Troy Aikman on Goodell’s press conference: “I think there was just a lot of spin there.
Instead of getting answers, I think everybody walked away from watching without any answers whatsoever.

Michael Strahan: “The only thing that matters from here on out are the results; they have committees that have been appointed, what are the results? What are the plans?”

Howie Long on Richard Sherman: “He’s an elite cornerback, but there are no shutdown cornerbacks in the NFL today.”

Jimmy Johnson on Kirk Cousins: If he proves himself and he is the guy…You’re going to have another problem – you gave up three first-round picks for a backup quarterback.”


From FOX NFL KICKOFF on FOX Sports 1

Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback and lead NFL on FOX game analyst Troy Aikman’s reaction to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Friday press conference:

“I think there was just a lot of spin there. It was a great opportunity for the commissioner to come out and be forthright and let everyone know what in fact he did know and why the investigation stopped when it did. Instead of getting answers, I think everybody walked away from watching that press conference without any answers whatsoever. I think if you’re going to hold players and coaches to a certain standard, then you as the commissioner – who has served as judge and jury since 2006 – you’ve got to be held to the same standard as well. If it is proven that that tape in fact did make its way to the league office there on Park Avenue, whether he saw that tape or didn’t see that tape – as we heard in the piece, ignorance is no excuse, that has been levied against the New Orleans Saints and Sean Payton – I think there have to be some pretty severe punishments for the commissioner himself.”

NFL on FOX game analyst Ronde Barber on the New Orleans Saints’ defensive struggles through two games:

“What’s wrong is they lost five guys either to retirement or free agency last year and there’s an experience void. The miscommunications have been rampant the first two weeks. They’ve got an offense that can score 40 points a game if they want to. The defense needs to get simple, start communicating better and they’ll have a better chance to win.”

FOX Sports 1 NFL insider Mike Garafolo on player’ reaction to rumored changes to the NFL’s personal conduct policy:

“Players and the NFLPA are very encouraged by this, because this is something that they’ve been pushing for a while, since Bountygate and beyond. Not only to take the appeals process out of Goodell’s hands when it comes to player discipline, but also the ability to judge and impose suspensions in the first place. In fact, I’m told that the union has proposed to Goodell in the past to have an independent panel when it comes to player discipline. Also encouraging is something that people don’t know and that’s that last week when Adrian Peterson and Greg Hardy were put on the commissioner’s exempt list, which was something personally hammered out between Goodell and Smith. That’s a rare occurrence. They did it last year with Richie Incognito, but usually when it comes to player suspensions it is handled between lawyers on the union side and other executives at the league office.”

FOX Sports 1 NFL analyst and former NFL defensive coordinator and head coach Dave Wannstedt on disagreements that can happen between a head coach and coordinator during a game:

“Having worked for Jimmy [Johnson] as a coordinator for eight years, we never really had any major issues. I think you’ve got a head coach here who is so intrigued with the offense and Rob Ryan loves to reinvent the 50 best defenses every week. The way Jimmy wanted to do it, we would come in during the week and take care of that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and there were no secrets. It becomes, ‘Here’s what we’re going to do. Here is what the best three or four calls are.’ So when you get out there on gameday and its third-and-15, we all knew. Everybody on the defensive staff knew what the calls were going to be. It was never really an issue.”

Six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver and FOX Sports 1 NFL analyst Randy Moss on what the Denver Broncos receiving corps needs to do to create a different outcome in their Super Bowl rematch at Seattle today:

“What I think the wide receivers need to do today for the Denver Broncos is be physical. And I don’t mean physical in the first quarter and then not as physical in the second and third quarters, but then they come back and it’s physical in the fourth quarter. They need to be physical for four quarters, each play, play-in and play-out, because I know the Legion of Boom are going to be physical for four quarters.”


NFL on FOX analyst Howie Long’s message to friend and colleague Terry Bradshaw and his family following the tragic death of his son-in-law, former Tennesse Titans kicker Rob Bironas:

“It’s a heartbreaking day; Terry was very emotional when he left this morning to go back home. Our thoughts and prayers obviously go out to the Bironas family and to you, Rachel, we love you and we’re all thinking about you.”

Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive end and NFL on FOX analyst Michael Strahan on Friday’s press conference with Goodell:

“I watched the press conference like everyone else and I felt like nothing new was said. There was nothing that was said that made you say, ‘I have a clearer picture of what happened.’ The only thing that matters from here on out are the results; they have committees that have been appointed, what are the results? What are the plans? That’s what everybody wants to see. We all worry about the cover-up, but hopefully this investigation reveals if there was a cover-up or not. Let’s not get lost in everything that we see now. There’s one reason we’re here now and that reason is because of domestic violence, which is an epidemic outside of the NFL, but obviously right now we’re having a battle inside of the NFL that needs to be addressed.”

Menefee addresses Goodell’s promise to get the NFL’s house in order, starting with some of the misconduct among the league’s owners:

“This is certainly not to excuse the players, but Roger Goodell stated that the league needs to get its house in order and he is right. While four players out of the 1,700 on the rosters represents only .002 percent, that’s still too much. Yet while all of the talk about the misdeeds of the players has gone on, it has been the missteps of the owners and the commissioner that have really tarnished the shield. From Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti’s backing of Rice until the heat got too high, to Carolina owner Jerry Richardson letting Greg Hardy play in Week 1, before the heat or his conscience got to him in Week 2, to the Wilfs waffling this week in Minnesota. And that’s not even mentioning a DUI conviction for Colts owner Jim Irsay, Justice Department fraud charges on Browns owner Jimmy Haslam’s company, nor a sexual harassment against Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. For the NFL to truly get its house in order, the league had better start paying attention as much to the landlords – the owners, as it does to the tenants – the players.”

NFL on FOX insider Jay Glazer on the Ravens response to a report that they attempted to soften the punishment for Ray Rice’s domestic assault:

“I’m told that after today’s game, on the way back from Cleveland, the Ravens brass is going to get together to decide how they exactly go about this tomorrow. They insist that they are going to have full transparency and that’s all we’re asking for, right? As far as the locker room, the players and coaches in there say, ‘We’re numb to it. We’re probably the only people in America, who aren’t talking about it anymore.’ They are completely galvanized as a result of this and it’s like they are in the eye of the storm and everything else around them is obviously very, very stormy.”

Glazer on the Goodell press conference and the idea that the league is considering the formation of its own player-conduct task force to investigate these types of issues:

“The problem is, after the press conference, teams were saying, ‘We still don’t know what is going to happen moving forward, there are no consistencies there.’ What I am being told is that this week, the NFL is actually going to meet with law enforcement, with judges and they are actually considering starting their own special task force and investigative unit. Whether it’s an outside firm or hiring somebody inside so that they won’t have to wait for law enforcement, they don’t have to wait for prosecutors and they don’t have to wait for courtrooms.”

Two-time Super Bowl winning head coach Jimmy Johnson on the premise that Robert Griffin III can’t lose his starting quarterback job while injured:

“Who made up this rule? I think it was some injured player that made up this rule. You play the player that helps you win the ballgame. When Drew Bledsoe got healthy, did [the New England Patriots] sit Tom Brady down? I don’t think so. So, that’s not a rule for me. Kirk Cousins has six-to-eight weeks to prove himself as being the guy. If he proves himself and he is the guy, I don’t think Dan Snyder is going to be real happy, because they’ve got a little problem with the nickname of the team and now you’re going to have another problem – you gave up three first-round picks for a backup quarterback.”

Long on how the absence of Adrian Peterson affects the rest of the Vikings team and Matt Cassel’s job security as the team’s starting quarterback:

“It’s tough. Our guy Norv Turner has to find creative ways to get Cordarelle Patterson off. The impact that Adrian Peterson had on that football team, not only in the run game, but in the play-action game, pass protection and their defense and I think it’s a tall task to try to replace them. The numbers are a bit skewed for them on defense last week. New England scored 24 points off of turnovers and a blocked punt returned for a touchdown. Matt Cassel is supposed to be a veteran who comes in and makes good decisions and be a bridge to Teddy Bridgewater. That bridge was a toll bridge before. Now it’s a bridge over a creek and I’m not sure how quickly they are going to pull him.”

Long on the Hall of Fame candidacy of Atlanta Falcons’ wide receiver and kick returner Devin Hester, who set a new NFL record for return touchdowns in Thursday night’s game:

“It’s hard. Special teams players wait a long time. It’s almost like in baseball where relievers struggle to get into the Hall of Fame. It’s hard and you saw Ray Guy waited 23 years. Everybody slights special teams, but one of the first things Jimmy always talks about is special teams.”

Glazer on a fine handed down this week to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick:

“The officials actually say that Colin Kaepernick dropped the N-word on the field toward Lamarr Houston. Now, Colin Kaepernick, he said, ‘Absolutely, I did not say that.’ And Lamarr Houston also said, ‘No, I didn’t hear that.’ The NFL fined him $11,025 and Colin Kaepernick is outraged, saying, ‘If you accuse me of something like that, you better be sure about it.’ He is now appealing.”

