ESPN to Carry NBA Development League Postseason for First Time Starting April 7

ESPNU and ESPNEWS to Air Up to 19 Games Including the Finals

ESPN will carry the NBA Development League postseason for the 2015 and 2016 seasons, airing the league’s playoffs and Finals games on ESPNU and ESPNEWS. The 2015 NBA D-League postseason will begin Tuesday, April 7, with first round action. The NBA D-League Finals are slated to start Thursday, April 23.  Here is ESPN’s full schedule below:

Date Time Network Game
Tue., Apr. 7 7 p.m. ET ESPNU First Round, Game 1
9:30 p.m. ET ESPNU First Round, Game 1
Wed., Apr. 8 7 p.m. ET ESPNU First Round, Game 1
9:30 p.m. ET ESPNU First Round, Game 1
Fri., Apr. 10 8 p.m. ET ESPNEWS First Round, Game 2
10:30 p.m. ET ESPNEWS First Round, Game 2
Sat., Apr. 11 5 p.m. ET ESPNEWS First Round, Game 2
7:30 p.m. ET ESPNEWS First Round, Game 2
Sun., Apr. 12 2 p.m. ET ESPNEWS First Round, Game 3 (If Necessary)
4:30 p.m. ET ESPNEWS First Round, Game 3 (If Necessary)
Tue., Apr. 14 7 p.m. ET ESPNU First Round, Game 3

(If Necessary)

9:30 p.m. ET ESPNU First Round, Game 3

(If Necessary)

Sun., Apr. 19 6 p.m. ET ESPNU Semifinal – Game 2
8:30 p.m. ET ESPNU Semifinal – Game 2
Tue., Apr. 21 7 p.m. ET ESPNU Semifinal – Game 3

(If Necessary)

9:30 p.m. ET ESPNU Semifinal – Game 3

(If Necessary)

Thurs., Apr. 23 8 p.m. ET ESPNEWS Finals – Game 1
Sun., Apr. 26 7 p.m. ET ESPNU Finals – Game 2
Mon., Apr. 27 9 p.m. ET ESPNU Finals – Game 3

(If Necessary)

*Times are subject to change

**All ESPNU and ESPNEWS telecast will also be available on WatchESPN 

The 18-team NBA D-League, founded in 2001, is the NBA’s official minor league, whose teams have direct affiliations to NBA franchises. Currently, more than one third of NBA players have spent time in the NBA D-League, including the more than 40 NBA D-League players who have earned more than 50 GATORADE Call-Ups to the NBA.  Additionally, 55 NBA players have spent time in the NBA D-League on assignment this season and more than 40 percent of the last five NBA Draft classes have honed their skills in the D-League, including 15 2014 first-round selections.


Media contacts:

Ben Cafardo, ESPN,, 860-766-3496

Mike Wade, NBA,, 212-407-8690

Joanna Shapiro, NBA,, 212-407-8884

ESPN Adds Boston Celtics-Detroit Pistons to Schedule April 8

ESPN announced today it has made an update to its 2014-15 NBA regular-season schedule. On Wednesday, April 8, the Boston Celtics at Detroit Pistons matchup has been added at 7 p.m. ET, replacing the previously scheduled Toronto Raptors at Charlotte Hornets game. Mark Jones and analyst Doug Collins will call the Celtics-Pistons game, which will also be available via WatchESPN.

This marks the first appearance of the season for the Celtics on ESPN, who are currently fighting for the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. This is the second appearance of the season on ESPN for the Pistons. The game will be followed by the Phoenix Suns at Dallas Mavericks at 9:30 p.m., also on ESPN and WatchESPN, with Mike Breen and analysts Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson. The remainder of ESPN’s NBA regular-season schedule is available at ESPN Media Zone.


Media contact: Ben Cafardo at 860-766-3496 or (@Ben_ESPN).

Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage ­ Thursday, March 12, 2015

nba-on-tntNotes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, March 12, 2015

TNT’s NBA coverage will continue on Tuesday, March 24 with a doubleheader featuring the San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks at 8 p.m. ET, followed by Golden State Warriors at Portland Trail Blazers at 10:30 p.m. 

****    ****    ****    ****

TNT NBA Tip-off presented by 

Matt Winer, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Steve Smith

K. Smith on the Cavaliers path to the Eastern Conference Finals: “Their route got easier if [Bulls point guard] Derrick Rose doesn’t’ come back  [from injury]. Overall the Bulls are the team that could match up to the Cavaliers talent wise. Chicago has Pau Gasol, Jimmy Butler and Joakim Noah – three All-Stars. How many teams have three All-Stars when their best player is out?”

K. Smith on how the Cavaliers would match up against the West: “Whoever comes out of the Western Conference is going to be the favorite. They will have experience, coaching and talent. All the elements Cleveland is looking to have…they will have them.”

O’Neal on the Cavs since the All-Star break: “Ever since LeBron took those nine games off, the Cavaliers are starting to gel. [Guard] J.R. Smith is starting to play like the J.R. of old. He’s more focused. If they get on a little roll in the postseason they should be the favorites in the East.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Memphis Grizzlies (87) @ Washington Wizards (107)
Marv Albert (play-by-play) Mike Fratello (analyst) with David Aldridge (reporter)

Fratello on the Grizzlies’ recent slump: “That’s because of lack of practice. This time of year when you’re not practicing a lot, you get game slippage. All you need is one good day of practice, and it’s amazing how it comes back.”  

