Notes from NBA TV’s Coverage of the NBA Playoffs – Wednesday April 24, 2013

NBA_TV_logoNotes from NBA TV’s Coverage of the NBA Playoffs – Wednesday April 24, 2013

Atlanta Hawks (98) @ Indiana Pacers (113) – Pacers leads series 2-0

NBA TV’s coverage of the 2013 NBA Playoffs continues Thursday, April 25, at 8:30 p.m. ET featuring the Brooklyn Nets  @ Chicago Bulls (Game 3)

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Vince Cellini, Dennis Scott and Baron Davis

Davis on the Pacers: “They’re tough…they’re all tough defenders and they play good team defense. They come out and initiate all the aggression throughout the game.

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Atlanta Hawks (98 ) @ Indiana Pacers (113) – Pacers leads series 2-0

Announcers: Ian Eagle (play-by-play) and Steve Smith (analyst) with Dei Lynam (reporter)

Smith on Hawks guard Jeff Teague’s development: “ What a wonderful player he has turned out to be. He now understands pace and situation. Each year, he keeps getting better.”

Smith on Pacers center Roy Hibbert: “ The confidence of Roy Hibbert is at an all-time high after the All-Star break.  He has just transformed himself.”

Smith on the Hawks bench: “Unfortunately the Hawks are missing key players Zaza Pachulia and Lou Williams; two players that would make a big difference in this series.”

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Cellini, Scott, Davis

Davis on what the Hawks need to do to stay in Game 2: “ [Jeff] Teague has done a great job carrying this team. In order for Atlanta to stay in this game, they have to be scrappy. They have to try and get out in transition.”

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Cellini, Scott, Davis

Davis on Paul George and Roy Hibbert in this series:  “Paul George is just phenomenal. He is just dominating the series and Roy Hibbert is taking care of everything on the inside.”

Davis on the NBA’s evolution of style: “The NBA is now a fashionable league and a lot of the players are stepping their game up. It is about the complete ensemble.”

Scott on Rockets guard Patrick Beverley: “I’m very impressed with a guy like Patrick Beverly…coming in and messing things up and getting under Russell Westbrook’s skin.”

Davis on Thunder forward Kevin Durant: “He has improved every year. He knows how to come in and make big shots and set his men up. He’s a playmaker extraordinaire.”

Scott on the Rockets in Game 3 at home:  “[For Game 3] You have to play with a certain confidence. Hopefully their fans will show up to give them that extra energy they need. This is one of those games where they have to play the exact same way for 48 minutes. Can you do that and play mistake-free basketball at home?”

Davis on Atlanta making changes for Game 3: “Atlanta is going to have to make a lineup change. Having two small guards in the backcourt, they are going to get taken advantage of; not having any fire power off the bench and then Kyle Korver not giving you anything off the three…you probably want to come up with a defensive lineup and put the ball in Josh Smith and Jeff Teague’s hands and let them go.”

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