FOX Super Bowl Daily Quote Sheet

fox-nflFOX Super Bowl Daily, hosted by Curt Menefee, airs twice daily at Noon ET and 6 PM ET on FOX Sports 1 this week leading up to Super Bowl XLVIII on FOX, with panelists Tim Ryan, Jimmy Johnson, Scott Fujita and Mike Pereira. Below are quotes from the Jan. 27 6 PM Edition of the show:

On competing against the Seattle Seahawks secondary:

·        Ryan – I think you do it a couple of ways. You do it with some up-tempo for sure, and get that pass rush tired. That’s the best way to hit that secondary, so Peyton Manning will manipulate the play clock. He’ll go long counts some time, he’ll go quick counts some time … moving (Demaryius Thomas) around and expecting Richard Sherman to stay in his left cornerback position. I think Peyton Manning is going to find out right away if they are going to shadow Demaryius Thomas with Richard Sherman, and if they don’t, I think you are going to see a lot of Demaryius Thomas in the slot against Walter Thurmond.

·        Johnson – I look for Peyton Manning against zone to get rid of the ball quick. He knows the pass rush is coming and he’s going to have open receivers, but against man coverage, you are going to see some bunch formations, you’re going to see those rub routes, you’re going to see some possible offensive pass interference. It will be interesting to see him get rid of the football against man coverage.

·        Fujita – Is either team really going to change what they do? I don’t think so … not that much. Richard Sherman is a left corner. This Seattle defense is going to do what they do. Peyton Manning’s offense is going to do what they are going to do. Seattle’s back end does such a good job of cutting off the back half of the field … better than any secondary in the league. What that forces Peyton to do is, especially with a good pass rush, is throw those underneath shallow crossers, hit those guys where the linebackers are, and those linebackers now, we’ve forgotten a lot about them in this conversation. They do the best job of dropping into their zones, having good zone integrity and tackling the ball carriers in space … the best in the league at that.

·        Pereira – And you know they are going to do that quick passing game … we talked about that. And I’ll tell you, we talk about how Seattle challenges the officials to throw the flag by grabbing receivers coming off the line. Well, Denver challenges officials, too, because the run a lot of that bubble screen stuff, where the receiver releases down field  and blocks just before the ball is caught, which actually is a foul, but the timing is so close … and on the run routes, too. So, the officials are going to be challenged, because Denver is going to run a lot of that.

On whether teams change their approach for the Super Bowl: 

·        Johnson: I always felt like that in a big ball game, when you had two very talented teams, I thought it was very important to our team to have a little wrinkle. You know, not be the basic, but have a little wrinkle on offense … have a little wrinkle on defense … to kind of get them to thinking. To try to get in their head. You show it early and all of a sudden, they’re saying, ‘Oop, we didn’t practice against that … what if they do this?’ And it can really disrupt them. Having a little wrinkle that’s different than what you normally do.

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