Strahan on Peyton Manning’s approach to today’s Super Bowl rematch with the Seattle Seahawks:

“Peyton Manning may have a blueprint to work with now. Philip Rivers took what the Seahawks gave him and he did it quickly, never holding the ball for more than three seconds. The Chargers used quick, short passes to running backs and slot receivers that kept drives alive. Then, they exploited Kam Chancellor’s man-coverage skills when touchdowns were within reach. Look for Peyton to do the same with Julius Thomas. Peyton has to push all of the right buttons with his play-calling and he must get rid of the ball quickly. Trust me, defensive linemen hates when quarterbacks get rid of the ball in less than three seconds.”

Long addressing questions about Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman as the subject of criticism after last week’s game:

“He had four balls caught on him on some motion routes. Did Richard Sherman suddenly get bad? No, he’s an elite cornerback. There are no shutdown cornerbacks in the NFL today. One, because of the new rule changes which were a by-product of that Super Bowl matchup and two, because of the volume of throws and the complexity of offenses. There are no Deion Sanders or Mike Haynes playing.”

ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown Notes and Quotes: Week 3

Sunday NFL Countdown logoESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown host Chris Berman and analysts Cris Carter, Mike Ditka, Tom Jackson, Keyshawn Johnson and Ray Lewis previewed today’s NFL action with Insiders Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter. Excerpts:

On the Ray Rice case… 

Lewis: “This is one of those situations that – it’s family. I’ve spent 17 years of my career at this one place. I’ve known Ozzie Newsome now over 19 years of my career, of my life. That’s half of my life. I’ve known Steve Bisciotti over 15 years of my life. And each one of those men – bottom line – has never lied to me, once. They’ve given me an opportunity at life to change not only my life but my family’s life as well as my kids’ life. If this incident, what we’re dealing with, if they could do this all over again, they would.”

Jackson: “Until these men in these offices on Park Avenue really care about the women involved in these incidents we are not going to have real change. The good part of this – public pressure, political pressure, corporate sponsorship – I don’t care why it happens. They are going to be brought kicking and screaming to the table – to the table of resolving this problem.”  

On Adrian Peterson and what’s next for the Vikings…

Carter: “For me, the best thing for Adrian Peterson is not to be on the football field and to work on this case and to work on the relationships that he has with his kids… I hope Adrian gets the help that he needs because if he doesn’t, he will never put the purple on. You talk about the sponsors, you talk about the fan pressure, also the Vikings – the former Vikings players also have called that office and voiced their disappointment with the overall situation. And the reason why is because there was once an organization that cared about the players, on and off the field. And to me, this Adrian Peterson thing has been a Band-Aid now that needs an operation.”

On the Commissioner’s comments at Friday’s press conference…

Jackson: “I thought it lacked substance. I thought that it was a lot of what I had expected. I knew that the questions that were going to come were going to be very difficult. Unanswerable when you have handled the situation as ineptly as it had been handled up to that point. So, we heard a lot of – and you know, it’s always nice to hear somebody say I made a mistake and I’m sorry, but I didn’t think that there was any substance as to what we are going to really do going forward to change what happened over the course of the last few weeks and what happened over the course of the last few weeks is not over yet, and he knows that.”

Johnson: “I wasn’t satisfied. To me it was like a dance show. Felt like I was looking at a heavy politician, reading notes and a script that was given. It was very – he was like robotic. This is what you say, stay to the script. I think when you look at that and we’re all looking for answers – there were some answers, there yeah – we’re going to do some things, we’re going to have some things in place by the time we get to the Super Bowl, but by the time you get to the Super Bowl, how many other problems are going to come up?”

More from Jackson: I do think that the women who are now – Lisa Friel and company – the women who are in the league office, I think that I already see their influence, because the advice he got up until the press conference this week has been definitively better than the advice he got before that.”

Carter: “I like the apology, but I’d like to see a little more emotion about all the people that we had hurt being associated with the National Football League the last couple weeks. I didn’t see any empathy for the victims.”

On the biggest challenge for the 2-0 Buffalo Bills who face the San Diego Chargers today…

Lewis: “Their biggest problem is actually their quarterback and that is, can he manage these games with this much talent around him?”

Jackson: “I think the biggest challenge is to stop the San Diego Chargers from running the football… that’s the problem the Bills will have today: how often will you have the football?”

Johnson: “I know Philip Rivers is the quarterback, but [Antonio] Gates is the key. The Buffalo Bills have to figure out how to neutralize him.”

Ditka: “One play, one game at a time; that’s their biggest challenge right now. Don’t get ahead of yourself. You’re 2-0. I don’t care who you beat. You want to win this football game, you gotta do certain things. You gotta play good, solid defense. You gotta put some pressure on Rivers. Rivers is playing quarterback as good as anybody in football right now.”

Carter: “And they must take advantage of home field… Also as young players, which you guys mentioned, the consistency week in and week out. Will they be able to maintain that?”

On quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers vs. the Arizona Cardinals…

Lewis: “Colin Kaepernick, he’s a great athlete. Probably one of the greatest quarterbacks that we’ve seen athletic-wise, but he had the same three picks that he threw [against] Chicago that he threw in the Championship game last year against Seattle.”

Jackson: “Until the decision making goes with the athletic ability, I think that things are going to be problematic for him [Kaepernick].”

Johnson: “The secondary can confuse him [Kaepernick]. When they start changing things and that’s where those interceptions come into play. He tries to create things that he shouldn’t with his feet. Okay, we all know he’s a great athlete, he can run around. But he has a ton of weapons around him. He has to utilize those guys and allow them to win the football games for him, like the great quarterbacks if he wants to be considered that. And the only way the San Francisco 49ers are going to get back to the championship game or win the division, it has to start with him making smart choices at the quarterback spot.”

Ditka: “The first thing Arizona has to do – keep him [Kaepernick] in the pocket. Make him beat you with his arm. I don’t think he can.”

On Peyton Manning vs. the Seattle Seahawks Defense…

Jackson: “It’s such a tremendous psychological test for the Denver Broncos. Yes, it begins with Peyton Manning. But everything they did in the offseason was about adding toughness to this football team. And I don’t want to take the pressure off of Peyton Manning, but he is not going to have success if they run the ball for 27 yards the way they did in the Super Bowl and become as predictable as they did throwing the football.” 

Lewis: “You’re talking about one of the most physical defenses that we’ve seen play football in a very long time… If you want to attack the Seattle Seahawks, the way the San Francisco 49ers do, you must run the ball in between the tackles.”

Carter: “Denver is better offensively, but this is the truth – that 12th man, it’s real. Alright. And they will play a factor in this game. But also, Seattle’s offense is better. Alright. Their receivers are better.”

On quarterbacks Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers and Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers – are they in trouble against the defense today?

Ditka: “Big Ben’s in more trouble, there’s no question about it. This front seven of the Carolina Panthers is really good. And they don’t have to blitz to get after you.”

Jackson: “I think Cam Newton, not a 100 percent. Doesn’t have the weaponry around him… And Ben Roethlisberger, let’s remember – two rings and a third appearance in a Super Bowl because he creates his own offense and his feet right now – he’s healthy and he’s moving those feet.”


Quotes From Week 3 Editions of NFL Network’s ‘NFL GameDay First’ & ‘NFL GameDay Morning’

NFL-GameDayMorningQuick Quotes from NFL GameDay First & NFL GameDay Morning

“It’s offensive brilliance…He’s trying everything and anything, and it’s a breath of fresh air.” – Michael Irvin on Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly

“Darren Sproles was the number one acquisition in the offseason in the National Football League.” – Steve Mariucci on Philadelphia Eagles running back Darren Sproles

“Darren Sproles has been spectacular…Darren Sproles has been the most surprising player in the National Football League right now.” – Sterling Sharpe on Philadelphia Eagles running back Darren Sproles

“[Tony] Romo was not a top pick and sometimes I just feel like he’s always feeling like he has to prove to everybody, ‘I belong here as the Dallas Cowboys’ starting quarterback.’” – Michael Irvin on Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo

“It’s important not to lose sight of what brought him to Washington. Dan Snyder wasn’t mortgaging the future – he was attempting to create one.” – Mark Kriegel on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

“I believe Kirk Cousins is a reliever. I don’t know if he’s a starter.” – Marshall Faulk on Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins

“Kirk Cousins already understands his shortcomings. He is not a runner, he is not a big guy with the strongest arm but he gets the ball out of his hands fast, makes decisions fast and he gets the ball into the playmakers’ hands faster.” – Michael Robinson on Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins

“When you are asking him to get into a system where it is more about timing, seeing it before and letting the ball go, that is a different transition for Eli Manning. That is why he is struggling right now.” – Kurt Warner on New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning

“That division is all about power running late in the season. He is going to be the guy to carry the load and [Giovani] Bernard will be coming in to spare him more and more.” – Marshall Faulk on Cincinnati Bengals rookie running back Jeremy Hill

***For complete quotes from ‘NFL GameDay First’ & ‘NFL GameDay Morning,’ see below***

Quotes from NFL GameDay First

Every Sunday morning at 7:00 AM ET, NFL Network is first on the field with NFL GameDay First. Host Melissa Stark, co-host/analyst Sterling Sharpe, and analysts Shaun O’Hara and Michael Robinson provide the first analysis of the day’s games, while NFL Network reporters stationed across the league report from stadiums with the first on-location reports of the day.