Fratello on Grizzlies guard Vince Carter: “They know that Vince Carter needs minutes on the floor. This is a rehab period to get him healthy.”

Fratello on Grizzlies center Kosta Koufos: “He has really improved. This is the case of a lot of hard work, understanding the game, getting better, realizing what you can do as a big man in the NBA.”

Fratello on Grizzlies forward/center Jarnell Stokes: “I like Stokes. He has some toughness about him, hangs in there and has done some good things. It seems like he has a very high basketball IQ.”

Fratello on Wizards center Kevin Seraphin: “I liked him when he was first in the league. I thought he had a big upside. I thought he could be a post-up guy on a regular basis, could rebound the basketball and protect the rim. He hasn’t developed as far as I thought he might at this point.”

Fratello on the Wizards quick start to the 2014-15 season: “Everybody knew they had a soft schedule and lot of home games in the beginning. They weren’t tricking those who follow basketball. It all eventually caught up to them.”

Fratello on the growth of the Wizards over the past two seasons: “[Wizards head coach] Randy Wittman went through the tough years in Washington with young players. Eventually there was a point when he decided they needed to add veteran guys. Nene, [Marcin] Gortat and [Rasual] Butler came in…guys with experience, who have been in the playoffs. Then this team really turned around.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Cleveland Cavaliers (128) @ San Antonio Spurs (125) in Overtime
Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) Charles Barkley and Chris Webber (analysts) with Rachel Nichols (reporter)

Barkley on Cavaliers center Timofey Mosgov: “This kid is the reason the Cavaliers are now contenders. They were too small, and he is a legit seven-footer. Mosgov and [power forward] Kevin Love fit great together.”   

Webber on Kyrie Irving’s 57-point game: “LeBron loves having some help. He is letting Kyrie do his thing, but could take over at any time.”

Barkley on Cavaliers center/forward Tristan Thompson: “He’s the best offensive rebounder in the NBA.”

Barkley on the matchups between LeBron James/Kawi Leonard and Kyrie Irving/Tony Parker: “How often do you get the four best players in a game guarding each other on both ends of the court? It’s pretty cool to watch.”

Barkley on the Cavaliers’ playoff picture: “They are playing in the East, which gives them an advantage. If the Cavs were in the West, they would have no chance. I don’t think they could win three seven-game series in the Western Conference. With a shorter bench, the Cavaliers can survive because they are in the East.”

Barkley on whether this game is an NBA Finals preview: “These two teams know they could actually play each other in The Finals. It’s impossible to play hard for 82 games, but when you face a really great player or team, your intensity goes through the roof. That’s what we are seeing from the Cavaliers and Spurs.”

Barkley on the Cavaliers offense: “The problem with the Cavs’ game is their half-court offense. They don’t get easy baskets.”

Webber on power forward Kevin Love in the fourth quarter: “The fact that Love is averaging only two points in the fourth quarter, I worry about that coming into the playoffs. You are going to need him to be engaged and get him involved in the fourth.”

Barkley on Kyrie Irving’s 57-point game: “The Spurs just need to shake Kyrie’s hand and say ‘you were better than me tonight,’ because he is making some shots that are ridiculous.”

Barkley on Kyrie Irving’s performance: “This is one of the best individual performances I’ve ever seen. He is making tough shots. It’s not like he’s been wide open.”

Webber on the Cavaliers heading into the postseason: “They are right where they want to be. They feel it, they have their chemistry going and their two leaders are hot like fish grease.”

Webber on the Spurs’ up and down season:  “They started out the season well, with wins on the road against teams like the Grizzlies and the Clippers. Then they had some injuries and tough times in the middle, but they have regained their identity.”

Barkley on the importance of point guard Tony Parker to the Spurs: “Tony Parker has been the best point guard in the NBA for the past five years. Guys like Marco Belinelli, Danny Green and Manu Ginobili need Tony Parker to be dominant. He is the guy who makes everything go.”

Barkley on the Spurs getting healthy and playing well at the right time: “We don’t really know what the Spurs are. This is the first time all season that [point guard] Tony Parker and [forward] Kawhi Leonard have been on the floor together in a while [due to injuries]. The next month is going to be interesting for San Antonio.”

Barkley on Kawhi Leonard: “I love his competitiveness. This kid is beautiful to watch.”

Webber on the aggressiveness of Leonard: “We always hear the word aggressive. Aggressive for Leonard means forcing the issue until he can score or pass. He keeps going.”

Barkley on the Spurs playoff picture: “What is interesting about the Western Conference is the Spurs could lose three games in a row and be the No. 7 seed. They are finally getting healthy, but are they going to have enough left in the tank to win three series on the road? I don’t think any team in the West could beat three really good teams in a seven-game series on the road.”

Webber on the Spurs success in March: “They are gearing up for another championship run. They play this time of year to get where they want to be at the end of the road.”

Barkley on Spurs veteran Tim Duncan: “He’s the greatest power forward ever. To be 39 years old and this excited for a regular season game is pretty cool.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Winer, O’Neal, K. Smith, S. Smith

K. Smith on the Cavaliers victory over the Spurs: “The Spurs didn’t lose this game; the Cavs won it. Typically you lose games like this because you turn the ball over or make a bad decision. I didn’t think any decision they made was bad. All of the sudden the Cavaliers came and grabbed the bull by the horns. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving made some spectacular plays.”

S. Smith on Kawhi Leonard missing two free throws in the fourth: “When you have a chance to seal it, you are supposed to be that guy and they want to hand you the throne in San Anthonio…you have to make one [of the two free-throws]. The game was fabulous, but you have to make one. You send the Cavs home if you just make one.”

