Lil Wayne, Coach K And Chris Paul Rap One-On-One With Jim Rome On Showtime®

rome-showtimeEpisode 5 Premiered Thursday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME

Mike Krzyzewski Discusses the Influx of Money in College Sports and

Gary Payton, Rob Riggle and Kyle Turley Join Jim Rome in The Forum


LOS ANGELES (December 19, 2012) – This week on JIM ROME ON SHOWTIME, four-time Grammy Award winner Lil Wayne joins the program to give his take on a variety of sports’ hottest topics.  Episode five premieres tonight, Wednesday, Dec. 19 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

Rome also goes one-on-one with two-time USA Olympic Gold Medal coach Mike Krzyzewski, NCAA Division I basketball’s winningest coach who has led Duke University to four NCAA titles and the nation’s current No. 1 ranking, and Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul, a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and five-time NBA All-Star, drops dimes for Rome’s “10 Questions” segment.

Also on the episode, nine-time NBA All-Star and 2006 NBA champion Gary Payton, actor/comedian Rob Riggle, and former NFL offensive lineman-turned-country music recording artist Kyle Turley join host Jim Rome in an open forum on today’s hottest sports topics.

JIM ROME ON SHOWTIME, in its first season on SHOWTIME, airs Wednesdays with multiple replays each week on SHOWTIME and SHOWTIME EXTREME® and availability on SHOWTIME ON DEMAND.

Following are excerpts from this week’s episode:


ROME: When I brought the Lakers up, you kind of had a reaction to it …From where you’re sitting, what’s their issue?

LIL WAYNE: The coach is the issue. Not that (Mike) D’Antoni isn’t a great coach because to me, he’s a Hall of Fame coach, but those players can’t fit his system. He needs shooters. He needs guys that can run up and down that court. Obviously, Steve Nash is going to help when he comes back but he’s not the Steve Nash that he had in Phoenix. Everyone knows that. He just doesn’t have the players that fit his system, to me. I don’t know if I know what I’m talking about. There is a system that can work with those players – um, Phil Jackson – but, you know, there is a system that can work with those players and I don’t think his is the system will be the one that works.

ROME: The NFL is trying to make the game safer. In so doing, are they watering down the brand? Is it hurting the product? And what’s going to happen, going forward?

LIL WAYNE: They’re watering down the brand, they’re hurting the product, and what’s going to happen going forward is they’re going to lose their real fans … As a man, you have to have a real passion for football. And the passion, nine times out of ten, is the physicality of it, and the brutality of it. And to take that away from it is like taking punching away from boxing.

LIL WAYNE (Closing thought): Thank you and, before I leave, I want to say, you mentioned that I was, in 2010, locked up for a weapon (charge). If there was anything that I can do in my life that I could ever change, it’d be that. Sandy Hook Elementary (School), my heart goes out to you.


ROME: We’re talking a lot about guns and the law. Should the gun laws be changed and will they?

RIGGLE: Right now it’s a very emotional time so I don’t know if you’re going to get good dialogue on it. Right now everyone is confused and everyone is scared and everyone is trying to make sense out of it. It’s a national tragedy. It’s crazy. Someone did something that is horrific and no one can explain it and people are trying to make sense of it and they can’t. Sometimes crazy is just crazy.

ROME: Did the Jets mislead Tim Tebow bringing him in and not playing him?

TURLEY: Of course they did. The kid hasn’t played a lick of football this whole season and hasn’t been given the opportunity to do what he was brought in there to do which was to help that team win. Tim Tebow is a winner and wins football games. At the end of the day he finds ways to win. It’s baffling and they need to answer to it.

PAYTON: I like Tebow, but I’m going to tell it straight up. He misled them. He’s not really a true quarterback. I don’t think he can sit in the pocket and throw balls. He’s a running back to me. He can’t be like a Peyton Manning. When he took the Broncos to the playoffs it was a great run. It was kind of like what (Jeremy) Lin did last year with the Knicks. But now he’s at Houston and he’s a mediocre basketball player and that’s what he always was.


ROME: There’s more and more money coming into college sports.Yet, none of it’s going directly to the student athletes, other than education and room and board. At this point, is that still enough, or are they entitled to more?

KRZYZEWSKI: They’re entitled to more. There have been some changes. Not enough. I do think that kids should be given more. You really can’t work. Some type of a monthly stipend would be appropriate. I know people are worried that they (colleges) have to give it to everybody but, eventually, you’re going to have to look at your revenue-producing sports and take a look at how you might do some things for those kids to make sure they’re getting what they deserve.


ROME: What were the best and worst Christmas presents you ever received?

PAUL: The best may have been a few years ago when I found out on Christmas day what the sex of my first child was going to be and now I have a 3-year-old baby boy. And the worst was probably that beating we took against Orlando the first time I played on Christmas day a few years ago.

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