“Darren Sproles has been spectacular. Watching him in this offense and how Chip Kelly brings this guy in…Darren Sproles has been the most surprising player in the National Football League right now.” – Sterling Sharpe on Philadelphia Eagles running back Darren Sproles

“Kirk Cousins already understands his shortcomings. He is not a runner, he is not a big guy with the strongest arm but he gets the ball out of his hands fast, makes decisions fast and he gets the ball into the playmakers’ hands faster. I think as a playmaker, you like a quarterback like this on your team distributing the ball because he understands that the big plays are going to come from the playmakers, not him.” – Michael Robinson on why Washington Redskins’ Kirk Cousins is a good quarterback

“[The Giants] don’t have a single takeaway on defense and they have six turnovers on offense. When Tom Coughlin comes to the building on Wednesday morning – our first team meeting of the week – he talks about turnovers; we have to take care of the football…The Giants aren’t doing that and that has to drive Tom nuts.” – Shaun O’Hara on the 0-2 New York Giants

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with Eli [Manning]. I really don’t. I think the only thing wrong with the Giants football team is that they can’t run the football when they have to and they can’t complete passes downfield.” – Sterling Sharpe on the New York Giants

“When you are asking him to get into a system where it is more about timing, seeing it before and letting the ball go, that is a different transition for Eli Manning. That is why he is struggling right now.” – Kurt Warner on New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning

 - “Running back DeMarco Murray is the winning formula for the Dallas Cowboys. They have a dominant offensive line.” – Michael Robinson on the Dallas Cowboys

“The environment in Seattle is going to be too much for Peyton Manning. I think he does a lot at the line of scrimmage and I think he is the guy who is going to want to change the game at the line of scrimmage. But the 12th man, the fans and that environment are not going to let him.” – Michael Robinson on the Denver Broncos facing the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle

Quotes from NFL GameDay Morning

NFL GameDay Morning is the most comprehensive pregame show on Sunday morning, airing at 9:00 AM ET for four hours on NFL Network and taking viewers straight up to kickoff. Host Rich Eisen joins analysts Steve Mariucci, Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin to bring fans the latest news, injury reports, pregame analysis and game previews. Additionally, NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport provides the latest inside information from around the league.

“Darren Sproles was the number one acquisition in the offseason in the National Football League. There is no doubt about that.” – Steve Mariucci on Philadelphia Eagles running back Darren Sproles

“It’s offensive brilliance. It really is offensive brilliance what he is doing. He’s trying everything and anything, and it’s a breath of fresh air. After one year of that read option, we rarely see it as much…[Chip Kelly is saying] I’m giving you something fresh and new every year.” – Michael Irvin on Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly

“When they put those two backs in the backfield, you can’t defend both backs…Coming out of the backfield, there is usually one good cover linebacker. You don’t have two good cover linebackers – no team does. [Chip Kelly] is stretching the field every which way you can.” – Marshall Faulk on Philadelphia Eagles running backs LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles

“[Tony] Romo was not a top pick and sometimes I just feel like he’s always feeling like he has to prove to everybody, ‘I belong here as the Dallas Cowboys’ starting quarterback’…Tony Romo has to understand he’s getting older now, he sees he’s not the same [and not] as young as he used to be and moving around. This kind of support [in the running game] can extend his career.” – Michael Irvin on Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo

“Certainly it is DeMarco Murray…They have to keep that in their primary focus.” – Michael Irvin on the Dallas Cowboys’ key to success

“Certain guys are like relief pitchers; they come off the bench, they don’t know when they’re playing – you come in and you just go. Certain guys, they like to start; they like to start the game and play. I believe Kirk Cousins is a reliever. I don’t know if he’s a starter.” – Marshall Faulk on Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins

“Here’s a guy that you want to build your team around but you have to stay on the field. That’s the bottom line. When you’re talking about a quarterback, you need a guy that is durable, a guy that is out there every time that can lead your football team…It’s going to be difficult for them to say, ‘Here’s the keys to the car.’” – Kurt Warner on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

“Washington will dwell in a state of perpetual quarterback controversy until one of two things happen: RGIII comes back and demonstrates he can be healthy and win games, or they trade him – an outcome that would have been unthinkable just a year or so ago.” – Mark Kriegel on the Washington Redskins

“This season will be a one-season audition for both Kirk Cousins and RGIII.” – Steve Mariucci on Washington Redskins quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins

“It’s important not to lose sight of what brought him to Washington. Dan Snyder wasn’t mortgaging the future – he was attempting to create one. The trade value for RGIII is now based on that same sense of salvation: could he save another franchise, or could he save Washington again?” – Mark Kriegel on Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

“[Drew Brees] is doing stuff we’ve never seen him do before. Red zone picks, pick-six – I was blown away by it. That’s a reason for concern. We’re seeing things done by Drew Brees that’s never been done and this defense has reverted back to the bottom of the pack.” – Warren Sapp on the 0-2 New Orleans Saints

“The defense is concerning but we’ve seen Drew Brees and his ability to overcome that in the past. That’s my concern right now…He just doesn’t look the same and I don’t know if it was missed time in training camp and we’re going to see that guy come back here in the short term, but he has to come back pretty fast or I have some major concerns for the Saints.” – Kurt Warner on New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees

“That division is all about power running late in the season. He is going to be the guy to carry the load and [Giovani] Bernard will be coming in to spare him more and more.” – Marshall Faulk on Cincinnati Bengals rookie running back Jeremy Hill

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport

On the selection of the committee to determine the new Personal Conduct Policy:

“League officials and union officials are going to sit down this week and begin the process of forming that committee, trying to figure out who is going to be on it. There are going to go to outside advisers – really everyone they possibly can to try to get some guidance as they re-do this Personal Conduct Policy…[Team officials and executives] simply do not know what to do. The Minnesota Vikings for instance, they put Adrian Peterson on this Exempt Commissioner’s List – they didn’t know what that was until the NFL told them. The Carolina Panthers when they put Greg Hardy on the same list, they learned it from the Vikings that morning. Teams simply want some clarity. What do you do when a player is charged? What about when he is convicted and then has a new trial like Greg Hardy? They want some sort of guideline going forward and that is what they hope this new Personal Conduct Policy will provide.”

On if the Washington Redskins feel that quarterback Robert Griffin III is done for the season:

“The team does not feel this way and we know that of course because they did not put him on Injured Reserve ending his season. I am told that RGIII’s target return date is within five or six weeks, which if you look at the schedule would put him back a week before their bye which could mean regardless of what Kirk Cousins does, RGIII could be back for the home stretch. He is in a cast right now for the dislocated ankle. By the middle of next week, the cast should come off. About five weeks after that, the team will have a chance to bring RGIII back. Then what happens? Do they wait for the bye? What if Cousins is rolling?”

On Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen:

“There has been some speculation about Dennis Allen and his job already. They are in New England today, they go to London after that and then they have the bye. It has caused some people to wonder where does the job status of Dennis Allen stand? I talked to sources close to Mark Davis who told me it would take a Tampa Bay Buccaneers-like meltdown to cause any sort of coaching change. Really, this is Mark Davis’ first time in this situation so no one really knows if he will react. But the thinking here goes, just talking to people close to him, if he was patient with Dennis Allen in the offseason, if he brought back the entire coaching staff, why not give them a chance to actually do the job they hired him to do? If this was Week 12 or 13, maybe he would make a change but Raiders sources tell me it is viewed as too early right now.”

On how close the Washington Redskins came to trading Kirk Cousins:

“I’m told the Redskins had one offer for Kirk Cousins before the draft. Before Johnny Manziel landed in Cleveland, the Cleveland Browns expressed interest in trading for Kirk Cousins. I’m told they offered a third round pick and were likely willing to go for a second round pick, but the Redskins, specifically general manager Bruce Allen, would not engage for this very reason: he did not want to trade Kirk Cousins because he knew RGIII’s injury history. He knew he could get injured; he wanted Kirk Cousins just in case. A lot of times when a starter goes out, there is panic. There is no panic for the Redskins. They think Kirk Cousins can get the job done, especially when he has the talent he does around him.”

On the latest regarding Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson:

“Nothing will happen for Adrian Peterson until his legal situation is resolved. I am told that Peterson’s legal team is pushing for an expedited trial. The original plan was to have a trial into next year, possibly before next season. Now I’m told they want a trial this season. The reason for that is this will essentially give the Vikings a choice – force them to make a choice – pending the results of the trial: do they stay with Adrian Peterson? Do they not? How do they move forward? This trial is going to be tried in Montgomery County, Texas. There is some serious confidence from Adrian Peterson’s legal team that he could win.”