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Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015

nba-on-tntTNT’s NBA coverage will continue Thursday, March 5, with a doubleheader featuring the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Chicago Bulls at 8 p.m. ET, followed by Dallas Mavericks vs. Portland Trail Blazers at 10:30 p.m. 

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TNT NBA Tip-off presented by 

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith



 O’Neal on whether Cavaliers vs. Warriors is a potential NBA Finals preview: “A lot of people say, ‘W e’re only concentrating on our conference,’ but I guarantee you the Cavs are looking at what Golden State is doing. They realize they could play this team in The Finals. One team tonight is going to play to send a message to the other. I’m going to be looking for the intensity from both teams.”

Smith on Warriors point guard Stephen Curry as an MVP candidate: “Right now, Stephen Curry is the MVP. He has the longevity, but there is a guy coming like a bullet named Russell Westbrook.”

Barkley on Curry: “I love Stephen Curry, but he’s not the MVP. The MVP is [Rockets guard] James Harden.”

  Barkley on the Cleveland Cavaliers: “I think the Cavaliers are the team to beat now…because of the Derrick Rose injury, the Cavs are the front-runner in the Eastern Conference.”  

Smith on the Cavaliers-Warriors matchup: “This is going to be the true test. We’ll see if they are the best team in the East. This is a litmus test game. This is one of the games that you look at on our schedule and say, ‘We are championship contenders,’ or this is when you make substitutions and changes because you aren’t good enough yet. This is a real statement game for both teams.”


****    ****    ****    ****

Golden State Warriors (99) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (110)

Marv Albert (play-by-play) Chris Webber (analyst) with Allie LaForce (reporter) 



 Webber on Warriors forward Draymond Green: “The heart and soul of this team is Draymond Green. He is their best defender and their toughest guy. Having him on the floor is great for the Warriors.” 

Webber on Warriors center Andrew Bogut: “Bogut may be one of the best passers in the NBA. He loves to pass and gets everyone involved.”

Webber on All-Star point guards Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving: “You love seeing two point guards with so many skill sets, that get their teammates involved and don’t just play super hero ball. It’s a pleasure to watch.”

Webber on head coach Steve Kerr’s eighth technical foul of the season: “That’s just him putting his imprint on his team.”

Webber on Warriors sharpshooters Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson: “I know these are the Splash Brothers, but they can score in the intermediate area, they can score with layups and they play defense. It’s not just a three-point scoring team. You can tell by the effort of this team against the Cavaliers.”

   Webber on Cavaliers forward LeBron James: “He is so strong, he can’t be stopped inside and his vision is wonderful.” 

Webber on James as an MVP candidate:  “This is what’s scary for the rest of the NBA; while we have all of those other MVP candidates out there, they still better remember who the man is. When he is coming out this aggressively in games, like he will the rest of the season, he is tough to guard.”

Webber on the Cavaliers in the second half of the NBA season: “This team is getting their mojo back.”

Webber on Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving: “[Warriors point guard] Stephen Curry is the best ball handler of any shooter in the NBA, but Kyrie Irving is the best ball handler in the game…period.”

Webber on LeBron James: “I hope we never stop appreciating what he brings to the game. He brought the game back to a level where it was about the best player being part of a team, instead of the best player being the hero with his team just joining him. You have to love the way he gets his teammates involved. He loves to see them succeed.”

Webber on Cavaliers reserve power forward Tristan Thompson: “He gets the crowd involved as a role player for this team. He isn’t a starter, yet he is second in the league in total rebounds. When you have an energy guy coming in, whether in the playoffs or regular season, and they do their jobs like Thompson does, it helps so much. Not only do you get extra possessions, he gives extra energy to the crowd. It also pumps the players up.”

Webber on the rhythm of LeBron James in the second half: “When he starts off bullying, going to the paint, getting shots that he loves and getting his players involved, he seems to open up in the second half because he already has a great rhythm. Those shots are easy for him to knock down.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Oklahoma City (113) @ Phoenix Suns (117) in Overtime

Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) Reggie Miller (analyst) with David Aldridge (reporter) 



 Miller on the dominant performance of Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook after the All-Star break: “To show leadership is one thing, but the dominance he has shown in the month of February, averaging almost a triple double with Kevin Durant out and a quarter of his roster new from the trades.  There is a reason why he’s in the MVP discussion.”

Webber on the Thunder’s acquisition of center Enes Kanter before the trade deadline: “It was a great pick up to get Kanter. Now you have two young centers [Kanter and Steven Adams] to use with your superstars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. You couldn’t tell [recently traded center] Kendrick Perkins to go down and get a bucket, he was more of a defensive guy. You can do that with Kanter.”

Miller on how the Thunder are building their franchise: “I love everything that is going on with the Thunder and their organization. The two words they always talk about are commitment and sacrifice. That’s how they want to build the base of their franchise. They are trying to build through players that are going to be molded to play the way the Thunder approach and play the game.”

Miller on Russell Westbrook: “Have we ever seen a point guard that can attack the lane like Russell Westbrook? Maybe Derrick Rose before his injury.”

Miller on Westbrook as an MVP candidate: “There are 25 games left. Let’s say the Thunder go 20-5, get 52 wins and up to that sixth seed. Is that enough for him to win MVP, if he’s still playing like this?”

Miller on Thunder guard D.J. Augustin:  “This is a guy who understands his role and can knock down shots.”

