Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014

nba-on-tntNotes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014

TNT’s NBA coverage will continue Thursday, Dec. 25, with a special Christmas Day showcase featuring the Los Angeles Lakers @ Chicago Bulls at 8 p.m. ET,

followed by the Golden State Warriors @ Los Angeles Clippers at 10:30 p.m. 

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TNT NBA Tip-off presented by

Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Grant Hill



 Smith on Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo’s move to Dallas: “The great thing about Rondo is that he has played with [veterans] Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, three other guys who like having the ball and like to score. You look at [Mavericks stars] Dirk Nowitzki, Monta Ellis and Chandler Parsons and you say, ‘Ok…he’s done this before.’ Not only did he do it, he played at a high level with veterans. It’s hard to say it puts the Mavericks over the top, but they will be one or two in terms of regular season. When the playoffs start, you can’t just give it to them, because there are other teams that have done it already, OKC and San Antonio especially.”

O’Neal on Rondo to the Mavs: “It definitely puts the Mavericks in the championship talk. Last time they had weapons of this caliber, they won a championship. He makes it easier for people. Now [Mavs guard] Monta Ellis doesn’t have to handle the ball. He can get up court and Rondo will deliver. I see them making it to the Western Conference Finals.”

Hill: “This is a power move right here. You’ve got to give credit to [Mavericks owner] Mark Cuban. He’s going all in. I like this move. Anything could happen in the West.”



Hill on the Thunder’s ability to get to the postseason: “Everybody has been talking about this mountain they have to climb, but if these guys are healthy, they are going to win enough games to get into the postseason. The most important thing is they are playing their best basketball going into the postseason. They are good enough to come out of the Western Conference when they are clicking on all cylinders.”

O’Neal on playing the Thunder in the playoffs: “No one wants to face them in the first round. It’s going to be a lot of teams watching them to see what spot they’re in and they’ll be finagling games so they don’t have to play the Thunder.”

  Hill on the injury to Warriors center Andrew Bogut: “They don’t need Bogut during the regular season, but when the postseason comes and they have to prepare, they are going to need him. They are playing great basketball now. But everything changes in the postseason; they are going to need the big fella back.”

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New York Knicks (97) @ Chicago Bulls (103)
Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) and Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley (analysts) with Rachel Nichols (reporter)



   Barkley on Knicks guard Tim Hardaway Jr.: “Hardaway Jr. has a chance to be a terrific player in this league. He has to be careful to not rely on the jump shot…just taking the ball to the basket will open up his outside game.”

Barkley on the Knicks: “This notion that just because they have a lot of money, everyone is going to want to come to New York and play for [Knicks President] Phil Jackson, I think that’s a flawed theory. Some of these guys will be giving up 20, 30, 40 million dollars. They’re not going to give that up just to say they played for Jackson. The Knicks are a lot of players away from being legitimate.”

Miller on why the triangle offense isn’t working for the Knicks: “When you run the triangle offense, and you have a Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal or Scottie Pippen, all your attention and your eyes are diverted to them. On this Knicks team, other than Carmelo Anthony…their opponents don’t have to double down.”

Barkley on Knicks star Carmelo Anthony: “If I needed one basket in the NBA, I would go to Carmelo. That guy is just a flat out scorer. He gets a lot of the blame, but he is not the reason the Knicks are awful.”

Miller on Knicks power forward Amar’e Stoudemire: “Stoudemire is having the most efficient season of any of the New York Knicks, including Carmelo Anthony…balance wise, shooting wise. It’s been a nice resurgence for Amar’e.”

Miller on the lack of emotion from Knicks head coach Derek Fisher: “Why does everybody have to be [Jets head coach] Rex Ryan, ranting and screaming on the sidelines?  Everyone’s demeanor is different. All coaches coach differently. Phil Jackson wasn’t a screamer, either. This is how Derek Fisher coaches.”

Barkley on the early criticism of Fisher: “First it was [former Knicks head coach] Mike D’Antoni’s fault, then it was [former Knicks head coach] Mike Woodson’s fault…now it’s Derek Fisher’s fault. At some point as a player you have to look in the mirror and think, ‘Maybe I’m part of the problem.’ We can’t just keep firing coaches.”

Miller on why Phil Jackson and the Knicks should stick to the triangle offense instead of adjusting to the strengths of their current players: “It’s a culture and a lifestyle. If they end up getting free agents, this is how they are going to play. You have to market it and get it out there.”

Barkley on the reason this Knicks team is not buying into the triangle: “They’re not trying to buy into the triangle. They’re not worried about creating a culture. They are auditioning and are trying to put up good numbers for their future teams. Most of these players aren’t going to be with the Knicks next year. They’re just trying to get numbers.”

     Barkley on Bulls power forward Pau Gasol: “He’s rejuvenated. I think last year he didn’t feel appreciated in L.A. because he knew they weren’t going to sign him. He’s playing with great energy.”

Barkley on the Bulls: “They have the two best passing big men in the NBA with [power forward] Pau Gasol and [center] Joakim Noah down low. They are going to work well together all season.”

Miller on Bulls shooting guard Jimmy Butler: “Jimmy Butler should absolutely be an All-Star. It’s what he’s done at the defensive end. I love the mental approach. He learned a lot of this when he was under the tutelage of [Heat forward] Luol Deng. How he approached the game and studied his opponent, Butler is along the same cut of that in his approach on the defensive end.”

Barkley on Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau: “They play his way, with maximum energy and effort. You play defense or you don’t get to play. This guy is one of the better coaches in the NBA. We should appreciate him.”

Barkley on the Eastern Conference: “When you look at the Eastern Conference there are four elite teams. The Bulls are the best team. Then you have Toronto, Washington and Cleveland. On paper, if they can ever get healthy, the Bulls are the team to beat.”

Miller on the leaders on the Bulls: “Until [point guard] Derrick Rose is fully healthy, this offense is going to be running through Jimmy Butler and Pau Gasol.”

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Oklahoma City Thunder (109) @ Golden State Warriors (114)
Marv Albert (play-by-play) and Chris Webber (analyst) with Lewis Johnson (reporter)



 Webber on the increased leadership of Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook this year: “It seems that in years past Westbrook’s role was to push the pace and be aggressive. This year, there has been a switching of roles due to Durant’s early injuries. Westbrook has embraced the responsibility and increased his input. He’s been efficient and improved defensively.”

Webber on the Thunder’s strength on the road: “You have to love the way they come out, especially on the road, with their attention to detail from the start.”

Webber on the Thunder’s ability to rely on Westbrook with Durant out with injury: “It’s so great to have a player like Westbrook on your team that always stays at the same level: aggressive and ready to go. The team can focus on him and not worry about the what-ifs [surrounding Durant’s ankle injury] until after the game, because they still have a great leader like Westbrook.”

Webber on Westbrook: “I don’t know where the term ‘stopping on a dime’ came from, but he is the definition of that. He’s full speed into a jump shot. He makes it look easy.”                                                                                 

   Webber on the atmosphere in Golden State: “These are some of the most underrated fans. Even through the thin years, when their team wasn’t very good, these fans were still loud. This is what they deserve, an exciting brand of basketball with a lot of highlight plays.”

Webber on Warriors forward Draymond Green: “Being an undersized player used to be such a disadvantage, because you could only stay in the post or different areas where the coach would not allow you to play your full game. [Warriors head coach] Steve Kerr has let Green go, and he is efficient from all areas of the floor.”