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- Stark Reality: Next Man Up Melissa Stark examines the injuries that occurred in Week 2 and how teams are using the “next man up” philosophy:

- More Explosive Offense: Green Bay Packers or Detroit Lions? Steve Mariucci, Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk analyze who has the more explosive offense, the Green Bay Packers or Detroit Lions:

- Passing the Smell Test – With seven 2-0 teams, NFL GameDay Morning determine whether or not each passes the smell test:

- How to Attack Richard Sherman Kurt Warner demonstrates how to attack Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman:

- Next Steps for the NFL – NFL Media’s Judy Battista joined Rich Eisen on NFL GameDay Morning to discuss what the next steps are for the NFL following this week’s events:

- Mood in Minnesota – NFL Media’s Michael Silver reflects on the mood with the Minnesota Vikings following this week’s events:

- New Personal Conduct Policy Committee – NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport joined Rich Eisen to provide the latest on the formation of a new Personal Conduct Policy committee:

- Ian Rapoport: DeSean Jackson ‘Determined’ to Play – NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports on all of the early injury news, including Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson:


Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, fans turn to NFL Network to receive information and insight straight from the field, team headquarters, league offices and everywhere the NFL is making news. Launched in 2003, NFL Network gives fans unprecedented year-round inside access to all NFL events, including the Super Bowl, Playoffs, regular season, preseason, Pro Bowl, Pro Football Hall of Fame induction weekend, NFL Draft, NFL Scouting Combine, Senior Bowl, league meetings, minicamps and training camps.

Currently in more than 72 million homes, NFL Network has carriage agreements with each of the country’s largest television providers including Comcast, DirecTV, DISH Network, Cablevision, Cox, Charter, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse.

For fans on the go, all NFL Network programming can also be streamed live on the NFL Mobile from Verizon app (, the NFL app delivered on XBOX from Microsoft, and through Watch NFL Network (, with participating cable and satellite providers. For more information, log on to is the exclusive internet home of NFL Network.


Sunday Night Football Presents First NFL Regular Season Game at Levi’s Stadium as Colin Kaepernick and The 49ers Host Jay Cutler and The Chicago Bears

FNIA-nfl-nbcCoverage Begins with Football Night In America at 7 p.m. ET on NBC

NBC Sports Live Extra to Live Stream Bears-49ers

NFL Turning Point Season Premiere Tonight at 10 p.m. ET on NBCSN

Pro Football Talk Weekdays at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN

NBCSN Sunday Sports Report Has Comprehensive Post-Game Coverage Sunday Nights at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN

Stamford, Conn. – September 10, 2014 – Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears (0-1) travel to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., to take on Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers (1-0) on Sunday Night Football, in the first NFL regular-season game at Levi’s Stadium. Coverage begins with Football Night In America at 7 p.m. ET on NBC.

Calling Bears-49ers is seven-time Emmy Award-winner Al Michaels (play-by-play), in his 29th season as the voice of the NFL’s premier primetime package; 15-time Emmy Award-winner Cris Collinsworth, who has won the Emmy for Outstanding Event Analyst in each of his five seasons in the Sunday Night Football booth; and two-time Emmy Award-winning sideline reporter Michele Tafoya.

NBC’s coverage of Sunday Night Football is led by Emmy Award-winning producer Fred Gaudelli and Emmy Award-winning director Drew EsocoffSunday Night Football has won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Live Sports Series for a record six consecutive years.

Football Night in America, the most-watched studio show in sports, is hosted by 26-time Emmy Award-winner Bob Costas, who will report from Levi’s Stadium on Sunday. Costas will be joined on site by Collinsworth, Tafoya, two-time Super Bowl winner Hines Ward, and NBC Sports commentator Josh Elliott.

Dan Patrick co-hosts Football Night from NBC Sports Group’s Studio 1 and will be joined by Super Bowl-winning head coach Tony Dungy, two-time Super Bowl winner Rodney Harrison, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN and, and Peter King of Sports Illustrated. Carolyn Manno will report from Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis., on the Jets-Packers game.


Tony Dungy previews Bears-49ers: “I think we’ll see a high-scoring game. San Francisco’s offense clicked better in Dallas last week than it had in the preseason. Chicago has a lot of weaponry on offense with Jay Cutler and Matt Forte. The Bears are going to put points up.”

In addition to the weekly Sunday Night Football and Football Night in America broadcasts, NBC Sports Group’s NFL coverage also includes digital content and social media extensions, as well as NFL-related shoulder programming available on NBCSN.


For the seventh consecutive season, Sunday Night Football will be streamed live online. NBC Sports Live Extra, NBC Sports Group’s live streaming product, will stream all SNF games to desktops and tablets. The full HD-quality video stream will come directly from NBC’s broadcast of SNF. For desktops, NBC Sports Live Extra can be accessed at The NBC Sports Live Extra app is available at the App Store for iPad and iPod touch, and on select tablet devices within Google Play.


SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL ALL-ACCESSFor the fifth straight season, and with a new look and feel, provides a destination for fans dedicated to behind-the-scenes and social media driven content of Sunday Night Football. SNF All-Access includes exclusive photos and videos of the Sunday Night Football production team, look-ins on SNF production meetings, Michele Tafoya’s “Ten With Tafoya” interviews with NFL players, and conversations with SNF and FNIA talent. In addition to the behind-the-scenes photos & videos, SNF All-Access houses all of the social media conversation surrounding SNF. Fans can access tweets from across the league, view Instagram photos, and check out which players and topics are trending all within one experience.

Visit SNF All-Access at:


  • SNF ON FACEBOOK: – The Sunday Night Football Facebook page provides stories, photos and videos exclusively behind-the-scenes at SNF every week. The page aggregates all SNF-related content found within the NBC Sports digital network, including NBCSports.comSNF All, and, and hosts fan-focused contests and sweepstakes throughout the season
  • SNF ON TWITTER: – Using tweets, photos, Vines and videos, @SNFonNBC provides unique content with SNF talent, production crew and NFL players. Additionally, Michele Tafoya will provide real-time tweets from the sideline throughout the game.
  • SNF ON INSTAGRAM: Going into its fourth season, Sunday Night Football gives the SNF fan a look at photos through the filters of Instagram. Fans get a look inside the production trucks, the locker rooms, on the field and around each SNF city. In addition, fans get an exclusive look through Instagram of what life is like on the sideline, as our social media producer captures the best photos of Sunday night and posts in real time.


NBC Sports Group’s Sunday Night Football bus returns this season to travel the country visiting the host cities of all 17 Sunday Night Football games, NFL Kickoff 2014, and NBC’s Wild Card and Divisional Playoff games. The SNF bus will also be on-site all week leading up to the crowning of the Super Bowl XLIX champion in Arizona on Sunday, February 1, 2015.

The bus arrives in each city two to three days prior to the game, making stops at local landmarks and events before heading to the game site on Sunday. In each city fans will have the opportunity to interact with America’s most-watched primetime television show via exclusive memorabilia, and an interactive 55-inch touch screen housing social media elements, photos and video.

As the Sunday Night Football bus makes its way from NFL Kickoff to the Super Bowl, it travels with a replica Vince Lombardi Trophy that will be available for fan photos. From the life-size NFL player and Carrie Underwood images on the bus’ exterior, and the Vince Lombardi Trophy and “Photo Bomb” wall featuring NFL players on the inside, fans will have numerous opportunities to interact and share memories from the bus.


Fans can digitally follow the Sunday Night Football bus at The site includes an interactive map of where the bus has been, and where it’s traveling next, allowing fans to take a virtual #SNFRoadTrip, which began at NFL Kickoff on Sept. 4 and continues all the way to the ultimate Sunday night of them all, Super Bowl XLIX  #SB49. In addition, fans can also participate in a tweet contest to show their team pride and see which team is leading in mentions each week.

A dedicated producer will collect photos and create videos of the bus’ travels and the cast of characters it encounters along the way. Life on the road with the Sunday Night Football bus will be featured on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as aggregated on using #SNFRoadTrip.


For the third consecutive season NBC Sports presents “The Sunday Night Football,” a custom-made football from Wilson, which will travel with the SNF crew all season. Fans of SNF on Facebook and Twitter can keep up with “The Sunday Night Football” on the SNF Facebook page, follow its path through each city and recommend where it should visit while in town. In addition, fans can visit

At the end of each SNF game, “The Sunday Night Football” will be signed by the player of the game. Photos, video and stories around “The Sunday Night Football” and its travels will live on Facebook, Twitter, and SNF All-Access.

To help fans continue the conversation about the Sunday Night Football bus and “The Sunday Night Football,” will aggregate tweets and Instagram posts utilizing #SNF. The feed will include NBC Sports’ NFL experts, players, teams, and others talking about SNF and their interactions with the bus and the ball.


The fourth season of the Emmy Award-nominated NFL Turning Point, NBCSN’s weekly NFL show co-produced by NFL Films and hosted by Football Night in America’s Dan Patrick, debuts tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

Tonight’s episode breaks down the Denver Broncos season opener against the Indianapolis Colts, and includes spotlight features on FalconsSaints and RavensBengals, a film study with Chicago Bears WR Brandon Marshall, and a wired for sound segment with New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien.

