ESPNFC Expanding to Multiple Platforms and Fans Worldwide

Worldwide, new ESPN soccer brand is fastest-growing online

Launch of TransferCenter – new real-time transfer news and information service

ESPNFC Editorial Network expands; new Windows 8 app; innovative solutions for brands

As the European and global soccer season gathers pace, ESPNFC, the multi-platform global soccer initiative from ESPN, is unveiling a package of enhancements as it continues to grow audiences and connect brands with fans. Available online, via the mobile Web, smartphone apps, and, on TV via soccer debate and discussion show PressPass, ESPNFC brings together all of ESPN’s global soccer coverage under a dedicated multimedia brand.

Arne Rees, Vice President, ESPN Digital Media International, said: “ESPNFC is increasing the number of fans and brands who connect with our football coverage worldwide. ESPNFC is one of ESPN’s most significant global commitments to the sport of football and leverages the core strength of what ESPN does well – serve sports fans.”

Growing Audiences

Worldwide, through the first three months of this season (August 15-November 15), ESPNFC has significantly increased ESPN’s connection to soccer fans and is the fastest growing of the top five soccer-specific services online, posting 25 percent growth in online unique users year-over-year in the August-October period.  Worldwide, across all digital devices and platforms, ESPNFC’s total visits in the period are 13 percent higher year-over-year, to more than 210 million. Soccer fans worldwide are also spending more time with soccer content via ESPNFC than ever:  across all devices and platforms, fans spend almost 1.8 billion minutes on ESPNFC during the first three months of this season.  Online and on mobile, ESPNFC’s worldwide average daily unique users are up by 25 percent (to nearly 1 million) and 16 percent (nearly 430,000) respectively against the same period last season. Via ESPNFC’s smartphone apps, worldwide, more than 23 million page views have been logged, with fans spending more than 24 million minutes accessing these apps. Additionally, fans have accessed more than 12 million videos across all digital devices and platforms.

ESPNFC has significantly increased the sports media company’s connection to soccer fans, expanding US unique users by 25 percent year-over-year, and is the most engaging soccer-specific digital destination – with fans spending more time (387 million minutes) on the site. In the US, ESPNFC logged double-digit growth across all devices and platforms, including 235 million page views (up 11 percent), 73 million visits (up 14 percent), and 528.5 million total minutes (up 67 percent).  On computers, ESPNFC is averaging nearly 400,000 daily unique visitors (up 52 percent), while the mobile Web doubled its total minutes to more than 132 million (up 108 percent) compared to the same period last year. Via ESPNFC smartphone apps, so far this season, more than 8.5 million page views have been logged.


ESPNFC TransferCenter

As soccer heads towards the winter transfer window, ESPNFC today will launch TransferCenter, a responsively-built digital destination that will provide fans a real-time catalogue and multimedia connection to the stories, rumors, updates and player transfer news in leagues worldwide during the run-up to, and throughout, the winter transfer window. With industry leading design and development, TransferCenter is built to automatically optimize for users across whatever device they are on – computer, tablet or mobile – and combines the best insight, news and updates from ESPN’s news and editorial teams worldwide into a single real-time feed. The app displays content chronologically in feed-style layout in which all forms of content can be immediately consumed and shared across social platforms. The service will evolve to feature news, video, social media integration and player statistics.

As players complete transfers, ESPNFC will also team with Electronic Arts’ EA SPORTS to produce images and simulations of that player in their new club kit, based on EA SPORTS popular FIFA 13 game engine and graphics. Additionally, ESPNFC PressPass, the soccer debate and discussion TV show, will provide exclusive reaction and analysis video from its stable of analysts and experts throughout the winter transfer season.


Expanding Platforms

ESPNFC is expanding its availability with the launch of a new free multi-device, multi-screen Windows 8 app which provides soccer fans a new design and user experience optimized for the new operating system and the variety of devices which will feature it. Available worldwide now through the Windows Store, the ESPNFC app is optimized for multiple devices, including touch screen tablets and laptops, and desktop PCs. The app utilizes the Windows 8 live tiles, which provide users with dynamically updated content, and offers ESPN’s Gamecast function, providing access to the live digital experience with commentary, in-game stats, graphical visualization, match reports and more.

ESPNFC Editorial Network

ESPNFC is organizing a developing worldwide network of writers, bloggers and analysts covering the latest news and developments 24/7, regardless of where they happen in the world. The ESPNFC blogger network includes a roster of its own blogs and contributors, and in the coming weeks will include an expanding affiliated blog network – pulling together some of the top independent voices in the soccer blogosphere.

Over the coming weeks, ESPNFC will launch a half a dozen new blogs, with new offerings around continental European clubs such as Roma, MLS in the US, as well as subject-specific blogs — for example around the Road to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  These join existing topical blogs such as La Liga, the Boot Room (live match day blogging), fantasy soccer, Tactics and Analysis and more.

ESPNFC also features a growing network of correspondents who cover the latest news and stories from key soccer regions around the globe, including UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia, Latin America and the regional hot-beds of soccer such as Manchester and London.

Online and on mobile, ESPNFC continues to expand its offering of video highlights and reviews of the key leagues and competitions around the world. In the months since launch ESPNFC has in certain territories globally, launched video around leagues including the UEFA Europa League, Clydesdale Bank Premier League, the FA Cup, France’s Ligue 1, Germany’s Bundesliga and will continue to add more video.

Connecting Fans and Brands

Online and on mobile, ESPNFC has the ability to detect where a fan is accessing content, and deliver locally relevant coverage, currently delivered in English, Spanish and Portuguese. In the future, the site will continue to evolve across global regions, providing more localized English-language versions and versions in additional languages as well.

ESPNFC is providing new and unique, customizable digital opportunities for marketers who can work with ESPN to reach soccer fans on both a global and regional scale using ESPN’s worldwide sales teams. Examples include:

  • In the UK this season, ESPNFC has worked with brands including Jack Wolfskin, EA Games, O2, Viagogo, Activision, RBS and PlayStation.
  • In the US, ESPNFC launched The Boot Room in collaboration with EA, incorporating TV, digital, and social media. Fans are able to interact with ESPN’s soccer presenters and commentators during its coverage of the Barclays Premier League in the US, with the opportunity to ask questions and engage in social conversation around matches.
  • In India, ESPNFC has collaborated on solutions for brands including Apollo Munich, Nokia and LG, and men’s grooming brand Gillette is on board in the sub-continent as a sponsor for the entire Barclays Premier League season.
  • In Australia ESPNFC has worked with brands including Sportingbet and Nokia



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