   Miller on Suns point guard Brandon Knight: “Brandon Knight is going to be a great addition to this team. Playing with [guard] Eric Bledsoe, he is going to be ball dominant. Even though he is a point guard, he is more of a scoring point guard. He can catch and shoot.”

Miller on the Suns recent trade of Goran Dragic to the Heat: “Dragic wanted to leave once the Suns signed [point guard] Isaiah Thomas. He felt a little threatened because of the competition, for whatever reason.”

Miller on the impressive rebounding of the Suns: “I am shocked how the smaller Phoenix Suns are beating up on the Thunder off the offensive glass. The Thunder are normally the best rebounding team in the NBA…and it’s not even close.”

Miller on the Suns lack of a closer: “Who is the closer for Phoenix? Who is the guy that you can just put the ball in his hands to get you a bucket?”

****    ****    ****    ****

Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal and Smith



 Smith on Russell Westbrook taking 38 shots in the Thunder’s loss to the Suns: “Too much Russell. He is playing unbelievable basketball, but he took 38 shots tonight. No one else got into an offensive flow to help them win against Phoenix.”

Barkley on Westbrook: “You can be a good player, you can even be a really good player, but you can’t become a great player until you learn how to make the guys around you better. When you are as explosive as Russell Westbrook is, you can take 38 shots a night, because you can get a shot every time down the court. However, he should say, ‘I’m going to get Ibaka a shot, I’m going to get Kanter a shot, I’m going to get Dion Waiters a shot.’ Just because you can get a shot doesn’t mean you should take it every time. It will make it easier on him.”

Smith: “Westbrook abandoned the game plan tonight. What he needs to realize is when they lose, they should still lose a certain way. He really put himself in a position to lose. He didn’t put himself in a position to win.”

O’Neal: “This guy can really play, but he has to utilize his help some more. Every time Kevin Durant is out there, he utilizes Durant as help. Westbrook can get his when Durant is not out there, but he needs to utilize his talents to draw defenders so he can kick it out to his teammates.”

   Barkley on the Cavaliers as a postseason team: “This is still basically a brand new team. Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving and Timofey Mozgov haven’t been deep in the playoffs. LeBron James is the best player in the world, and the addition of Mozgov changed the team. They went from a small team to a big team. Then Iman Shumpert and J.R. Smith gave them some athleticism around the perimeter. They are now the only team in the Eastern Conference that you would be afraid of [in the postseason].”


 Smith on the Atlanta Hawks: “We thought it was a three-team race, but now two teams are clearly ahead. Toronto is still in the boat, but they don’t have as many paddles as Atlanta or Cleveland. The one thing we haven’t seen is Atlanta in duress, in a playoff situation, seven games, meeting the same person over 10 nights and the same person is Super Man, LeBron James.”

O’Neal on the Eastern Conference Finals: “I think it’s going to be Atlanta and Cleveland as the last two teams in the East.”

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KOBE BRYANT’S MUSE set to premiere on SHO, Saturday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT


LOS ANGELES –  February 18, 2015 – KOBE BRYANT’S MUSE is set to premiere on Saturday, Feb. 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME.  The anticipated, feature-length documentary includes intimate and exclusive footage in the aftermath of Bryant’s recent shoulder injury which ended his 2014-2015 season with the Los Angeles Lakers.  Compelling and revelatory, KOBE BRYANT’S MUSE captures Bryant like viewers have never seen him before. For an early look at the documentary, go to:

Bryant, an 18-year veteran and 17-time NBA All-Star, has earned five NBA Championships during his time in the league. At this critical juncture in his career, viewers will watch as Bryant attempts to cement his legacy, opening a window into the mind of an elite athlete still motivated to be the best, but also contemplating life after sports.

The film is directed by Gotham Chopra and is executive produced by Kobe Bryant and Gotham Chopra in association with Mamba Media.

# # #

NBA Digital’s Comprehensive NBA All-Star Coverage to Include Exclusive One-on-One Interview with Kobe Bryant Exclusive One-on-One Interview with Kobe Bryant

NBA-TV-LogoBryant Says, “I Should Have Seven,” Championships During Interview Conducted by Ahmad Rashad

Interview Part of NBA TV’s All-Star Monday Primetime Lineup, Feb. 16;

More Than 140 Hours of NBA All-Star Content Across NBA TV, and NBA Mobile

The City Game, Hosted by Kenny Smith, to Highlight New York City’s Most Memorable Players and

Rich Basketball Tradition on Wednesday, Feb. 11, at 6 p.m.

NBA Digital, co-managed by Turner Sports and the NBA, will be home to the most expansive coverage of the NBA All-Star 2015 events in New York City with content spanning across a wide array of multimedia platforms.  NBA TV, and NBA Mobile will combine to deliver an immersive experience, reaching fans any way they choose to enjoy All-Star content.

Comprehensive coverage of NBA All-Star 2015 – available across multiple devices via NBA TV, and NBA Mobile – will feature inside access to practices, interviews with players and coaches, and highlights, news and information from all of the weekend’s signature events.

“NBA All-Star is one of the league’s tent pole events and our goal is to utilize every platform in our portfolio to provide the most compelling experiences for our fans,” said Albert “Scooter” Vertino, general manager of NBA Digital and SVP of programming, Turner Sports. “With extensive coverage of all the events, a deep commentator lineup, full slate of original programming and the breadth of our digital and social content, we’re looking forward to capturing all the festivities from New York.”