Each week Turning Point will be built around select NFL matchups from the previous weekend, and will focus on the crucial “turning point” moments that ultimately defined the outcome of each game. The show will also feature anatomy-of-a-play type segments and long form, Game-of-the-Week style narratives that include the pre-game and post-game access, sideline sounds, jaw-dropping cinematography and incredible storytelling that is synonymous with NFL Films.


Pro Football Talk, NBCSN’s daily NFL studio show co-hosted by Mike Florio and Paul Burmeister, airs at 5:30 p.m. ET every Monday through Friday. In addition to diving deep on the most topical NFL stories of the day, Pro Football Talk provides all-encompassing coverage of the NFL, including the most current news and analysis, engaging features, thought-provoking debates, and interviews with a wide variety of NFL newsmakers.

The show regularly features a roster of NBC Sports football commentators who share a combined eight Super Bowl titles and 169 seasons of NFL experience, including Cris Collinsworth, Tony DungyHines Ward, Doug Flutie, Jason Taylor, Takeo Spikes, Brian Westbrook, Ross Tucker, Jon Ritchie and longtime NFL coach Kevin Gilbride. In addition, Mike Ryan, who boasts 26 NFL seasons of athletic training experience, appears on select telecasts to provide perspective on injuries and sports medicine.


Building off of Yahoo! Sports’ popular Sunday live streaming show of the same name, Fantasy Football Live is a live and on-demand, multi-platform, fantasy football program that airs Tuesday through Thursday nights at 6:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

Fantasy Football Live on NBCSN combines the best fantasy football expertise from Yahoo! Sports and NBC Sports, including unique metrics from Yahoo! Sports’ leading fantasy football platform, and full integration with NBC Sports’ premier fantasy sports information site,

Hosted by NBC Sports’ Dave Briggs,  Fantasy Football Live features a roster of Yahoo Sports, NBC Sports and Rotoworld fantasy analysts, including Rotoworld’s Kay Adams, as well as Yahoo Sports’ Brad EvansBrandon Funston and Andy Behrens.


NBCSN Sunday Sports Report, a new, weekly, one-hour program that showcases the news and highlights of the sports properties that are carried by NBC Sports Group, airs every Sunday night at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN.

Hosted by Liam McHugh, NBCSN Sunday Sports Report goes in-depth into the high-profile sports properties that primarily air on NBC and NBCSN, including the Olympics, NFL, NASCAR, NHL, Premier League, golf, Triple Crown horse racing, Notre Dame Football, Formula One, IndyCar and more.

NBCSN Sunday Sports Report originates from Studio 3 at NBC Sports Group’s International Broadcast Center in Stamford, Conn.

During the NFL season, Rodney Harrison and Mike Florio will join McHugh in studio. In addition, Cris Collinsworth, Hines Ward, Josh Elliott and Michele Tafoya will report from the site of each Sunday Night Football game.


NBC Sports Radio will surround the 2014 NFL season with daily coverage on 439 radio affiliates, highlighted by McNabb and Malone; an all-sports show that leverages the unique perspective of two former NFL quarterbacks, and Safety Blitz with Rodney Harrison; featuring three-time All Pro and two-time Super Bowl-winner Rodney Harrison.

To listen to a live stream of NBC Sports Radio, or find your local affiliate, visit


NBC Sports Regional Networks, which serve top NFL markets such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Houston and San Francisco, will surround the 2014 NFL season with in-depth news, analysis and original programming on the teams that matter most in more than 43 million U.S. households.


NBC averaged 25.3 million viewers for two NFL Kickoff Weekend games – Seattle’s 36-16 win over Green Bay on Thursday, and Denver’s 31-24 victory over Indianapolis on the debut of Sunday Night Football – which ranked as primetime television’s two most-watched programs last week, according to official national data released by The Nielsen Company.

The Seahawks’ 20-point victory in the Thursday “NFL Kickoff” game was the most-watched primetime show of the week (Sept. 1-7), with an average of 26.9 million viewers. The Sunday Night Football opener, in which Denver jumped out to a 24-0 first-half lead, averaged 23.7 million viewers and ranked as primetime television’s #2 show of the week.

NBC has averaged more than 25 million viewers on NFL Kickoff Weekend (two-game average) for five consecutive seasons.

NBC Sports Live Extra’s live streams of “NFL Kickoff” and Sunday Night Football generated records as the highest-trafficked non-Olympic, non-Super Bowl, single-game live stream in NBC Sports Digital history (Green Bay-Seattle), and the most-consumed Sunday Night Football opener (Indianapolis-Denver).

Thursday’s Packers-Seahawks consumption of more than 25 million minutes on NBC Sports Live Extra topped the prior non-Olympic, non-Super Bowl record set in last year’s thrilling Week 12 “Manning-Brady XIV” SNF game, won 34-31 in overtime by New England (21.3 million).

Fans consumed nearly 19.2 million minutes of Sunday night’s Colts-Broncos game, which is the best-ever for an SNF opener, and up 60% vs. last year’s SNF opener.


NBC will broadcast 19 primetime NFL games during the 2014 regular season including NBC’s annual Thanksgiving night game, featuring the heated NFC West rivalry between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers.

Sun. Sept. 14 Week 2 Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers
Sun. Sept. 21 Week 3 Pittsburgh Steelers at Carolina Panthers
Sun. Sept. 28 Week 4 New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys
*Sun. Oct. 5 Week 5 Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots
*Sun. Oct. 12 Week 6 New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles
*Sun. Oct. 19 Week 7 San Francisco 49ers at Denver Broncos
*Sun. Oct. 26 Week 8 Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints
*Sun. Nov. 2 Week 9 Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers
*Sun. Nov. 9 Week 10 Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers
*Sun. Nov. 16 Week 11 New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts
*Sun. Nov. 23 Week 12 Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants
**Thurs. Nov. 27 Week 13 Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers
*Sun. Nov. 30 Week 13 Denver Broncos at Kansas City Chiefs
*Sun. Dec. 7 Week 14 New England Patriots at San Diego Chargers
*Sun. Dec. 14 Week 15 Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles
*Sun. Dec. 21 Week 16 Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals
*Sun. Dec. 28 Week 17 TBA

*Flex Week

** Thanksgiving Night Game

Follow “Sunday Night Football” on Twitter @SNFonNBC

Become a fan of “Sunday Night Football” on Facebook at:

Follow “Sunday Night Football” on Instagram @snfonnbc

Visit SNF All-Access at:

For more information about NBC Sports Group shows and properties, including press releases, photos, talent and executive bios and headshots, please visit


ESPN NFL Content Update – Week 2

Sunday NFL Countdown logoSunday NFL Countdown: Chris Berman Conversation with Pete Carroll; Bengals’ Devon Still; Vikings Cordarrelle Patterson; and More 

Sunday NFL Countdown will preview the NFL’s week 2 games on September 14 beginning at 10 a.m. Chris Berman will host the three-hour pregame show with analysts Cris Carter, Mike Ditka, Tom Jackson, Keyshawn Johnson and Ray Lewis. Reporter/host Wendi Nix will host segments, and NFL insiders Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter will report the day’s headlines and news.

Reporters covering Sunday games:


  • William Gay and Domestic Violence: In 2012, Monday Night Countdown essayist Rick Reilly profiled current Steelers cornerback William Gay, whose mother was abused and shot to death by his abusive stepfather. In light of the Ray Rice case, Countdown revisits the story of Gay, who now volunteers at shelters for abused women.
  • Pete Carroll’s Journey: Berman visits with Seattle Seahawks’ Pete Carroll to discuss the Super Bowl-winning coach’s journey from subpar coaching stints with the Jets and Patriots through a historic run at the University of Southern California, and now to Seattle, where he has helped mold the Seahawks into the league’s best team.
  • Cordarrelle Patterson: Minnesota receiver Cordarrelle Patterson is currently under the tutelage of longtime and famed Vikings wide receivers coach George Stewart, who has coached “receiving royalty” in the NFL – Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens to name a few. Stewart tells Countdown’s Jim Trotter that Patterson has the same skill-set that may lead to similar greatness.
  • Devon Still: After cutting Devon Still last week, the Cincinnati Bengals signed the third-year defensive tackle to their practice squad so he can keep his health insurance to take care of his four year-old daughter stricken by cancer. Entering Sunday’s game against the visiting Falcons, the Bengals coaching staff moved Still to the active roster. Countdown’s Michelle Beisner reports on the Bengals’ loyalty and Still’s gratitude.
  • Rex Ryan Soundtracks: The Jets head coach, wired for sound during the team’s season-opening win at home over the Raiders, will be featured on Sunday’s “Soundtracks.”

ESPN’s Monday Night Football: Andrew Luck and the Colts Host Nick Foles and the Eagles

Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts host Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football on September 15 at 8:15 p.m. ET on ESPN (kickoff is 8:30 p.m.). MNF play-by-play announcer Mike Tirico and analyst Jon Gruden will call the game from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis with sideline reporter Lisa Salters.