Webber on the early success of Warriors head coach Steve Kerr: “He had to communicate with guys, let them know his intentions and they had to trust him. Trust is a really big thing in the NBA. Much kudos go to Kerr for having this team trusting him this early.”

 Webber on the flow of the Warriors offense: “We’re seeing shots tonight that you just don’t see all the time. Steph Curry is shooting threes and attacking. When he flows and shares [the ball] with his teammates, everything starts to flow.”

Webber on the difficulty teams have defending the Warriors: “The Warriors are not only great three-point shooters but also great three-point shooters late in the game…a tough assignment for any opponent.”

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Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, O’Neal, Smith, Hill

  Smith on what the Pelicans need to make it to the next level: “They have all the talent. What do they need? They have a point guard who’s a star in Jrue Holiday, they have a former rookie of the year in Tyreke Evans, an emerging superstar in [center] Anthony Davis, [forward] Ryan Anderson who shoots it lights out and guys who come off the bench and contribute. The only thing they need is experience, but they have everything you need to be a contender.”


 Hill on the new starting five in Dallas: “They have the pieces. I would put that starting five up against anybody. They have to be in the conversation. I’m not 100% sure about their bench, but that starting five is as good as any, and could will a team to The Finals.”

Smith on what Rajon Rondo’s move to Dallas means for visiting teams: “When you come into Dallas, you don’t get a night off. You don’t have an advantage. You have to create an advantage when you play against Rondo.  Now teams going into Dallas will be on their heels. Rondo defends and pushes the ball on you.”

Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Dec. 11, 2014

nba-on-tntTNT’s NBA coverage will continue Thursday, Dec. 18, at 8 p.m. ET with a doubleheader featuring the New York Knicks @ Chicago Bulls followed by the Oklahoma City Thunder @ Golden State Warriors at 10:30 p.m.


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TNT NBA Tip-off presented by

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith




 Smith on the Cavaliers: “They are a work in progress…they are not where they should be or could be.”
O’Neal on the Thunder: “They have a lot of ground to make up, so they need to start getting back on track. They are now coming out with a little bit of playoff intensity.”

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Cleveland Cavaliers (94) @ Oklahoma City Thunder (103)
Marv Albert (play-by-play) and Grant Hill (analyst) with Rachel Nichols (reporter)



 Hill on Cavaliers Head Coach David Blatt: “He certainly has the responsibility to meet the exceptions of this Cavs team.  It’s definitely not an easy situation. You have a team that was fighting to get into the Playoffs. David Blatt has a lot on his plate but he’s done a good job with some adversity.” 
   Hill on the Thunder:  “The Thunder have been sloppy on the offensive end. As they try to work Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant back in the mix it takes time to get that rhythm offensively.”

Hill on Thunder guard Russell Westbrook: “He’s unguardable, he’s relentless. He comes at you. He’s constantly attacking you at both ends of the floor.”

Smith on the best point guard between Westbrook and Kyrie Irving:   “Best is defined by winningRussell Westbrook is the better point guard because he’s been the better winner.”

Barkley on Westbrook:  “I can watch him play a lot. He’s spectacular. Before Derrick Rose got hurt, I never saw a point guard that explosive and that athletic…if he would just slow down a little bit.”

Hill on teammates Westbrook and Kevin Durant: “Those two have great chemistry out on the court.”

Hill on Thunder center Steven Adams: “Adam was a nice draft pick last year. Certainly has great size, activity inside for the Thunder…[and has] gained the trust of Coach Brooks.”

Hill on Westbrook’s athleticism: “How many guys can have that many surgeries and still not lose any athleticism? He might be the most athletic…certainly with Derrick Rose struggling to get back.”

Hill on Thunder center Kendrick Perkins: “He’s one of the best ball screeners in the game. A seasoned veteran that knows how to win.”

Hill on Durant:  “How unfair is it when your 6’10” small forward can execute a screen and roll and find a shooter in the corner?  Kevin Durant is showing he can do things in a number of ways.”

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Houston Rockets (113) @ Sacramento Kings  (109)
Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) and Brent Barry (analyst) with Rebecca Haarlow (reporter)




 Barkley on the Rockets going 7-3 without Dwight Howard: “People talk about Steph Curry, who is probably the front runner for MVP, but James Harden is right in there. They have played very well. I really don’t see how they are doing it. It’s been all James Harden. He’s been incredible.”


 Barry on guard Darren Collison: “Darren Collison has gotten off to a great start this year, more because he is a pass-first point guard. He’s complimentary to what Rudy Gay does as a ball dominant player. He’s been asked to score a lot in the absence of DeMarcus Cousins and he’s picked it up a little bit for the Sacramento Kings.”

Barry on Kings Head Coach Mike Malone developing a young team: “Mike has a very young team with a lot of new faces on the roster this year.  So they have to learn his vocabulary, the way he likes to play them and the style on both ends.”

Barry on forward Carl Landry: “He’s a capable offensive player. He likes to play around the mid-post area. If you don’t have the three point shooting, you are not going to have space for guys like Carl Landry or Rudy Gay to operate around the mid-range.”

Barry on Kings center DeMarcus Cousins: “[At the beginning of the season] he was remarkable by the numbers. Everyone that has watched DeMarcus Cousins knew that wasn’t an issue. Do we know he can play? Absolutely. It was about his demeanor and approach to the season. The leadership qualities, the on the court control of his emotions, playing both ends of the floor… it was remarkable. At some point as a player you have to step up and mature.”


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Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal and Smith




 Barkley on the Thunder: “They are going to make the Playoffs. The thing that is going to be interesting in the West is that they can all beat each other. If they are the No. 8 seed, the No. 1 seed is in for a dogfight. I have no idea who is going to win the Western Conference right now. All eight of those teams out West are better than any team in the East.”

Barkley on the probability of the Thunder advancing in the Playoffs: “They are going to be on the road for every series. They aren’t going to get higher than five. With [Russell] Westbrook and [Kevin] Durant healthy, they will have a chance against any team in the Western Conference.”



 O’Neal on Rockets guard James Harden: “This dude can do it all: penetrate, shoot, shoot from long range, finish at the rim.”

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Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014

nba-on-tntNotes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014

TNT’s NBA coverage will continue Thursday, Dec. 11, at 8 p.m. ET with an exclusive doubleheader featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers @ Oklahoma City Thunder followed by the Houston Rockets @ Sacramento Kings at 10:30 p.m. 

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Cleveland Cavaliers (90) @ New York Knicks (87)Marv Albert (play-by-play), Greg Anthony and Mike Fratello (analysts) with David Aldridge (reporter)




 Anthony on Cleveland needing more impact from their bench: “For the Cavs, it’s really about their starting five. They are not getting much of an impact [from the bench] and that’s going to have to change as this season progresses…if they really want to be a contender in the Eastern Conference.”

Fratello on Kyrie Irving: “Is there anybody in the NBA that has a better handle with the basketball than Kyrie Irving?”

Anthony: “There are some guys with great handles but he’s at the top of the list.”

Anthony on what Irving needs to do to improve his game: “As talented as Kyrie Irving is, the next level of his maturation is going to be able to use his talent to make his teammates better. That’s something he has to learn in order for this team to become championship caliber.”

