNotes from “Sunday MLB on TBS” – Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday MLB on TBS continues July 13, with the St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Brewers, at 2 p.m. ET. The telecast will be seen locally throughout Wisconsin.


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New York Yankees (9) at Minnesota Twins (7)
Ernie Johnson (play-by-play), Ron Darling and Cal Ripken (analysts)




Darling on determining if your team is a contender or a pretender: “The hardest part of the game for a general manager is trying to identify whether you’re a contender or a pretender. With the extra Wild Card [spot], every team that is .500 through the middle of August has a chance to make a run…but your eyes should tell you, if you haven’t made a run all year, it’s probably not going to happen.”


Darling on the recent Cubs/A’s trade: “That trade pushed the time for a lot of teams…when [Oakland general manager] Billy Beane made that deal, a lot of other general managers said, ‘The race is on.’”


Darling on Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter: “He’s the face of baseball for his generation of players. He’s represented himself well, his team well and the league well. You can’t say more about a player than that”


Ripken on the Yankees this season: “Their expectations are high. The pitching staff has pitched pretty well to stay in ball games but the offense needs to start to get going. That’s why I’m optimistic [about them]…they’ll fix their offense.”


Ripken on Yankees outfielder Carlos Beltran: “He’s been a significant player. He’s put up big numbers and you could make a case that’s he’s a Hall of Fame player.”


Darling on Yankees outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury: “He’s a five-tool player but he hasn’t had one of those monster years where he hits everything across the board.”


Darling on Twins outfielder Sam Fuld: “He is a highlight reel every single time he plays.”


Ripken on Twins outfielder Oswaldo Arcia: “He’s big and powerful and has a long swing. He almost has an ‘all or nothing’ mentality [at the plate]. These types of hitters are normally very streaky. When they have their timing mechanisms down, they’re on time. When they’re not, they’ll swing and miss at quite a few pitches.”


Darling on Twins second baseman Brian Dozier: “I like what I’ve seen defensively from Dozier. He makes good decisions. He’s got good range and a strong arm.”


Ripken on Dozier: “He makes the tough plays look easy.”


Darling on the Baltimore Orioles: “Baltimore is starting to play the kind of baseball they thought they’d play from the start. When Chris Davis is playing, they have one of the deepest lineups in all of baseball.”


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