MNF is available on ESPN Deportes and via WatchESPN. ESPN’s Weekly NFL Programming Schedule.

The Monday Night Countdown pregame begins at 6 p.m. Chris Berman hosts the show from ESPN’s studios in Bristol, Conn., with analysts Cris Carter, Mike Ditka, Tom Jackson and Keyshawn Johnson and Insiders Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter. Trent Dilfer, Ray Lewis and Steve Young join Countdown from Indianapolis.

Monday Night Countdown highlights:

  • Andrew Luck: Andrew Luck’s on-field performance has firmly established the Colts quarterback as one of the league’s best. MNF reporter Lisa Salters sits for a one-on-one interview with Luck.
  • Gruden’s Grill Session: MNF analyst and Super Bowl-winning coach Jon Gruden will visit with an Eagles player (TBD) to preview the Monday Night matchup.
  • Rick Reilly’s Feature – Ben Utecht: Former Colts tight end Ben Utecht is a musician, soon releasing his debut album. One of his songs is inspired by an emotional letter he wrote to his wife and kids asking that the letter be opened only if/when Ben loses his memory of them. Utecht fears his football concussions have created pockets in his life that he can’t remember – unable to remember being in his friend’s wedding even when he sees pictures of the event.  Countdown essayist Rick Reilly sits with Utecht and his wife, Karyn, to discuss the former footballer’s fears about the future, and also his work speaking before Congress about concussion awareness and reform.
  • E:60 – LeSean McCoy’s Family Life: With videogame-like moves, Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is one of the NFL’s most dynamic players. Off the field, McCoy is a single dad, with primary custody of his two-year old son, Salters reports in an E:60 profile.

NFL Drives ESPN Digital Media to Record Audiences on Sunday, Sept. 7

Driven by the kickoff of the 2014 NFL season, ESPN Digital Media recorded its best day ever on Sunday, Sept. 7,  with an average audience of 1 million people across platforms, eclipsing the previous high of 866,000 set on Sunday, Sept. 15 (Week 2 of 2013 NFL season).  Much of the growth was attributed to the mobile Web and ESPN Fantasy Football app, up 25 percent and 73 percent, respectively, compared to the previous year.

Additionally, across platforms logged 24.8 million unique visitors (up 13 percent from Week 1 a year ago) on Sunday, the second-best day ever behind only Thursday, June 26, during the group stage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Engagement with ESPN on social platforms was also significant, with more than 240,000 Twitter users interacting with @ESPN, @SportsCenter and ESPN’s NFL accounts on Sunday, 55 percent more than key accounts of its five closest competitors combined.

The Monday Night Football doubleheader on Monday, Sept. 8, also logged audience growth on WatchESPN, with the Giants vs. Lions game generating 335,000 live unique viewers (up 31 percent compared to the previous year).  The Chargers vs. Cardinals game more than doubled its audience (up 114 percent) with 366,000 live unique viewers.

espnW: Ray Rice and Roger Goodell Reaction has continuing coverage from Jane McManus on the latest in the NFL and the Ray Rice case, and Kate Fagan discusses whether NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should resign. Also, W columnists Fagan and Sarah Spain voice their opinions about the Rice case in the latest W Debate: Who Botched Their Case More.

ESPN Analyst and Three-Time Patriots Super Bowl Champ Tedy Bruschi Honored with Football Legacy Award at ‘The Tradition’ in Boston

ESPN NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi will be presented with the Football Legacy Award at The Sports Museum’s 13th annual event, ‘The Tradition,’ on Wednesday, Sept. 17, at the TD Garden in Boston. A three-time Super Bowl champion with Patriots, Bruschi was drafted by New England in 1996 and spent his entire 13-year career with the team. He is also a member of the Patriots Hall of Fame. ESPN’s Chris Berman will also attend and present sports radio personality Eddie Andelman with the Media Legacy Award.


Preview of Week 2 Editions of NFL Network’s ‘NFL GameDay First’ & ‘NFL GameDay Morning’

NFL_Network_2012_LogoCowboys WR Dez Bryant with NFL Media’s Michael Silver on ‘NFL GameDay Morning’ – Sunday at 9:00 AM ET

‘NFL GameDay First’ is First on the Field at 7:00 AM ET

 Sunday is ‘GameDay’ and every week NFL Network provides more than 15 hours of live coverage, beginning at 7:00 AM ET with NFL GameDay First. NFL Network’s coverage continues at 9:00 AM ET with NFL GameDay Morning leading viewers into the early games. At 1:00 PM ET, NFL GameDay Live provides in-progress highlights and analysis of the day’s games, and at 7:30 PM ET, NFL GameDay Highlights recaps the entire afternoon. At 11:30 PM ET, NFL GameDay Final provides complete analysis on the entire football Sunday.

This week on NFL GameDay First

Host: Melissa Stark

Co-host/Analyst: Sterling Sharpe

Analysts: Shaun O’Hara & Michael Robinson

Featured this week on NFL GameDay First:

  • First Tailgate
    • Shaun O’Hara provides the key ingredients for both a Bills win over the Dolphins, and a Dolphins win over the Bills
  • Stark Reality
    • Melissa Stark examines three games which will feature matchups of starting quarterbacks who were selected with the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft – the first time that has happened in NFL history
  • Sharpe Spotlight
    • Sterling Sharpe breaks down three players who must play “Sharpe,” “Sharper” and “Sharpest” for their team to pick up a win in Week 2
  • NFL GameDay Morning’s Michael Irvin joins Sterling Sharpe to discuss if Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson could be on his way to becoming the greatest wide receiver of all-time
  • Preview of NFL Media’s Michael Silver’s interview with Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, which will air on NFL GameDay Morning
  • Live reports from Steve Wyche for Cowboys-Titans, Jeff Darlington for Falcons-Bengals & Aditi Kinkhabwala for Saints-Browns
  • NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport provides the latest news from around the league
  • Picks for every game on Sunday

This week on NFL GameDay Morning

Host: Rich Eisen

Analysts: Steve Mariucci, Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Warren Sapp & Michael Irvin

NFL Media Insider: Ian Rapoport

Featured this week on NFL GameDay Morning:

  • NFL Media’s Michael Silver interviews Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant:
    • Bryant on what he regrets most: “I don’t regret nothing. It’s all about growing up and really just understanding; understanding I was young and reckless. Not reckless to where I’m just out doing crazy things – it was me not trusting anybody. I felt like everybody was out to get me.”
    • Preview:
  • NFL GameDay Morning looks back at Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant’s career thus far in the NFL
  • Kurt Warner breaks down New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees to see if the Pro Bowl quarterback is starting to slip
  • Who is more likely to turn it around – New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning or Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III?
  • What is the biggest concern for the Dallas Cowboys?
  • Is it too soon to panic for the New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Bears?
  • Marshall Plan – A week after stating Cleveland Browns running back Terrance West would have a big game, Marshall Faulk highlights another rookie running back who will have a big game
  • Warner’s Corner Kurt Warner analyzes what is wrong with Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo
  • NFL Media’s Judy Battista provides the latest on the NFL’s independent investigation
  • NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport has the latest news from around the NFL
  • Week 2 Bold Predictions & picks for every game on Sunday
  • Live reports
    • Albert Breer from Charlotte for Lions-Panthers
    • Stacey Dales from Minneapolis for Patriots-Vikings
    • Jeff Darlington from Cincinnati for Falcons-Bengals
    • Alex Flanagan from San Diego for Seahawks-Chargers
    • Kim Jones from New York for Cardinals-Giants
    • Aditi Kinkhabwala from Cleveland for Saints-Browns
    • Randy Moss from Green Bay for Jets-Packers
    • Steve Wyche from Nashville for Cowboys-Titans
    • Steve Cyphers from Denver for Chiefs-Broncos

NFL GameDay Live, NFL GameDay Highlights and NFL GameDay Final Conclude Sunday Coverage

At 1:00 PM ET, NFL GameDay Live provides in-progress highlights and analysis, as well as live fantasy football updates for all of the 1:00 and 4:00 PM ET games. Hosts Kevin Frazier and Dan Hellie are joined by analysts LaDainian Tomlinson, Heath Evans, Brian Billick and Daniel Jeremiah providing 6.5 hours of coverage.

At 7:30 PM ET, Chris Rose hosts NFL GameDay Highlights, along with Tomlinson, Hall of Famer Deion Sanders and Steve Mariucci.

At 11:30 PM ET, Rose and analysts Sanders, Marshall Faulk and Michael Irvin recap all of the day’s action on NFL GameDay Final with game highlights, player and coach press conferences, post-game interviews and analysis of every game.


Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, fans turn to NFL Network to receive information and insight straight from the field, team headquarters, league offices and everywhere the NFL is making news. Launched in 2003, NFL Network gives fans unprecedented year-round inside access to all NFL events, including the Super Bowl, Playoffs, regular season, preseason, Pro Bowl, Pro Football Hall of Fame induction weekend, NFL Draft, NFL Scouting Combine, Senior Bowl, league meetings, minicamps and training camps.