   Charles Barkley [during halftime] on the Knicks’ Triangle offense: “The Triangle [offense] works when you have Shaq and Kobe [Bryant] or Michael [Jordan] and Scottie [Pippen]. When you don’t have good players, it’s not going to work…this Knicks team isn’t good.”

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New Orleans Pelicans (85) @ Golden State Warriors (112)
Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) and Reggie Miller (analyst) with Rachel Nichols (reporter)



 Miller on Austin Rivers: “Sometimes he gets pigeon-holed into being a shooter. He’s at his best when he puts the ball on the floor and attacks the basket.”

Miller on Anthony Davis: “He’s made an early season bid for MVP…the way he has played, he has elevated himself to superstar status.”

   Miller on Steph Curry: “He might go down as the greatest shooter this game has ever seen.”

Miller on the difference between head coach Steve Kerr’s Warriors squad this year: “Defensively, they’re pretty much the same…but Steve Kerr has really opened up the offense. They have more flow…the ball doesn’t stick as much as it did a year ago.”

Miller on if Klay Thompson is the best two-way player in the NBA: “Absolutely…for so many years, it was Kobe Bryant who would lock you down on one end and get his points on the other end. But, in my opinion, it’s [currently] Klay Thompson.”

Miller on Steph Curry’s scoring ability: “It’s so easy for him…it’s muscle memory. He’s so good at taking the ball off the dribble and scoring.”

Miller on the development of the Warriors franchise: “We talk about the development of [a franchise] is when your young players develop. Harrison Barnes, Draymond Green, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson have gotten better each year [of their career]. That’s why the Warriors franchise is in good hands moving forward.”

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Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal



Barkley on the Warriors needing a big man: “They are an elite team but they are a big man away. Their two best players are jump shooters…the longer the season goes, those shots aren’t going to fall every time.”

O’Neal on head coach Steve Kerr: “I like the way he’s getting his guys to respond. He’s speaking their language and they’re going out there and busting their butts for this guy. Kudos to Steve Kerr, he’s doing a great job.”



 Barkley on Tim Hardaway, Jr.: “He’s going to be a heck of a player. He’s a heck of a player now, but he’s only going to get better.”
   Barkley on the Cavs: “They aren’t going to beat the Bulls [in the playoffs] playing lackadaisical. They have to play with passion and energy.”

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Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014

nba-on-tntNotes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014

TNT’s NBA coverage will continue Thursday, Dec. 4, at 8 p.m. ET with a doubleheader featuring the Cleveland Cavaliers @ New York Knicks followed by the New Orleans Pelicans @ Golden State Warriors at 10:30 p.m. 

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TNT NBA Tip-off presented by

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith



 O’Neal on the Clippers dealing with trust issues: “When are they going to get it?  A team of this caliber, that has been together this long, should not be talking about trust issues.”
   Smith on Heat small forward Luol Deng: “I think Luol Deng is underrated. This is a guy that, at one time, Chicago said was untradeable.”

Smith on the Heat“After 11 games, I would have thought they would have won eight games.”

Barkley on the Heat: “The Miami team is a mediocre team; they are a good solid team.”

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Los Angeles Clippers (110) @ Miami Heat (93)
Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) and Reggie Miller (analyst) with Lewis Johnson (reporter)



 Miller on the Clippers: “This Clipper team is not a great rebounding team, especially at the offensive end.”

Miller on Clippers guard Chris Paul: “When you talk about pick and rolls, this guy has eyes in the back of his head.”

Miller on Darren Collison: “The loss of Darren Collison may effect this team. I like Jordan Farmer, he’s a better offensive player than Darren Collison, but he’s not a defender like Collison.”

   Miller on the Heat: “They are building Championship habits. I like the new pieces they put together.”

Miller on Chris Bosh staying in Miami: “People are ecstatic that he stayed around and is showing his loyalty.”

Miller on Chris Bosh: “How do you utilize Chris Bosh in this system? You bring in a veteran presence on this team to surround Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade to keep that level of play.”

Miller on Heat point guard Shabazz Napier: “This rookie is smooth. I loved him when he was at UConn. I thought he played under control for a point guard. He has come here and played fantastic early on for the Heat.”

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Chicago Bulls (88) @ Sacramento Kings  (103)
Marv Albert (play-by-play) and Chris Webber (analyst) with Rebecca Haarlow (reporter)



 Webber on Bulls power forward Taj Gibson: “I just love Taj Gibson. If you watch Taj Gibson, all you have to know is that he works hard, puts his body into position and makes the second, third and fourth effort to help his team.”

Webber on the Bulls maturing on the offensive end: “When you look at the Bulls, they have been known for their defense, not offense. This year, Coach Thibodeau has more offensive power – especially off the bench. It’s going to be interesting to watch this team mature throughout the season.”

Webber on Bulls guard Aaron Brooks: “You have to love his cadence. He’s just the guy, when everyone plays with him, they have to keep up with his pace because there is no time for laziness when he is on the floor. You have to love that if you are a coach.”

Webber on Bulls small forward Jimmy Butler: “This guy may be the most improved player in the NBA, offensively.  He is going to be a great player – at the end of the season heading into the playoffs – because he’s had a chance to play with [Derrick] Rose being out.”

Webber on the Bulls work ethic: “[They have the] most injuries, most heart. You have to love and admire how they go out on the court every day and give a steady dose of hard work. You just have to admire that.”



 Smith on the Kings: “This is just the first year I can look at Sacramento and say they play with effort and energy.”

Webber on Kings center DeMarcus Cousins: “He is one of the best big men in the game. This year there is no stopping him as he is becoming a better leader in this game.”

Webber on the Kings identity: “Every team has an identity…their identity is DeMarcus Cousins in the paint. It’s good that they are starting to play off of that.”

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Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal and Smith



 Barkley: “This is how the Clippers play; they are a dunk and layup machine; they have no physical toughness.”

Barkley on the Clippers half-court game: “We know the Clippers are very good in the full court. We know they are an elite team, but they have to fix their half-court offense.”

Barkley on the Clippers’ potential: “This team just has a ceiling. They are very talented, they are an elite team, but they are not going to win a Championship. They are great when they are running, jumping and dunking but they do a horrible job off the boards.”

Barkley on Clippers power forward Blake Griffin: “Blake Griffin is a very talented player, but he does not enforce his will down low. He is the one guy that can be dominant every night. But you have to wonder if he will ever develop that killer instinct.”



Barkley on the Bulls: “The Bulls just don’t have enough offensive fire power without Derrick Rose and Pau Gasol.”

Barkley on Bulls guard Derrick Rose playing through his pain: “Derrick Rose has to understand something – we are all in pain when you play basketball. You have to learn to play in pain.”

Barkley on Bulls guard Derrick Rose listening to his body: “He’s going to have to change the way he plays. Derrick Rose goes 100 percent every time. He needs to learn his body.”

  O’Neal on Kings center DeMarcus Cousins: “He’s playing like the best big man in the league.”

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Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014

nba-on-tntNotes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014

TNT’s NBA coverage will continue Thursday, Nov. 20, at 8 p.m. ET with a doubleheader featuring the Los Angeles Clippers @ Miami Heat followed by the Chicago Bulls @ Sacramento Kings at 10:30 p.m.  

