FOX College Saturday Notes 11-16-13

260px-Fox_College_Football_logoErin Andrews, Eddie George and Clay Travis Weigh In On Jameis Winston Sexual Abuse Allegations

Petros Papadakis on UCLA’s Myles Jack: “I’ve never seen anything like him”

 Analyst Clay Travis, a former attorney, says the situation with Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, and the allegations of sexual abuse against him, is unusual, given the timing: “This whole case is very, very weird. I talked to several of my friends who are also practicing attorneys in the criminal field, and they were blown away by an 11-month investigation. It’s not fair at all to the accused or to the potential victim. This is hanging over both of their heads. It’s unprecedented to have it go this long and never to even speak to Winston. How in the world can you conduct an adequate investigation when you don’t speak to one of the two principles in this case? It’s very, very odd for it to now emerge and for it to have taken as long as it has.”

Travis added that according to the Florida State bylaws, being charged with a felony may not be an automatic suspension if there are found to be “extraordinary circumstances as determined by the administration”: “It’s not an open and shut case. That “extraordinary circumstance” – do they believe that this is an unfair pursuit? I don’t know, but it actually puts a lot of onus on the administration. A lot of people are saying that it’s an automatic that he would not be allowed to play, but based on this code, it appears the administration would be able to analyze it and determine whether or not he can play.”

Analyst Eddie George says the situation surrounding Jameis Winston is making him pause when considering his Heisman vote: “Looking at the situation, it’s unfortunate for all parties involved, but as it ties to the Heisman Trophy and my personal vote, I have to pump the breaks a little bit on Jameis Winston because of the nature of the situation. I know when Cam Newton was dealing with his issue, I was able to compartmentalize his play on the field versus whether he was getting money off the field, but this situation and the sensitivity around it…obviously he is the clear-cut favorite to win the Heisman, but with all these unknown facts and the investigation, I have to pump the breaks a little bit.”

Host Erin Andrews said that she would like to see how the situation plays out before she casts her Heisman ballot: “I have him [Winston] as No. 1 right now on my Heisman ballot, but the state attorney says this is going to take a couple weeks, and this is much bigger than the Heisman Trophy. For all of us voters, I think we’d like to see how this all plays out before we cast our vote.”

Analyst and former USC tailback Petros Papadakis on the Trojan’s head coach position: “I played for Ed Orgeron in 1998 so I know the guy very well. I think he’s an excellent defensive line coach, an excellent recruiter and an excellent coordinator. If he wins this game, he’s going to put his foot in the door, and then you’re going to have a torn trustees board, fan base and alumni. Pat Haden has gone so corporate and they have search firms all over the place talking to so many different people. The simple question for me was, ‘Who wants the job?’ That was Jack Del Rio, but that’s getting more complicated as the season goes on, so I’m clueless.”

Papadakis on UCLA linebacker-turned-running back Myles Jack and his emerging status as college football’s new superstar: “A two-way player this physical? I’ve never seen anything like him.”

George says Florida State would win a head-to-head matchup with Alabama: “When you look at the rosters of both teams, the defenses are about even, the running games are similar, but the difference is the quarterback position. Jameis Winston is more dynamic than AJ McCarron, and that’s where the difference is. Right now I give the slight edge to Florida State.”

Papadakis says no one is better than Alabama until someone beats Alabama: “Florida State is great and they do have swagger, but Alabama has “The Process.” It is something special. They are doing something that has meaning, depth, and understanding of each other. Nick Saban is coaching at a level higher than anybody else in the country. They’re playing at a level higher than anybody else in the country, they take everybody’s best shot right in the sternum every single week and they are back-to-back champions. You can’t say anybody’s better than Alabama until somebody knocks them off.”

Andrews agrees that the edge goes to Saban and Alabama: “If it does end up being Florida State and Alabama, I know Jimbo Fisher was on Nick Saban’s staff, but you give Nick Saban and “The Process” a month to get ready for the national championship…”

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