Currently in more than 72 million homes, NFL Network has carriage agreements with each of the country’s largest television providers including Comcast, DirecTV, DISH Network, Cablevision, Cox, Charter, Time Warner Cable, Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse.

For fans on the go, all NFL Network programming can also be streamed live on the NFL Mobile from Verizon app (, the NFL app delivered on XBOX from Microsoft, and through Watch NFL Network (, with participating cable and satellite providers. For more information, log on to is the exclusive internet home of NFL Network.


Start Times Set for ‘New Year’s Six’ Bowls on ESPN

2010 -- ESPN College Football LogoESPN will reclaim New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day for college football when it exclusively televises all six bowl games under the new College Football Playoff rotation system including the two College Football Playoff Semifinals.

Starting on Wednesday, Dec. 31, at 12:30 p.m. ET, ESPN will televise the first of the ‘New Year’s Six’ bowl games with the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. At  4 p.m., fans will see the Fiesta Bowl followed by the Orange Bowl at 8 p.m.

ESPN will jumpstart New Year’s Day with the Cotton Bowl at 12:30 p.m. Then, the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual will be aired at 5 p.m. followed by the College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Allstate Sugar Bowl at 8:30 p.m. Additional programming surrounding all the bowls will be announced at a later date. The complete schedule:

Date Time (ET) Bowl
Wed, Dec. 31 12:30 p.m. Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl
4 p.m. Fiesta Bowl
8 p.m. Orange Bowl
Thu, Jan. 1 12:30 p.m. Cotton Bowl
5 p.m. The Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual
8:30 p.m. Allstate Sugar Bowl

College Football Playoff on ESPN

ESPN will begin its 12-year agreement to exclusively televise the College Football Playoff with the 2014-15 season featuring the four top teams as selected by the College Football Playoff Selection Committee. The Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual and the Allstate Sugar Bowl will host the first College Football Playoff Semifinals which will pit No. 1 versus No. 4 and No. 2 versus No. 3 on January 1, 2015. The winners of those two games will face off in the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on January 12, 2015.

Previous announcements of ESPN’s College Football Playoff coverage:

CBS & NFL Network’s ‘NFL Thursday Night Kickoff’ Notes & Quotes — Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens

Thursday_Night_Football_logo-cbs-nflNFL Thursday Night Kickoff aired from inside M&T Bank Stadium tonight at 7:30 PM ET on CBS and NFL Network, with host James Brown and analysts Bill Cowher and Deion Sanders providing pregame analysis leading up to Steelers-Ravens on Thursday Night Football.’

CBS’ James Brown’s Interview with Baltimore Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti

CBS’ James Brown sat down with Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti for an interview on NFL Thursday Night Kickoff:

On what the Baltimore Ravens’ own investigation consisted of and how far did it go:

“Of course we knew that there was other video and our security did the steps that they normally would. They called the casino and they would not release it. They called the Jets and the Giants and said, ‘Do you have any influence, is there any way that you can help us?’ They called back and said no, that they would not release it. The prosecutor said yesterday that would have been illegal. If I had said to Ray [Rice] and his attorney I can’t keep you on this team until I see that tape, I would have seen the tape and I would have sent it to Roger [Goodell] and said you have to look at this tape before you render your decision.”

On the report that the NFL was sent a copy of the tape in April:

“I believe Roger [Goodell] when he says he never saw it. If the allegation is true that it got to the league office, then somebody was negligent in not getting that to Roger. I’ve known Roger for 14 years. He’s dedicated his life to the NFL and as a man I can’t believe that he saw that video and gave a two-game suspension. That’s what makes it hard for me to believe.”

On the public cries for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to step down:

“I don’t agree with that at all. At all. Because again, this is an accusation from an anonymous source. Could it be trying to deflect blame from the police for being so light on them? Maybe. But why would I take an anonymous person’s word over a man that I’ve known for 14 years?”

On what he has learned through this process:

“If Ray Rice ends up being the reason and our Ravens’ failures and our shortcomings and the league’s shortcomings become a reason to change the legal process and their shortcomings, then if this is a seminal moment for domestic violence and the way we handle it as a society, then that’s not a burden for us to be that poster boy. It’s not. Now I’m embarrassed about it but five years from now if things have changed significantly for the better, I’ll be proud of it. That’s our recovery. What can we do going forward? Pray that this was a moment in time that changed everything.”

Pittsburgh Steelers – Baltimore Ravens Pregame Quotes:

“I can’t believe that the man that I know, the Roger Goodell that I know, would cover that up. He’s been at fault for being too harsh on the players amongst the league. Now you’re saying he’s going to turn a blind eye to this ignorance that we saw on tape? That’s not the man I know.” – Deion Sanders on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

“There is no doubt that in the wake of this incident many, many things were mishandled. But there exists right now a moment in time where the focus is on domestic violence that sports can once again serve as a catalyst for social progress and the NFL can lead in that regard. The NFL can foment transformative change, and energy spent in that regard is energy well spent.” – Amy Trask

“John Harbaugh tonight is going to find out who his real leaders are because they need to have some leadership step up given the magnitude and importance of this game.” – Bill Cowher on head coach John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens

“There is no answer for Antonio Brown.” – Deion Sanders on Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown

“I’ve never seen a game with this kind of magnitude – the importance – this early.” – Bill Cowher on the Steelers-Ravens game

“Two years ago, I challenged the NFL community and all men to seriously confront the problem of domestic violence, especially coming on the heels of the murder-suicide of Kansas City Chiefs football player Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins. Yet, here we are again, dealing with the same issue of violence against women. Now let’s be clear: this problem is bigger than football. There has been, appropriately so, intense and widespread outrage following the release of the video showing what happened inside the elevator at the casino. But wouldn’t it be productive if this collective outrage, as my colleagues have said, could be channeled to truly hear and address the long-suffering cries for help by so many women and, as they said, do something about it? Like an ongoing, comprehensive education of men about what healthy, respectful manhood is all about. And it starts with how we view women. Our language is important. For instance, when a guy says, ‘You throw the ball like a girl,’ or ‘You’re a little sissy,’ it reflects an attitude that devalues women. And attitudes will eventually manifest in some fashion. Women have been at the forefront in the domestic violence awareness and prevention arena, and whether Janay Rice considers herself a victim or not, millions of women in this country are. Consider this: according to domestic violence experts, more than three women per day lose their lives at the hands of their partners. That means that since the night of February 15 in Atlantic City, more than 600 women have died. So this is yet another call to men to stand up and take responsibility for their thoughts, their words, their deeds, and as Deion [Sanders] says, to give help or to get help because our silence is deafening and deadly.” – James Brown



# # #

CBS Sports To Stream Entire 2014 SEC ON CBs Football Schedule Featuring All-22 Camera Angle On Cbssports.Com and CBS Sports Mobile App

sec-on-cbsMultiple Camera Angles for SEC on CBS Games Will Be Available to Fans
For the Second Consecutive Year

CBS Sports’ SEC “Game of the Week” Kicks Off with Georgia vs. South Carolina
on Saturday, September 13

Sept. 9, 2014 – CBS Sports, the exclusive national over-the-air broadcaster of Southeastern Conference home football games, will stream its entire 2014 SEC ON CBS schedule exclusively on ( and on the CBS Sports mobile app for iOS and Android, beginning with Georgia vs. South Carolina on Saturday, Sept. 13.  For the second consecutive season, SEC Live on will feature multiple camera angles in complement to the game broadcasts, allowing fans to see a full-field view of the action in addition to the main camera view.

An all-22 camera angle, which will be available along with the main camera angle during live streaming coverage of every SEC ON CBS football game, provides a high view from the 50-yard line showing all players on the field. Utilized during the game broadcast as a telestrator feature to break down plays, this camera angle is ideal for fans who want to study formations and get a coach’s perspective on each play.

“We’re excited to offer college football fans a complete second-screen experience for every SEC ON CBS broadcast again this season,” said Jeffrey Gerttula, General Manager of “Viewers will be able to catch all the action through high-quality streams in a feature-rich, interactive environment across their computers, tablets, and mobile phones.”

Viewers will have the ability to switch back and forth between the game simulcast and an all-22 camera angle, and will also have access to live team and player statistics, Twitter integration, interactive elements including polling and highlights and additional on-demand video.

SEC Live each week also will include a pregame show, a halftime show, and an original 5th Quarter postgame featuring analysis from CBS Sports’ lead college football analyst Gary Danielson.

The SEC ON CBS schedule features a total of 16 games during the Network’s 14-week season, including two doubleheaders and the SEC Championship on Saturday, Dec. 6 (4:00 PM, ET).