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TNT NBA Tip-off presented by

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith



 TNT’s Rachel Nichols interviewed Bulls point guard Derrick Rose prior to the game 

Derrick Rose on his recent comments about sitting out games: “I was just worrying about myself and worrying about my future like every player in the league does. I’ll probably just think different. It’s only my seventh year but further into my career and my life, just trying to plan things out. I think people took that out of context but it is what it is. I was being myself and that’s all I can be. I couldn’t care less.” 

Barkley on Rose’s comments: “He’s a great player and a great kid…but that was stupid. We’re so blessed. I limp around but I go home to a big ol’ mansion. There are people that work harder than Derrick Rose that go home to a shack. There are consequences for what we do for a living. We’ve got the best life in the world. I’m a poor black kid from Leeds, Alabama, who grew up in the projects and I don’t mind limping around [now]. When I go home, I have a big ol’ house. I’ve got good sheets; I don’t know the thread count, but they’re good sheets. I’ve got a big car and I never have to worry about bills. Derrick Rose is making $20 million dollars a year and he’s got a couple of bad knees. There are pros and cons of what we do for a living.” 

O’Neal: “I was taught that if you could walk, you could play. You see how Kevin McHale walks now, how Phil Jackson walks now, how Charles [Barkley] and I walk…but it was worth it. When you make comments like that, it makes you look soft…but he can only be himself. If that’s how he feels, that’s how he feels.”

Smith: “I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because an MVP can’t have a low threshold of pain. It’s impossible.” 


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Chicago Bulls (100) @ Toronto Raptors (93)
Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) and Reggie Miller (analyst) with Rachel Nichols (reporter) 



 Miller on how Derrick Rose has altered his game: “He’s a much smarter player because of the injuries. I think he’s gotten away from that Tasmanian Devil mentality that he always has to attack, attack, attack. He’s not the same player.”

Miller on Rose’s comments: “It’s unfortunate because it would be more of a story if you were hearing things coming out of the Bulls locker room that Derrick Rose isn’t pulling his weight. To a man, everyone understands [what he’s gone through]. He’s had two major injuries in two and a half years…the execution was wrong with what he said but if there’s any guy who has heart in this league, it’s Derrick Rose. His commitment is there 100% to his team and the organization.”

Miller continues: “He’s in a no-win situation because, if he plays with sore ankles and plays badly, the headline is ‘damaged goods’ but if he sits out, he’s not fully committed.”

Miller on the passing prowess of the Bulls frontcourt:  “The Bulls have arguably the two best passing big men in the game in Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah.”

Miller on Jimmy Butler’s outside shooting: “That’s the one area of his game that has vastly improved from his rookie season. That’s why he’s going to be a bona fide All-Star in this league.”

   Miller on DeMar DeRozan: “He was an All-Star last season and is so underrated as a shooting guard. He’s not seen on national TV a lot. I hope people come to appreciate the type of game that DeMar plays with.”

Smith on the Raptors: “What Toronto does better than any other team right now is they put pressure on you off the dribble. Their dribble penetration is second to none…they are the best at getting to the lane.”

Miller on the Raptors having a target on their back: “When you have a young team that’s on the verge of breaking through and wants to take that next step, two things stand out: consistency and trust. Now there’s a bulls eye on this young Raptors team because of their high expectations. Can they sustain that each and every night that they take the floor? They are expected to compete at a high level.”


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Brooklyn Nets (99) @ Golden State Warriors (107)
Marv Albert (play-by-play) and Grant Hill (analyst) with David Aldridge (reporter) 



 Hill on Deron Williams: “He looks energetic like he did [when he played] in Utah. He hasn’t been healthy since he’s been with the Nets. It’s very encouraging to see him back playing at a high level.”

Hill on head coach Lionel Hollins: “He’s adapted to the personnel on this team. They are scoring more points in transition and taking quick shots. He’s a great coach and it’s great to have him back in the league.”



 Hill on Leandro Barbosa: “He’s the epitome of a sixth man and he’s in that role in Golden State. He will thrive in this system.”

Hill on the Warriors’ bench: “To have the luxury to rest your starters and have your second unit come in a play well is something that’s going to help this team throughout the season. Getting production out of [Andre] Iguodala and [Leandro] Barbosa is going to be huge.”

Hill on Andre Iguodala: “Iguodala is known for his defense, his length and he takes the challenge day in and day out to guard the other team’s best player on the perimeter. He’s going to be big for this team defensively and off the bench once he gets comfortable in that role.”

Hill on Klay Thompson: “As a young player, he’s not satisfied with where he’s at with his game. He’s taking the time to develop his all-around play.”


****    ****    ****    ****

Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal and Smith



 Smith on the Raptors: “I really like Toronto. They came into the season not having to find an identity. They already had one coming off of last year. Teams that build off the previous year are more successful when the playoffs come.”


 Smith on the Cavaliers: “They have the best player in the world [LeBron James] but they don’t play the best basketball. I don’t know if they can learn quickly with guys that young. Being that young, with a new coach, doesn’t seem like a championship mix.”


 Barkley on Darren Collison: “Darren Collison is the reason why Sacramento is playing well. He solved all of their point guard issues.”

Smith on how the Kings need to learn how to win: “Sacramento has figured out a style to play well; now the second part of that equation is how to finish teams off. Finishing them off is paying attention to details. Sometimes the things that allow you to get the lead won’t allow you to win the game. Sacramento has to learn how to slow down.”

   Smith on the Grizzlies being a championship contender: “They don’t get enough credit. They are not only a contender [to make the playoffs] but a championship contending team. They have all the elements and all the pieces.”

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Notes from TNT’s NBA Coverage – Thursday, October 30, 2014

nba-on-tntNotes from TNT’s NBA Coverage – Thursday, October 30, 2014

Notes from TNT’s NBA Coverage – Thursday, October 30, 2014

TNT’s NBA coverage continues Thursday, November 6, at 8 p.m. ET with an exclusive doubleheader featuring the San Antonio Spurs @ Houston Rockets followed by the Dallas Mavericks @ Portland Trail Blazers at 10:30 p.m.


****    ****    ****    ****

TNT NBA Tip-off presented by

Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Chris Webber



Smith on Cleveland’s LeBron James being a scorer as opposed to deferring to teammates: “When he did that in Miami they didn’t win. When he said, ‘I’m the best player, and I’m going to be the best player, and you guys have to fall back,’ that’s when they won championships. So, to me, he’s going to have to be the best player for them to be successful.”

Webber on the excitement building for James’ return as a special event in Cleveland: “When you go to places, New York, L.A., you notice the stars, the celebrities on the side. If you’re a superstar, you want to make sure you give them their money’s worth; you go to their movies and to their concerts. I think it’s going to be electric.”


  Smith on the New York Knicks needing to display patience: “Patience is not a New York City word. I’ve never heard that in the vocabulary of a New York franchise, New York person. So, the lack of patience, they have to get it done, figure out a way to get it done… J.R. Smith and Carmelo Anthony, they have to have phenomenal seasons to take them to the 54 wins they had two or three seasons ago.”

O’Neal on players improving individually once they grasp the triangle offense: “History shows the triangle has worked perfectly when you have two Hall of Famers, two great players… Every great player that has used the triangle, when you look at their highlights, it’s [Michael] Jordan in the iso, it’s Shaq in the post, it’s Kobe [Bryant] in the iso; so once these guys learn it, Carmelo can say, ‘cut through, cut through,’ I’m going to do what I do.”