NBA Digital’s more than 140 hours of All-Star programming will be highlighted by NBA TV’s exclusive one-on-one interview with Kobe Bryant, a 17-time NBA All-Star, on Monday, Feb. 16, at 9 p.m.  Kobe: The Interview, conducted by Ahmad Rashad, covers a wide variety of topics including his thoughts on how he should have won a total of seven NBA championships – with a pair of missed opportunities against the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons – and how he’s transformed his game through the years, his motivation, and reflections on his former teammates and coaches.

Bryant on the goals he set when he started his career: “It was really simple for me, at the time, which is win as many championships as possible. That was it. You know, I watched Michael win six. I watched Magic win five. You know [Bill] Russell…growing up, I understood that to be the standard.”

Bryant on players he’s admired that he’s lined up against: “That is a really long list…I played against the golden greats…Michael [Jordan], [John] Stockton, [Gary] Payton, [Clyde] Drexler…All the way up to this generation of players – LeBron [James], D-Wade [Dwyane Wade] and KD [Kevin Durant] – to now the younger generation…[Stephen] Curry, James Harden, all these players…Klay Thompson, I admire all of them because they all bring soething different to the game and they all have their strengths that you can learn from.”

Bryant on whether he’s at the end: “I can’t say it is the end. I thought the Spurs were done 20 years ago. Those guys are still winning. So, to answer the question, I can’t say this is the end of my era because I thought their [era] was done and they’re still there. So I’m hoping I can have the same rebirth.”

The network’s NBA All-Star Monday primetime lineup on Feb. 16 will also feature Countdown to Kobe: The Interview at 8:30 p.m., hosted by Vince Cellini, a 30-minute show looking back at Bryant’s standout career and legacy, featuring interviews from current and former Lakers teammates, along with guests. Bryant’s former teammate and current NBA TV analyst Rick Fox will also join the show live from New York. The night will conclude with a special New York themed edition of NBA TV’s critically acclaimed Open Court at 10 p.m., with a cast of basketball greats talking about the influence of basketball in the city.

The Open Court panel discussion, hosted by Sports Emmy Award winner Ernie Johnson, will feature a collection of TNT and NBA TV analysts including Kenny Smith, Shaquille O’Neal, Grant Hill and Steve Smith, along with former New York Knicks guard John Starks as a guest on the show.

NBA TV original programming will also include All-Star episodes of NBA Inside Stuff presented by Samsung GALAXY, The Starters, NBA GameTime, The Beat presented by The All-New Chrysler 200 and a 30-minute look at basketball and New York City, The City Game, hosted by Kenny Smith.

NBA TV and live streaming daily content highlights for NBA All-Star 2015:

Wednesday, February 12

  • NBA TV’s The City Game, hosted by Kenny Smith, highlights the rich basketball history of New York City’s five boroughs, including interviews with Manhattan’s Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Brooklyn’s Bernard King and Chris Mullin, the Bronx’s Nate “Tiny” Archibald, Queens’ Smith and a look at Staten Island’s memorable 1983 St. Peter’s championship team. The 30-minute episode, which will also focus on the city’s tradition of talented point guards and celebrated playground basketball, premieres at 6 p.m.

Thursday, February 13

  • NBA TV will televise a “Dunk-A-Thon on Thursday, Feb. 13, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. The slate of events will include every Slam Dunk competition, including the first Slam Dunk contest ever held (during the 1976 ABA All-Star Game).
  • NBA TV’s live coverage of the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge Practice from Long Island University in Brooklyn will start at 5 p.m., with the two-hour telecast including All-Star previews and analysis from NBA TV’s Rick Fox and Isiah Thomas. (Live streamed via

Friday, February 14

  • NBA GameTime presented by State Farm will offer comprehensive coverage of NBA All-Star Media Day featuring live interviews with participants from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Live streamed via
  • The network will also provide live coverage of the NBA Fit press conference at 1:30 p.m.
  • NBA TV will air an All-Star edition of The Beat presented by The All-New Chrysler 200 at 5 p.m., with NBA TV’s Vince Cellini, Sekou Smith and David Aldridge.
  • The Starters will be televised from 6-7 p.m. with J.E. Skeets, Tas Melas and team talking hoops and providing their unique take on the league entering NBA All-Star weekend.
  • NBA GameTime presented by State Farm will be live at 11:30 p.m. recapping all the day’s highlights, news and information with host Rick Kamla and analysts Brent Barry and Rick Fox from Barclays Center.
  • will live stream BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge postgame press conferences following the event.  

Saturday, February 15

  • The network will televise exclusive coverage of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Announcement at 10 a.m. (Live streamed via
  • NBA TV will present exclusive coverage of NBA All-Star Practice presented by Sean Jean at Macy’s from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on location at Madison Square Garden with NBA TV analysts, Hill and Webber, along with Marv Albert, David Aldridge, Rachel Nichols, Kristen Ledlow, Jared Greenberg and The Starters. The practice will also include the ‘Degree Battle of the Game Changers,’ with Stephen Curry and John Wall competing shot for shot to be named the “Ultimate Game Changer.” (Live streamed via
  • NBA Inside Stuff presented by Samsung GALAXY – premiering at 1 p.m., Hill and Ledlow will co-host a special episode highlighting NBA All-Star 2015 and the event’s backdrop, New York City. The 30-minute episode will be on location at various points across the city, including visiting the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall, the NBA House presented by BBVA Compass in Brooklyn and Madison Square Garden.
  • The Starters: Top 20 NBA All-Star Moments at 1:30 p.m. will discuss the top 20 moments in NBA All-Star history.
  • NBA TV will air Commissioner Adam Silver’s All-Star Press Conference at 7 p.m., also streamed live prior to TNT’s exclusive presentation of State Farm NBA All-Star Saturday Night. (Live streamed via
  • An All-Star edition of NBA GameTime at All-Star 2015 presented by Kia will be televised at 11 p.m. recapping all the day’s highlights, news and information with Cellini, Dennis Scott and Steve Smith from Barclays Center.
  • will live stream coverage of post-event press conferences following State Farm All-Star Saturday Night.

