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(Discussion on Tampa Bay Head Coach Greg Schiano’s rocky season and why college coaches have such a hard time adjusting to NFL)

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BILL COWHER: On my staffs, I always liked guys with NFL experience because they understood the grind that it takes, and the commitment that it takes at that level.

DAN MARINO: Greg Schiano, you look at him and the team doesn’t trust him because of what he’s done with Freeman and some of the other players on that team.  They’ve traded guys away.  But for me, it’s about communication.  You said, guys that had experience in the NFL, that’s key especially with head coaches and assistant coaches.

SHANNON SHARPE: It’s a tough situation for Greg Schiano, but he brought a lot of this on himself.

BOOMER ESIASON:  They also have other issues.  They have the MRSA issue in that locker room which has made a lot of guys uncomfortable about the way the team has handled it.  They also had the Josh Freeman issue where they should have made the decision in the off-season that he was not the guy moving forward.  So that thing ended ugly.  And the bottom line for all of this is they haven’t won a game.  When you are not winning a game and you have no shows in that stadium, you’re going to have a perception problem.  Right now coach Schiano has that – a major perception problem.

(On Jets and Head Coach Rex Ryan)

COWHER:  We’ve watched Rex Ryan in my opinion grow as a coach from year four to five.  He admittedly said he had to take a different approach publicly about certain things.  I love where he’s at.  I loved last weekend after that game he said, ‘Wow, it’s great that we won that game.’  He wasn’t boastful.  He knew he was fortunate to win that game.  I love where he’s at.  And I think other owners should look at coaches and see that they can grow on the job and still be good coaches and give them time to experience the things they need to experience like Ron Rivera.  Because we fire coaches way too quickly in this business and don’t give them a chance to grow as coaches.

MARINO:  You look at Rex Ryan, what I think was impressive about him is he did this with Mark Sanchez who was a rookie quarterback.  So for five years.  Then he went to two AFC Championship games.  Now he’s got another rookie quarterback and he’s winning with Geno Smith.  There are a lot of guys that have a quarterback like Tom Brady, in New England for 10, 12 years.  He’s doing this with two rookie quarterbacks.  That’s impressive.

(On 4-3 New York Jets)

SHARPE:  The Jets are doing this with a rookie quarterback in Geno Smith.  They traded their best defensive player in Darrelle RevisRex Ryan has that defense.  You talk about a defense.  They play defense as well as anybody in the National Football League.  No great receivers, no tight ends to speak of on the offensive side of the football.  How Rex Ryan has gotten this team to be 4-3 with a rookie quarterback and that offense is beyond me.

(On expanding game day rosters)

COWHER:  With all the safety precautions we’ve had, we’ve seen a lot of injuries the last few weeks, a lot of guys going out early in games and not returning.  I think it’s time we need to continue to talk about expanding the game‑day roster, moving the game day roster maybe to 50.  I think every team right now is activating only seven offensive linemen and the quality of the game is going to suffer.  When an injury happens, there is a trickle-down effect where players are having to play more plays and more injuries can occur.  It’s a CBA issue, but something that has to be addressed.

(On Pittsburgh and Ben Roethlisberger and AFC North race)

SHARPE:  I’m going to talk about another guy that has had some questions the past couple of weeks, Ben Roethlisberger.  I think he’s answered those questions.  He has taken care of the football.  Le’Veon Bell has given them the running attack you said they needed.  And what they’ve done is allowed themselves to get back into this AFC North race.  I don’t think the Bengals are going to run away with this quite yet.  The Steelers might have something to say about that.



(On Tampa Bay Head Coach Greg Schiano)

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STEVE BEUERLEIN: This started the first game (against) the Giants. The game was over and (Greg Schiano) made his team go after the football (when the Giants were in victory formation). That’s when he started losing that team. (The players) had to do it because they had to do what the head coach said at that point. But if he told them to do it today, they wouldn’t do it. He’s lost that team. (Schiano being fired) is inevitable.

BART SCOTT: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. With (Darrelle) Revis saying, ‘I’m not sure if he’s lost the locker room,’ that’s a way of saying ‘Yes… But I make too much money to say what I really want to say.’ (Schiano) is out of here.


(On Washington’s Brandon Meriweather fine)

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BEUERLEIN: You’re talking to a guy who came into the league in 1987. It was a different game back then. What (Brandon) Meriweather is doing now was perfectly legal back when I was playing the game. He would be glorified for making hits like that and feared because that’s the way football was played. But by the rules of the game today, he is crossing the line and he has to get that message or he won’t be in the League.

AMY TRASK: I like the process the League and the Players Association have in place for this. The hearing officer on appeals of this nature, in this case it was Ted Cottrell, is jointly appointed by the League and by the Players Association. That’s an important factor. I also think it’s important that the hearing officer be a football man; someone who has either played the game or coached the game or both. In this instance Ted Cottrell is a football man… therefore we have to trust that after hearing all of the evidence he made the right decision… Now is that decision going to have a deterrent effect on Brandon Meriweather? I don’t know the answer to that. I don’t know Brandon Meriweather personally. Different people are deterred by different punishments. I don’t know if it will have a deterrent effect but I do think the process in place is a good process and a fair process.

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