****    ****    ****    ****

New York Knicks (95) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (90)
Marv Albert (play-by-play), Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller (analysts) with Rachel Nichols (reporter)




Miller on the adjustment James’ Cavaliers teammates need to make: “When you acquire the best player on the planet in LeBron James, I said early on, Kyrie Irving and Dion Waters need to be in the gym shooting 500 to 1,000 jump shots a day because LeBron James is going to be double and triple teamed, especially in the open court.”

Barkley on Kevin Love as one of the best power forwards in the NBA: “The guy’s been the best power forward in the NBA the last three or four years. He didn’t have a lot of help in Minnesota. You’re getting 12, 13, 14 rebounds a night… You can’t fake rebounding numbers…if you’re getting 14 rebounds a night, you’re a hell of a player.”

Barkley on David Blatt’s goal the first month of the season: “The first month of the season is really going to be for the Cavaliers, trying to figure out who works well together. He’s [Blatt] got to figure out [Anderson] Varejao, Love, Tristan Thompson, he’s got to get their big man rotation in order. That to me is going to be the key to the first month for the Cavaliers.”

Miller on Love’s passing: “An underrated part of Kevin Love’s game is his ability to pass the basketball, and more so, his length of court outlets.”

Barkley on the Cavaliers’ weaknesses: “One thing I think the Cavs need is they’re missing a big guy.”

Barkley on the Cavaliers not handling pressure of such a big game to start the season: “The moment just got too big for them tonight. They played flat the entire game…they played great, like the first five minutes, then the adrenaline, everything, made them tired and flat for the rest of the game.”

  Barkley on Tim Hardaway, Jr.: “I like Tim Hardaway, Jr. He’s going to be a good player in the league for a long time.”

Barkley on Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks and Kevin Durant: “Carmelo’s obviously a great player. It drives me crazy sometimes, he’s not the reason the Knicks are not any good. Kevin Durant is a good scorer, but if I need one basket, inside [or] outside, I’m going to Carmelo Anthony.”
Miller on the Knicks bouncing back for the win: “In this league, you don’t get too high, you don’t get too low. You talk about New York just getting shellacked at home in their season opener versus Chicago. And all the adrenaline is in the favor of Cleveland tonight. And New York comes out here, and got off to a slow start, and found a way.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Oklahoma City Thunder (90) @ Los Angeles Clippers (93)
Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) and Greg Anthony (analyst) with David Aldridge (reporter)




Anthony on Russell Westbrook’s status in the league: “He’s a true superstar. It still baffles me that he catches so much criticism for a guy who’s truly a superstar.”

Anthony on Oklahoma City Thunder forward Perry Jones: “This is about as good as he’s looked as a pro. It’s been a transition for him. [He had] only the one year in college. Often times with players like that, it takes them a little longer to get comfortable, and physically be mature enough to have an impact at this level.”

Anthony on the Thunder’s approach without Kevin Durant: “They have realistic expectations. The bottom line, you want to make sure that by the time [Kevin] Durant comes back, our young guys are better basketball players. It may not be reflective in the win-loss column, but it allows you to keep your eye on the big picture.”

  Anthony on Blake Griffin’s improved jumper: “The talk was coming in, the improvement of that midrange jump shot. It just takes a lot of pressure off your body when you have that where you can knock down several of these during the course of a game.”

Anthony on new Clippers’ owner Steve Ballmer: “He’s like a kid in a candy store. It is good to see.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, O’Neal, Smith and Webber



Webber on Cavaliers’ struggles: “I want to go back to the Miami Heat. Watching this Cleveland team just made me remember how much of a well-oiled machine the Miami Heat were with LeBron… and remembering their journey, and how they they had to do that [develop] with Erik [Spoelstra] makes those fans kind of patient.”

Smith on James’ uncharacteristic turnovers: “The one thing you don’t expect him to make are mental errors. With eight turnovers it was mental errors. That means possessions when you didn’t get a shot…he is the master at getting the right shot at the right time in his runs with Miami. And, today, he was not that.”

  O’Neal on the Knicks’ triangle offense: “As a professor of the triangle, I gave them a C-minus on the triangle tonight. But, when it comes to heart and effort, I give them a B-plus. When it comes to Carmelo doing what he does, they get an A-plus.”


Webber on players needing to step up for Oklahoma City following injuries to Durant and Westbrook: “Every team I played on or watched, you see it as an opportunity for other guys to step up. Look at Chicago, the reason why I think Chicago will be such a problem this year, [Jimmy] Butler got chances to play without [Derrick] Rose, other guys got a chance to play.”
  O’Neal on the Clippers needing to put teams away: “We talk about identity, and for so many years the Clippers were viewed as soft… New owner, we’re at home, new, fresh beginning, you have to start developing that killer instinct now.”

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Notes from TBS Exclusive Coverage of the American League Division Series Thursday, October 2, 2014


Notes from TBS’ Exclusive Coverage of the American League Division Series

Thursday, October 2, 2014

TBS’ exclusive presentation of the ALDS will continue today, Friday, Oct. 3, at 11:30 a.m. ET with the MLB Postseason Pre-Game on TBS presented by The All-New Chrysler 200, followed by the Detroit Tigers @ Baltimore Orioles (Game 2) at Noon. The pregame show will return at 9 p.m. prior to the Kansas City Royals @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Game 2) at 9:30 p.m. The night will conclude with The Postseason Show presented by Exxon and Mobil.


****    ****    ****    ****

MLB Postseason Pre-Game on TBS presented by The All-New Chrysler 200
Casey Stern (host), Pedro Martinez, Gary Sheffield (analysts) and Todd Frazier (guest analyst)




Sheffield on starting pitcher Max Scherzer: “He’s grown into a complete pitcher. When he came into the league, he was wild and all over the place. He can blow the ball past you by setting it up with the change up. He has the whole package.”


Martinez on Scherzer: “He’s the complete package. He’s reached a point [in his career] where he’s matured, he’s been in the playoffs, he has good stuff and poise. He’s the real deal.”


Sheffield on Joe Nathan: “When you see [their starters] come out of the game and Joe Nathan comes in, your eyes light up as a hitter. No disrespect, but that’s what happens. Everybody in the dugout runs to the bat rack because they don’t have to face the three-headed monster [Price, Scherzer and Verlander] anymore.”


Martinez on starting pitcher Chris Tillman: “He’s very difficult to pick up with his arm angle. He has good movement and good command of the fastball. I’m not worried that he doesn’t have postseason experience. He’s cool and poised.”

Frazier on closer Zach Britton: “He’s dominant but if you can wait him out a little while, he can get wild at times…but knowing him, he’ll be really effective.”

Sheffield on first baseman Steve Pearce: “Steve Pearce came out of nowhere. Nobody ever heard of him but he’s been playing like an All-Star. He came in at the right time and picked [the Orioles] up…he’s going to have a big series.”

Frazier on the Orioles lineup: “The guys have to step up and welcome the challenge. They don’t’ really have anyone on the bench that can help them out so it’s hit-or-miss with this lineup.”

Martinez on starting pitcher Jason Vargas: “He’s a finesse pitcher. He’s a veteran and he knows what he’s doing. He has the guts to [win] but…he has to be almost perfect to control the Angels lineup.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Detroit Tigers (3) @ Baltimore Orioles (12) – Baltimore leads the series 1-0
Brian Anderson (play-by-play), Dennis Eckersley and Joe Simpson (analysts) with Jaime Maggio (reporter)





Simpson on the Orioles offense: “They are a mistake-hitting machine. If you leave the ball out over the plate, they’re going to crush it.”