Sunday, February 16

  • NBA TV will tip off the day with coverage of the NBA Legends Brunch at 12:30 p.m. from the Javits Center. (Live streamed via starting at 11 a.m.)
  • The network will televise the NBA D-League All-Star Game presented by Kumho Tire at 2:30 p.m. with NBA TV’s Kamla, Scott, Barry and Greenberg calling the game.
  • A special NBA GameTime: All-Star Sunday starts at 5 p.m. from Madison Square Garden, with Winer, Steve Smith and Hill, followed by live coverage of the Sprint Pregame Concert at NBA All-Star at 6 p.m.
  • Following TNT’s exclusive presentation of the NBA All-Star Game, NBA TV will air Inside the NBA presented by Kia with Johnson, Charles Barkley, O’Neal and Kenny Smith live from New York City.
  • NY Heroes: Bravest vs. Finest, a basketball game featuring the NYPD and FDNY, will live stream via on Sunday starting at 12:15 p.m.
  • will also live stream postgame press conferences following the NBA All-Star Game.

Digital and social media highlights include:

  • is launching NBA Mt. Rushmore, a meme generator which allows fans to choose their own collection of the greatest NBA players of all time, similar to LeBron James selecting his list, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson, in an interview with NBA TV’s Steve Smith prior to last year’s NBA All-Star Game. Fans can search players by name, position or category, then choose their top four picks; categories include greatest forwards, greatest guards and best dunkers. Once selected, users can name their mountain and then share across Facebook and Twitter.
  • TNT Overtime will offer fans a unique video companion experience throughout All-Star weekend – including the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge, State Farm All-Star Saturday Night and the NBA All-Star Game presented by Kia Motors.
  • Social Spotlight will continuously keep fans up to speed on the latest social engagement by NBA players, teams and the conversations surrounding them throughout the weekend.
  • NBA All-Star Pulse will present updates, news, video and photos from All-Star festivities throughout the weekend. Featured on the home page, fans can follow tweets from NBA players and insiders, share user-generated video, check which topics and content are trending in real time and get behind-the-scenes video from players and celebrities.
  • Fan Voting – Fans will be able to vote for the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge MVP and Kia NBA All-Star MVP via online, mobile web, SMS text messaging, Twitter and via the NBA Game Time app.
  • All-Star SceneThe All-Star Scene goes mobile with NBA and NBA Digital cameras behind the velvet rope at All-Star events and activities. All-Star Scene will be sponsored by JBL, Ciroc and WB’s Focus.
  • NBA Style – Devoted to NBA All-Star style and presented by Samsung GALAXY, the microsite will feature enhanced content including interviews, photo collages and more, along with social engagement.
  •’s All-Star Online Coverage including desktop, mobile and the NBA Game Time app will be presented by JBL, Ciroc, Cisco and H&R Block.

NBA Mobile

  • NBA Game Time – The league’s signature mobile app will allow fans to track all the live event action with special features including audio from the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge and NBA All-Star Game, live coverage from State Farm All-Star Saturday Night and other behind-the-scenes content.
  • All-Star Dashboard – A fullevent display via NBA Game Time for the weekend including schedules, featured videos, live press conference streams, live video, social feeds and headlines.
  • Event Sections – Special sections on NBA Game Time for each of the All-Star festivities including event information, ticket links, venue maps, directions, video, live scoring and social feeds from events including Jam Session, the Celebrity Game, the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge, the NBA D-League All Star Game presented by Kumho Tire, State Farm All-Star Saturday Night, the Sprint Pregame Concert and the NBA All-Star Game.
  • All-Star Video Channels– Behind-the-scenes video from All Star Scene and highlights from the events.
  • NBA All-Star NYC App – A guide to navigating NBA All-Star Events in NYC, the NBA All-Star NYC App provides event schedules and ticket information, as well as point-to-point directions with maps and public transportation info to help fans get around New York City. It also includes links to content from NBA Game Time and exclusive in-arena content.

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Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage ­ Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015

nba-on-tntNotes from TNT’s NBA Tip-Off Presented by – Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015

2015 NBA All-Star Reserves Exclusively Announced on TNT

TNT is the exclusive home of extensive live NBA All-Star coverage including all of the marquee events from New York. Programming highlights include the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge on Friday, Feb. 13; State Farm All-Star Saturday Night featuring the Degree Shooting Stars, Taco Bell Skills Challenge, Foot Locker Three-Point Contest and Sprite Slam Dunk on Saturday, Feb. 14; and the 2015 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, Feb. 15.

****    ****    ****    ****

TNT NBA Tip-off presented by

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith

Western Conference All-Star reserves:

James Harden Houston Rockets
Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors
Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder
Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder
LaMarcus Aldridge

Tim Duncan

Chris Paul

Portland Trail Blazers

San Antonio Spurs

Los Angeles Clippers

Barkley on Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins being left off the Western Conference All-Star team: “DeMarcus Cousins deserved to make the All-Star team…the kid is a hell of a player.”