CBS Sports’ 2014 College football schedule:

DATE                      TIME (ET)                     GAMES

Saturday, Sept. 13   3:30-7:00 PM              GEORGIA at SOUTH CAROLINA

Saturday, Sept. 20  3:30-7:00 PM              FLORIDA at ALABAMA

Saturday, Sept. 27   3:30-7:00 PM              SEC GAME OF THE WEEK

Saturday, Oct. 4      3:30-7:00 PM              SEC GAME OF THE WEEK

Saturday, Oct. 11   12:00 NOON-3:30 PM    SEC GAME OF THE WEEK #1

3:30-7:00 PM              SEC GAME OF THE WEEK #2

Saturday, Oct. 18   3:30-7:00 PM              SEC GAME OF THE WEEK

Saturday, Oct. 25   3:30-7:00 PM              SEC GAME OF THE WEEK

Saturday, Nov. 1      3:30-7:00 PM              FLORIDA vs. GEORGIA

Saturday, Nov. 8      3:30-7:00 PM              SEC GAME OF THE WEEK #1

8:00-11:00 PM            SEC GAME OF THE WEEK#2

Saturday, Nov. 15     3:30-7:00 PM              SEC GAME OF THE WEEK

Saturday, Nov.  22   3:30-7:00 PM              SEC GAME OF THE WEEK

Friday, Nov. 28         2:30-6:00 PM             ARKANSAS at MISSOURI

Saturday, Nov. 29     3:30-7:00 PM             SEC GAME OF THE WEEK

Saturday, Dec. 6       4:00-7:30 PM             SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME

All “SEC Games of the Week” are announced six-to-12 days prior to their broadcast date.

* * *

No. 11 Notre Dame Faces Purdue Saturday In Primetime On NBC

nbc-sports-groupNotre Dame and Purdue Clash for 86th Time in Battle for the Shillelagh Trophy

Tom Hammond, Mike Mayock and Kathryn Tappen to Call Notre Dame-Purdue From Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis in 2014 Shamrock Series

Notre Dame Pre-Game Show Countdown To Kickoff Begins at 6:30 p.m. ET Live on NBCSN with Liam McHugh, Doug Flutie and Hines Ward

STAMFORD, Conn. – Sept. 10, 2014 – The No. 11 Notre Dame Fighting Irish look to move to 3-0 with a victory over an in-state rival this weekend, when they face the Purdue Boilermakers (1-1) in primetime on NBC at 7:30 p.m. ET this Saturday, in the 2014 Shamrock Series at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind. Coverage begins at 6:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN with Countdown To Kickoff, NBC Sports Group’s Notre Dame pre-game show.

The Fighting Irish will play the Boilermakers for the 86th time in their history, matching Navy for the most games played against a single opponent in Notre Dame’s history. Notre Dame boasts a 57-26-2 series advantage over Purdue, and has defeated the Boilermakers in their last six meetings, dating back to 2008. The two teams battle for the Shillelagh Trophy, and have played each other in every season since 1946.

Last weekend, Notre Dame ended their rivalry with Michigan, shutting out the Wolverines 31-0 at Notre Dame Stadium. Everett Golson threw for three touchdowns, including two to receiver Amir Carlisle, while the Notre Dame defense handed Michigan its first shutout since Oct. 20, 1984. Notre Dame has gained six spots in the Top 25 polls since starting the season at No. 17, following convincing wins over Rice and Michigan, outscoring the two teams by a combined 79-17. Purdue will look to rebound from a 38-17 loss at home to Central Michigan last Saturday.

Tom Hammond, former long-time Notre Dame play-by-play voice on NBC, will call Saturday’s game in Indianapolis, filling in for Dan Hicks, who will call The Tour Championship at the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup finale in Atlanta. Emmy Award-nominated analyst Mike Mayock and sideline reporter Kathryn Tappen (@KathrynTappen), who joined NBC Sports Group this year as a reporter and studio host.

Liam McHugh (@liam_mchugh) will host Countdown To Kickoff at 6:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN, on-site at Notre Dame Stadium. He will be joined by 1984 Heisman Trophy Winner Doug Flutie (@DougFlutie) and two-time Super Bowl champion Hines Ward (@MVP86HinesWard). McHugh, Flutie and Ward will also manage half-time and post-game coverage for the broadcast.

In addition to his studio duties, Flutie will also provide analysis from the sidelines during the game, analyzing specific matchups and key plays from his unique perspective.

NBC SPORTS LIVE EXTRA ONLINE & APP: NBC Sports Live Extra — the NBC Sports Group’s live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices, and tablets — will stream all Notre Dame Football home games.

For desktops, NBC Sports Live Extra can be accessed at The NBC Sports Live Extra app for mobile devices and tablets is available at the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and on select Android handset and tablet devices within Google Play.

NBC Sports Live Extra online will feature a simulcast of the broadcast feed in full HD quality plus one additional online-only bonus camera. The video player will include picture-in-picture capability and full DVR functionality, allowing the user to pause the live video and even review plays in “slo-mo.”

Sideline reporter Kathryn Tappen will provide live in-game tweets from the sideline from @NDonNBC on Twitter. Additionally, fans can watch in-game highlights, live coverage of the Notre Dame and visiting teams’ bands at halftime, as well as live postgame footage that will include head coach Brian Kelly’s press conference.


All remaining Notre Dame Football home games this season will be telecast across select markets in Asia, exclusively on Fox Sports Asia. Coverage in Asia will include Cambodia, China, Guam, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. A live stream of all Notre Dame Football home games will be available via Fox Sports Play in those markets.

In Latin America, Fighting Irish home games will be televised on ESPN Latin America, to markets including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Venezuela. A live stream of all Notre Dame Football home games will be available in select Latin America markets via ESPN Play, Watch ESPN or A grid highlighting availability in specific locations is listed below.

Outside of Asia and Latin America, coverage of Notre Dame Football home games will be available online via NBC Sports Live Extra –NBC Sports Group’s live streaming product for desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. Click here for more info:


Following this Saturday’s game against Purdue, NBC Sports Group’s coverage of Notre Dame football continues Saturday, Oct. 4 when they host No. 15 Stanford at 3:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

The following is the NBC Sports Group 2014 Notre Dame Football schedule (all times ET)

Date Opponent Pre-Game Network Game Time Network
Saturday, Sept. 13 Purdue* 6:30 p.m. NBCSN 7:30 p.m. NBC
Saturday, Oct. 4 Stanford 3 p.m. NBC 3:30 p.m. NBC
Saturday, Oct. 11 North Carolina 3 p.m. NBC 3:30 p.m. NBC
Saturday, Nov 15 Northwestern 3 p.m. NBC 3:30 p.m. NBC
Saturday, Nov 22 Louisville 3 p.m. NBC 3:30 p.m. NBC

*2014 Shamrock Series at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind. will again continue its Notre Dame Football coverage though its Notre Dame Central section. Notre Dame will also be featured within NBC Sports Talk with its popular Inside The Irish blog written by Notre Dame Football insider Keith Arnold.


For the second-straight year, Comcast SportsNet Chicago will continue its expanded coverage of Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football via its partnership with NBC Sports by providing additional content to help power’s popular Notre Dame Central section (  Comcast SportsNet Chicago’s Notre Dame Football “Insider” JJ Stankevitz (@JJStankevitz) from, will serve as the primary beat reporter in providing up-to-the-minute Fighting Irish news and analysis, columns, game previews/recaps, interviews and much more.

SAME DAY HOME GAME REPLAYS – Beginning with the team’s home/season opener on Saturday, August 30 vs. Rice, Comcast SportsNet Chicago will provide a same day replay of every Notre Dame home game produced by NBC Sports with the Aug. 30 replay scheduled to air at 11 p.m. CT.  Additional home game replays airing on Comcast SportsNet this season include games against Michigan (Sept. 6 at 1 a.m.), Purdue (Sept. 13 at 1 a.m.), Stanford (Oct. 4), North Carolina (Oct. 11), Northwestern (Nov. 15) and Louisville (Nov. 22). (NOTE: Replay airings to regularly take place on these Saturdays at 11 p.m.; fans are urged to consult for exact air times).

HEAD COACH BRIAN KELLY’s WEEKLY PRESS CONFERENCE – will provide a live stream of Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly’s weekly press conference, as he will address the prior weekend’s game, along with detailing his game plan against the team’s upcoming opponent.  Coach Kelly’s weekly press conference, which will take place from Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Ind., will be live streamed every Tuesday throughout the season at 11 a.m.

“INSIDE NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL” w/BRIAN KELLY – Once again, Comcast SportsNet will be the local TV home for “Inside Notre Dame Football” with Head Coach Brian Kelly this season.  The weekly, half-hour show will feature key highlights, along with detailed discussion & analysis regarding the team’s previous game and an X’s and O’s preview of their upcoming opponent.  “Inside ND Football” will make its 2014 season premiere on Tuesday, September 2 in its regular 5 p.m. CT time slot.  (NOTE: This Tuesday afternoon program may air on occasion at 4:30 p.m. CT should there be live pro event airing at 6 p.m. that evening). Fans can follow Comcast SportsNet Chicago’s @CSNIrish Twitter handle for the very latest Fighting Irish news and updates 24/7.

For more information about NBC Sports Group shows and properties, including press releases, photos, talent and executive bios and headshots, please visit