Simpson on how the Orioles bullpen helps them “shorten” the game: “They’ve got four [go-to] guys. While most ball clubs are happy to have a seventh, eighth and ninth [inning] guy, [Baltimore] only needs the starter to go five [innings]. In a short series, they can go to these guys quite a bit and shorten the ballgame.”

Simpson on reliever Andrew Miller: “Pitchers used to think that if they weren’t in the big leagues and producing by age 26, then they aren’t going to. From a pitching standpoint, guys are starting to develop at a later age. [Andrew] Miller is one of those guys.”

Simpson on Jonathan Schoop: “All the scouting reports I went over and all the video I saw doesn’t do him justice.”


Eckersley on starting pitcher Max Scherzer: “When he’s on his game, it looks so easy. He just dominates. He dots the corners and changing speeds. He pretty much does anything he wants.”


Simpson on the Tigers defense: “The question mark for the Tigers is their defense. The outfield defense for the Orioles is so outstanding…not for the Tigers with [Rajai] Davis’ injury in particular. Will he be able to go back on balls? Will he be able to charge in on the ball? We’ll have to keep an eye on that all series.”


****    ****    ****    ****

Kansas City Royals (3) @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2) in 11 innings – Kansas City leads the series 1-0
Ernie Johnson (play-by-play), Ron Darling and Cal Ripken (analysts) with Matt Winer (reporter)





Ripken on the Royals offense: “[The AL Wild Card] was a crazy game. It’s a crazy kind of offense too. These Royals run, they run and they run. That’s who they are. That’s their identity. That’s how they score runs. I expect to see a whole lot more of that in this series.” 

Darling on the Royals defense in Game 1: “Kansas City is putting on a clinic of how to play outfield defense.”

Ripken on how the Royals are expanding the roles of their relievers: “Roles are expanded in playoff baseball. Normally, you might not see Wade Davis in a tie game. If you do, he might just have the eighth [inning]…not the seventh plus the eighth. The same is true for a closer, you might call on him for three outs in the regular season, but its four, five or six outs in the postseason.”

Darling on veteran second baseman Omar Infante: “If you asked players around the league what they think of Omar Infante they would say he’s a contact guy, he’s a winning guy…the kind of guy who gets big hits for his team. He’s got a great reputation around the league.”

Darling on Mike Trout: “You’re going to get a chance tonight to see the world’s greatest baseball player. He’s a guy that possesses all the tools…If you had a computer at home and wanted to spit out the world’s perfect baseball player, it would come up Mike Trout.”

Ripken on pros and cons of the Angels clinching a postseason spot early: “It’s a great pleasure to give your guys a rest by clinching early. But the risk is that you’re not playing at a high level of competitive ball. You might get a little rusty and then when you try to flip the switch back on right away.”

Darling on second baseman Howie Kendrick: “It always amazes me that when you talk about the great second basemen in the game, you talk about Ian Kinsler, Brandon Phillips or Chase Utley. Howie Kendrick’s name never comes up. He’s always flown under the radar. He’s one of the best in the game.”

Darling on closer Huston Street: “He doesn’t throw like a typical closer…a guy that throws 95 [mph] plus. He mixes up his pitches and has an excellent change-up.”

****    ****    ****    ****

The Postseason Show presented by Exxon and Mobil

Stern, Martinez, Sheffield, Frazier




Sheffield on the Tigers’ bullpen imploding in the eighth inning: “No one that came out of their bullpen impressed anybody. They didn’t look like they could do it. Phil Coke didn’t have any idea where he was throwing any pitch. Joba Chamberlain was average. [Joakim] Soria didn’t have it. Detroit is in trouble as far as the bullpen is concerned.”


Martinez on manager Buck Showalter’s work in Game 1: “He hit every single button that he had to hit at the right moment. That’s what I expect from a good manager.”




Sheffield on outfielder Josh Hamilton’s body language: “Josh Hamilton concerns me. His body language is a bad sign. Maybe one of his teammates needs to say something to him about his body language. We’re in the playoffs, you have to show some fire and energy. Teammates feed off of that. When you see a guy strike out and walk back [to the dugout] like nothing is going on…that is a bad sign for this team.”




Martinez on the Royals: “Kansas City is playing like the best team in baseball. Anaheim didn’t play like that today. I have to give Kansas City a lot of credit for playing good defense and not giving up at any moment. They’re showing that they belong. ”

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– 30 -

TNT Tips Off 2014-15 NBA Regular Season with Blockbuster Opening Week Doubleheaders Featuring NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs, LeBron James’ Homecoming, Kobe Bryant’s Return, MVP Kevin Durant & More in Action

nba-on-tntTNT to Feature Marquee Primetime Christmas & MLK Day Doubleheaders

Network’s 53-Game Regular Season Schedule to Showcase NBA’s Biggest Stars

with Multiple Appearances by League’s Top Teams

Turner Sports, entering its 31st consecutive year of NBA coverage, will feature a 53-game schedule during the 2014-15 NBA regular season including 10 appearances on TNT by the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls, nine appearances by the Los Angeles Clippers, L.A. Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder and Golden State Warriors, seven appearances by the San Antonio Spurs and six appearances by the New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers and Phoenix Suns.  TNT will televise 19 Thursday night NBA doubleheaders during the regular season.

TNT will tip off the 2014-15 NBA regular season with highly anticipated doubleheaders beginning with opening night coverage on Tuesday, Oct. 28, featuring the NBA Champion Spurs and Tim Duncan hosting the Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki at 8 p.m. ET.  In the second game of the night, Los Angeles’ Kobe Bryant will mark his return from injury to lead the Lakers against former teammate Dwight Howard and the Houston Rockets at 10:30 p.m.

This year marks the 19th straight season the network has tipped off with two games on opening night. The network’s opening night coverage will also include San Antonio’s championship ring ceremony during a one-hour TNT NBA Tip-Off presented by pre-game show at 7 p.m.

The network’s blockbuster opening week schedule will continue with LeBron James’ season debut in Cleveland when the Cavs host the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony on Thursday, Oct. 30, at 8 p.m.  The night’s action will conclude with the Thunder and MVP award winner Kevin Durant visiting the Clippers and All-Stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin at 10:30 p.m.

TNT will also televise a marquee doubleheader on Christmas (Thursday, Dec. 25) featuring the Bulls and Derrick Rose hosting the Lakers – with Chicago’s Pau Gasol and L.A.’s Carlos Boozer each facing their former teams – at 8 p.m., followed by the Warriors and “Splash Brothers” Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson visiting the Clippers at 10:30 p.m.

Special NBA coverage on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Monday, Jan. 19) will feature the Bulls visiting the Cavaliers at 8 p.m., followed by the Phoenix Suns and Goran Dragic hosting the Lakers at 10:30 p.m.