Barkley on Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard: “I have a serious problem with Damian Lillard not making this team. That’s really not fair. I love [Thunder forward] Kevin Durant, but he hasn’t played enough games. This isn’t a lifetime achievement award. Lillard is having a terrific year.”

Barkley on Thunder forward Kevin Durant making the All-Star team: “Kevin Durant is the second best player in the world, but he has not played enough games to be an All-Star.”

Smith on Durant: “We all know he’s an All-Star. He’s an MVP. However, there is validity to [basing All-Star selections] off of the amount of games they’ve played and the type of season they are having to this point. Damian Lillard and DeMarcus Cousins have played well enough in the games that they’ve played this season to be on this list. I believe in Kevin Durant, but 21 games isn’t enough.”

Barkley on the two Thunder players, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, making the All-Star team: “If the playoffs started today, the Thunder wouldn’t be in it…and they get two All-Stars? That’s not right.”

O’Neal on choosing All-Stars based on individual accomplishments: “All-Star is singular. [Kings center DeMarcus] Cousins is an All-Star, he’s playing like an All-Star, and like the best center in the league. His feelings are hurt and my feelings are hurt for him. He definitely got snubbed today.”

Smith on choosing between Western Conference point guards Damian Lillard and Chris Paul: “Damian Lillard is having a better year than Chris Paul. Lillard got snubbed when he was left off of the USA Men’s Basketball team, and now the All-Star team.”

Smith on Rockets center Dwight Howard missing the All-Star team for the first time in eight years: “It’s because of injuries. He’s been hurt, and hasn’t played enough games consistently to say he’s an All-Star. He is arguably one of the top two centers in the league. For the same reason we said ‘no Kevin Durant,’ they said ‘no Dwight Howard.’ Also, the Rockets won games while Howard wasn’t there.”

Eastern Conference All-Star reserves:

Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers
Chris Bosh Miami Heat
Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls
Al Horford Atlanta Hawks
Paul Millsap

Jeff Teague

Dwyane Wade

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks

Miami Heat

Smith on who was snubbed in the East: “The guys I feel for in the East are [Milwaukee Bucks point guard] Brandon Knight and [Atlanta Hawks shooting guard] Kyle Korver.”

Barkley on Heat veteran Dwyane Wade as an Eastern Conference All-Star: “Dwyane Wade shouldn’t have made the All-Star team. He is a Hall of Famer, but he didn’t deserve to be an All-Star this year. [Heat center Chris] Bosh has been the best player for Miami this year.  Brandon Knight in Milwaukee, Brandon Jennings in Detroit or Kyle Korver in Atlanta should have been rewarded for having good seasons. This might be the only time Knight, Jennings or Korver have a chance to make the All-Star team. I always give the edge to guys who are winning. Dwyane Wade is not having an All-Star year.”

Barkley on why Hawks sharpshooter Kyle Korver deserves to be an All-Star: “I always give the edge to guys who are winning. I would fine guys who left him wide open if I coached a team. Even if you have to hold his hand, don’t leave him shoot.”

O’Neal on Wizards center Marcin Gortat: “I think Marcin Gortat got snubbed. I think he is having a wonderful year. Washington is playing very well, and he is a vital part of that.”

Barkley on naming veteran stars to the All-Star teams over players having better years: “We all know who used to be great, but you can’t keep rewarding guys for what they used to be.”

Barkley on whether Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving or Bucks point guard Brandon Knight deserved to be an All-Star more: “Kyrie is incredible. Irving is a better all-around player, but for the first half of the season, Brandon Knight was better. He lifted his team to greater heights.”

Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015

TNT’s NBA coverage will continue on Thursday, Feb. 5, at 8 p.m. ET with a doubleheader featuring the Los Angeles Clippers @ Cleveland Cavaliers followed by the Phoenix Suns @ Portland Trail Blazers at 10:30 p.m.


****    ****    ****    ****

Denver Nuggets (69) @ Memphis Grizzlies (99)
Brian Anderson (play-by-play) and Reggie Miller (analyst) with David Aldridge (reporter)


Miller on the Memphis Grizzlies: “Even before they went out and got [forward] Jeff Green, I thought this team was the best in the West. They have a great floor general in [point guard] Mike Conley and two bigs down low in [center] Marc Gasol and [power forward] Zach Randolph who pound the paint. They are tough to beat.”

Miller on Grizzlies All-Star center Marc Gasol: “I think what Marc Gasol does at both ends, as well as his passing ability, really separates him from the other centers in the league.”

Miller on Memphis forward Tony Allen: “This is why the Memphis Grizzlies are a special team. Tony Allen had been the starter on this team for the past few years, through all their success. When they went out and got Jeff Green, this young man basically gave up his starting position. Allen is all about grit, hard work and toughness at the defensive end. That is a selfless player. It makes the Grizzlies bench that much better.”

Miller on the positive effect the Jeff Green trade has had on the Grizzlies: “[Memphis forward] Jeff Green brings a level of athleticism that this team has not seen. No disrespect to [Grizzlies guard] Courtney Lee or Tony Allen, but at 6’9” Green has an ability to both stretch the floor and knock down threes.”

Miller on how the Grizzlies get it done on the defensive end: “They don’t put you on the free-throw line a lot. They don’t foul you, so you have to make shots against their stingy defense. That has always been the mark of a championship team.”