Additional TNT regular season schedule highlights (full schedule listed below):

Nov. 6 All three “Texas Triangle” teams in action – the San Antonio Spurs and Tony Parker facing the Houston Rockets and James Harden at 8 p.m., followed by the Dallas Mavericks and Nowitzki visiting the Portland Trail Blazers and LaMarcus Aldridge at 10:30 p.m.
Dec. 11 A pair of perennial MVP candidates in competition when the Oklahoma City Thunder and Durant host the Cleveland Cavaliers and James at 8 p.m.
Dec. 18 The Chicago Bulls and Rose hosting the Knicks and Anthony at 8 p.m.
Jan. 15 The Lakers and Bryant hosting James and the Cavaliers at 10:30 p.m.
Feb. 5 The Clippers and Griffin visiting the Cavaliers at 8 p.m.
Feb. 12 & 19 TNT televising the last game before the NBA All-Star break – the Cavs and James visiting the Bulls and Rose on Thursday, Feb. 12, at 8 p.m. – and the first national telecasts following the league’s signature midseason events with a doubleheader on Thursday, Feb. 19 – the Thunder and Durant hosting the Mavericks and Nowitzki at 8 p.m., followed by the Spurs and Parker visiting the Clippers and Paul at 10:30 p.m.
March 12 The Cavaliers and James facing the defending champion Spurs at 8 p.m.
March 24 A star-studded doubleheader featuring the Lakers and Bryant against the Thunder and Russell Westbrook at 8 p.m., followed by the Trail Blazers and Damian Lillard hosting the Warriors and Curry at 10:30 p.m.
March 31 A rematch of the 2014 NBA Finals when the Spurs visit the Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade at 8 p.m.
April 2 The Cavaliers and James hosting his former Heat team at 8 p.m.
April 7 A rematch of the 2014 Western Conference Finals with the Thunder hosting the Spurs at 8 p.m.

In addition to its regular-season coverage, TNT will be the exclusive home of NBA All-Star Weekend’s signature events including the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge on Friday, Feb. 13, State Farm All-Star Saturday Night on Feb. 14, and the 64th NBA All-Star Game from New York City on Sunday, Feb. 15. The network will also televise more than 40 NBA Playoff games including first and second round action and the exclusive presentation of the 2015 NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

About Turner Sports
Turner Sports, a division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., is an industry leader in televised and online sports programming, airing championship-level sporting events on TBS, TNT and truTV, and managing some of the most popular sports sites on the Internet. Turner Sports’ television lineup includes the NBA, Major League Baseball, the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship and professional golf. The company’s digital portfolio includes Bleacher Report, and March Madness Live, and, as well as an accompanying collection of mobile websites and connected device apps. Turner Sports and the NBA also jointly manage NBA Digital, which includes NBA TV,, NBA LEAGUE PASS, NBA Mobile, the NBA Game Time App, and

TNT’s 2014-2015 NBA Regular Season Schedule
(All Times Eastern)
Date Day Time (ET) Game
Oct. 28


Tuesday 7 p.m. TNT NBA Tip-Off presented by
(including San Antonio Spurs Ring Ceremony)
8 p.m. Dallas Mavericks @ San Antonio Spurs
10:30 p.m. Houston Rockets @ L.A. Lakers
Oct. 30 Thursday 8 p.m. New York Knicks @ Cleveland Cavaliers
10:30 p.m. Oklahoma City Thunder @ L.A. Clippers
Nov. 6 Thursday 8 p.m. San Antonio Spurs @ Houston Rockets
10:30 p.m. Dallas Mavericks @ Portland Trail Blazers
Nov. 13 Thursday 8 p.m. Chicago Bulls @ Toronto Raptors
10:30 p.m. Brooklyn Nets @ Golden State Warriors
Nov. 20 Thursday 8 p.m. L.A. Clippers @ Miami Heat
10:30 p.m. Chicago Bulls @ Sacramento Kings
Dec. 4 Thursday 8 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers @ New York Knicks
10:30 p.m. New Orleans Pelicans @ Golden State Warriors
Dec. 11 Thursday 8 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers @ Oklahoma City Thunder
10:30 p.m. Houston Rockets @ Sacramento Kings
Dec. 18 Thursday 8 p.m. New York Knicks @ Chicago Bulls
10:30 p.m. Oklahoma City Thunder @ Golden State Warriors
Dec. 25 Thursday 8 p.m. L.A. Lakers @ Chicago Bulls
10:30 p.m. Golden State Warriors @ L.A. Clippers
Jan. 8 Thursday 8 p.m. Houston Rockets @ New York Knicks
10:30 p.m. Miami Heat @ Portland Trail Blazers
Jan. 15 Thursday 8 p.m. Oklahoma City Thunder @ Houston Rockets
10:30 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers @ L.A. Lakers
Jan. 19 Monday 8 p.m. Chicago Bulls @ Cleveland Cavaliers
10:30 p.m. L.A. Lakers @ Phoenix Suns
Jan. 22 Thursday 8 p.m. San Antonio Spurs @ Chicago Bulls
10:30 p.m. Brooklyn Nets @ L.A. Clippers
Jan. 29 Thursday 8 p.m. New York Knicks @ Indiana Pacers
10:30 p.m. Chicago Bulls @ L.A. Lakers
Feb. 5 Thursday 8 p.m. L.A. Clippers @ Cleveland Cavaliers
10:30 p.m. Phoenix Suns @ Portland Trail Blazers
Feb. 10 Tuesday 8 p.m. Houston Rockets @ Phoenix Suns
10:30 p.m. Denver Nuggets @ L.A. Lakers
Feb. 12 Thursday 8 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers @ Chicago Bulls
*********************************NBA ALL-STAR 2015*************************************************
Feb. 13 Friday BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge
Feb. 14 Saturday State Farm All-Star Saturday Night
Feb. 15 Sunday 2015 NBA All-Star Game from New York City
Feb. 19 Thursday 8 p.m. Dallas Mavericks @ Oklahoma City Thunder
10:30 p.m. San Antonio Spurs @ L.A. Clippers
Feb. 26 Thursday 8 p.m. Golden State Warriors @ Cleveland Cavaliers
10:30 p.m. Oklahoma City Thunder @ Phoenix Suns
Mar. 5 Thursday 8 p.m. Oklahoma City Thunder @ Chicago Bulls
10:30 p.m. Dallas Mavericks @ Portland Trail Blazers
Mar. 12 Thursday 8 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers @ San Antonio Spurs
10:30 p.m. New York Knicks @ L.A. Lakers
Mar. 24 Tuesday 8 p.m. L.A. Lakers @ Oklahoma City Thunder
10:30 p.m. Golden State Warriors @ Portland Trail Blazers
Mar. 31 Tuesday 8 p.m. San Antonio Spurs @ Miami Heat
10:30 p.m. Golden State Warriors @ L.A. Clippers
Apr. 2 Thursday 8 p.m. Miami Heat @ Cleveland Cavaliers
10:30 p.m. Phoenix Suns @ Golden State Warriors
Apr. 7 Tuesday 8 p.m. San Antonio Spurs @ Oklahoma City Thunder
10:30 p.m. L.A. Lakers @ L.A. Clippers
Apr. 9 Thursday 8 p.m. Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat
10:30 p.m. Portland Trail Blazers @ Golden State Warriors
Apr. 14 Tuesday 8 p.m. Washington Wizards @ Indiana Pacers
10:30 p.m. L.A. Clippers @ Phoenix Suns

 Visit the Turner Sports online press room for additional press materials; follow Turner Sports on Twitter at @TurnerSportsPR


Marquee Groups Highlight 96th PGA Championship Coverage on TNT and, Aug. 7-10

tntMarquee Group Coverage Tees Off Thursday at 8:35 a.m. ET, Managed by Turner Sports, To Provide More Than 75 Hours of Live Original Video Content Via the Sports Emmy Award-Winning PGA Championship LIVE

Turner Sports’ comprehensive multimedia coverage of the 96th PGA Championship from Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville will include marquee coverage of some of the leading names in golf including past PGA Championship winners Rory McIlroy (2012) and Martin Kaymer (2010), along with Bubba Watson.

Additionally, if four-time PGA Championship winner Tiger Woods  (2007, 2006, 2000, 1999) is in the field, marquee group coverage will tee off Thursday, Aug. 7, at 8:35 a.m. ET with his pairing, also including 2005 winner Phil Mickelson and 2008 winner Padraig Harrington. Woods, Mickelson and Harrington would also be featured Friday, Aug. 8, at 1:45 p.m.

If Woods withdraws from the field, marquee group coverage will feature Adam ScottJordan Spieth and Lee Westwood on Thursday, Aug. 7, at 8:15 a.m. and Friday, Aug. 8, at 1:25 p.m.  The marquee group including McIlroyKaymer and Watson will be featured Thursday at 1:45 p.m. and Friday at 8:35 a.m.

Marquee groups for Saturday, Aug. 9, and Sunday, Aug. 10, will be determined following Friday’s action. Fans can follow the marquee groups and par-3 coverage via and PGA Championship LIVE.

In addition to the live coverage of the marquee groups, TNT will televise 18 hours of exclusive live action from Valhalla including six hours each day on Thursday and Friday, Aug. 7-8, from 1-7 p.m., along with live coverage of the third and fourth rounds on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 9-10, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

This marks the 24th consecutive year of Turner Sports’ coverage of the PGA Championship and TNT’s 16th straight year televising the event. Across TNT and, Turner Sports will provide nearly 100 hours of original content from Valhalla. TNT commentators will include Sports Emmy Award-winning host Ernie Johnson, analysts Ian Baker-Finch and Billy Kratzert, with Vince Cellini handling pre- and post-round interviews., managed by Turner Sports, will offer extensive coverage of the event including live streaming via PGA Championship LIVE, a Sports Emmy Award-winning digital franchise with multiple live video streams allowing fans to follow marquee groups and par-3 coverage. Live coverage from Valhalla will consist of three streams which include the Marquee Group, Par 3 and Press Room. PGA Championship LIVE will be available across a wide array of platforms including desktop, iOS and Android tablets, smartphones and the recently announced PGA Championship TV App.


Notes from TNT NASCAR Sprint Cup Summer Series – Sunday, July 13, 2014

nascar-on-tntNASCAR Sprint Cup Series from New Hampshire

Countdown to Green served by Sonic

Adam Alexander (host), Kyle Petty (analyst), Wally Dallenbach (analyst) and Larry McReynolds (analyst)

Larry McReynolds on drivers to look out for to win leading up to the Chase:

“I personally think in these eight races before the Chase, we’ll have two more winners, which will give us 13 drivers that have a win that will make the Chase… Two drivers I’m looking at, Jamie McMurray, 22nd in points; Tony Stewart, 20th in points.”

Outtake from NASCAR President Mike Helton joining the TNT crew:

“I join the rest of the industry, and, oh, by the way, speak for the fans, saying ‘thank you’ [to Turner Sports] very much for covering our sport and bringing our sport to us.”

More from Helton on Turner Sports relationship:

“This is about thanking your organization, going back to Buddy Baker and Ken Squier and Dick Berggren, and the first crew, right all the way through to everyone that’s covering this race for TNT [today]. Thank you from a fan’s perspective. You gave us the ability to see things that we didn’t think we’d see back in the 80’s or didn’t have an opportunity to see. In today’s world, with the technology and everything that you brought to us, the personality and character, today’s our day to say thank you.”

TNT reporter Chris Neville with No. 2 Brad Keselowski, on whether today’s car is as dominant as the one he had in Kentucky:

“It’s hard to know, Chris… The Redd’s Apple Ford Fusion was extremely fast in practice. But we’ve been that way a couple races this year, and only really in Kentucky have we been able to carry that over… I’m very, very optimistic and proud of the efforts so far this weekend.”

Kyle Petty reflecting on the end of 32 years of NASCAR on Turner Sports:

“All these people behind the cameras… they’re the ones that put the show on. We’re just blessed to be the face of it.”

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TNT NASCAR Sprint Cup Series from New Hampshire

Adam Alexander (host), Wally Dallenbach (analyst), Kyle Petty (analyst), Larry McReynolds (analyst) and pit reporters Chris Neville, Ralph Sheheen, Marty Snider, Matt Yocum

Petty on No. 48 Jimmie Johnson’s tire issues early in the race:

“These guys have won so many races, and yeah they can gamble, you take that, but you know what, after you have that issue three or four laps into the race, you would think you would be safe. Let me put some air in this thing, just be safe, get me to the first stop, the first green flag stop or regular stop and let’s see where we’re at.”

Outtake from TNT reporter Snider’s interview with No. 48 Johnson on his car’s tire issues early in the race:

“We’ll try to dig in it and learn more, but I can promise you one thing, it wasn’t the tire pressure. I’ve been out here two days running around and haven’t had a flat.”

Petty on No. 4 Kevin Harvick and his team:

“Since we were at Daytona in February, these guys, Kevin Harvick and that team, have been the top two or three fastest cars at every practice, every weekend, every qualifying session, it seems like, and had a shot at winning multiple races. And it’s well documented the pit road issues that they’ve had, that have kept them from winning more races this year.”

Outtake from TNT reporter Snider’s interview with No. 40 Joey Logano:

“Slowest car on the race track took us out, go figure. We had a pretty good AutoTrader Ford. We were just doing what we could to hang in there. We were obviously running second, Brad [Keselowski] is really, really fast, he’s got the car to beat right now… [I] felt like we could have a Penske one-two [finish] again and, to get taken out by the slowest car, [I] feel like there should be a driver’s test before you get out in a Cup car and make sure you know how to drive before you drive one, but I don’t know, guess there isn’t.”

Dallenbach on No. 2 Brad Keselowski:

“Brad [Keselowski] has been about two or three tenths of a second faster than everybody… and now that things have stabilized, he’s still that much faster than everybody else.”

McReynolds on the Toyota Test Car employed during NASCAR coverage on TNT:

“We’ve taken you places hopefully that you have not seen before, from the inspection process we did at Michigan, for a pit stop last week at Daytona, in the rain I might add. I know it’s been fun for me and I hope the fans have truly enjoyed everything we’ve done with this Toyota Camry Test Car this year.”

No. 2 Brad Keselowski on winning at New Hampshire and the success of the Penske team:
“It’s a privilege to have cars like this, and a team that’s just clicking. I guess you can say we’re red hot. It’s a thrill, I can’t believe it, [to] win both races. I thought we’d be pretty good here at Loudon. We’ve been really good here the last few years, but just haven’t been able to close out. And today we were able to do that.”

Adam Alexander wrapping up Turner Sports’ final NASCAR race on TNT:

“We’re laughing. What a fitting way for us to wrap it up because everyone says to us, about our coverage, ‘it seems like you have a great time,’ and I think each and every week we do.”