Miller on the frontcourt duo of Marc Gazol and Zach Randolph: “We always get into the great debate of the best backcourt. We talk about the Splash Brothers, John Wall and Bradley Beal…but what about the best big man duos in the game today? I would certainly pick Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol as the best frontcourt duo.”

Miller on Green replacing Allen in the Grizzlies’ starting lineup: “This is a team that is going to go much further with Jeff Green on the floor than it would with Tony Allen. That’s not to say anything bad about Allen. His minutes will be very valuable in the starting unit.”

   Miller on Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried: “There is no way Faried is going to be able to handle [Grizzlies power forward] Zach Randolph down low.”

Miller on Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson: “Lawson leads the nuggets in scoring, assists and steals, but his game has been very inconsistent. If he wants to be the floor general on this team, he has to be consistent every night.”

Miller on Faried: “He’s a high energy guy. When he is able to get the guy off the glass and go coast to coast, you can see that athleticism.”

Miller on Nuggets guard Jameer Nelson: “Take away what he does on the court, his most valuable contribution has been in the locker room. His leadership and veteran savvy have really rubbed off on the young players on the Nuggets.”

Miller on the future of the Denver Nuggets: “How are the Nuggets doing? I just don’t know what direction or path they want to take. Before the season started, they were supposed to be one of those teams fighting for that eighth spot. They have kind of been a rollercoaster team all season.”

Miller on Faried: “I was expecting a bigger and better season from Kenneth Faried. I thought coming off that gold medal this summer and playing with USA Men’s Basketball, being that energy guy off the bench for Coach K, that confidence wise, he would come in and play like gangbusters. He hasn’t done that. His numbers are the same, but he’s not quite the same player confidence wise.”

Miller on Nuggets center JaVale McGee: “He has loads of talent and great athleticism.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Chicago Bulls (118) @ Los Angeles Lakers (123)
Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) and Brent Barry (analyst) with Lewis Johnson (reporter)

  Barry on newly named All-Star guard Jimmy Butler:  “He is absolutely remarkable this year. The things that he has been able to do and show regarding the growth of his game are great. He can post up at the 2-guard position. He can defend the best player on the opposing team whether that is a two or three man…well deserved All-Star appearance with many more to come. This guy works and goes about his business.”

Barry on guard Derrick Rose learning how to be a great player: “The greatest players in our league motivate themselves just because they are out here competing.”

 Barry on shooting guard Mike Dunleavy: “He doesn’t stop on the offensive end of the floor but is constantly moving…he’s one of the better three-point shooters in the league.”

   Barry on Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson’s athleticism: “I saw him play last summer in Las Vegas and there were signs of what Jordan Clarkson can do on the court where you raised an eyebrow to his potential. Can he find his way to be a point guard in this league where most of them dominate the game? I’m not sure if he is ready for that test but this season will pay some dividends.

Barry on the Lakers’ bench: “The Lakers have guys coming off the bench that have started in the league: Carlos Boozer, Jeremy Lin…these guys are capable of putting points on the board.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal and Smith

Barkley on Bulls guard Derrick Rose: “Derrick Rose is still playing like the old Derrick Rose. He’s got to learn that he is not the same guy. He has to learn to play with Jimmy Butler. You are a great player when you play with other great players. You shouldn’t try to do too much.”

Barkley on Derrick Rose: “He has to realize he’s not the MVP anymore.”

Barkley on Rose sharing the field: “You have to adjust. He can’t shoot 33 times. It was like when he was a one-man crew…but, in my opinion, Jimmy Butler is the best player on the team and he is also playing with the best offensive big man he’s ever had.”

O’Neal on what the Bulls need to work on: “They need to get their identity back on defense and create easy shots. Offense is not the problem, defense is.”

   Barkley on Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol: “The best power forward center combination in the NBA.”
  Barkley on Denver Nuggets: “We blame the coaches all the time and these players never take responsibility. It’s hard to lose an NBA game by 30 points. I feel bad because Brian is a really nice guy and a good coach. It’s a players league and sometimes the coach gets thrown under the bus.”

Smith on how the Nuggets lack effort: “They have to beat you one way.  If they don’t play you that way, they are going to lose.”

Visit the Turner Sports online press room for additional press materials; follow Turner Sports on Twitter at @TurnerSportsPR



Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage ­ Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015

nba-on-tntNotes from TNT’s NBA Tip-off presented by – Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015

2015 NBA All-Star Starters Exclusively Announced on TNT

TNT is the exclusive home of extensive live NBA All-Star coverage including all of the marquee events from New York. Programming highlights include the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge on Friday, Feb. 13; State Farm All-Star Saturday Night featuring the Degree Shooting Stars, Taco Bell Skills Challenge, Foot Locker Three-Point Contest and Sprite Slam Dunk on Saturday, Feb. 14; and the 2015 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, Feb. 15

****    ****    ****    ****
TNT NBA Tip-off presented by
Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith

Western Conference All-Star starters:

Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors
Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers
Anthony Davis New Orleans Pelicans
Marc Gasol Memphis Grizzlies
Blake Griffin Los Angeles Clippers

Barkley on Rockets guard James Harden as a deserving All-Star starter: “James Harden should be starting. I love Kobe Bryant, but James Harden is in the race for MVP with [Warriors point guard] Steph Curry. He deserves to be starting in the All-Star Game. The Lakers stink and Kobe hasn’t played enough games. James Harden should be starting…plain and simple. Harden has been fantastic.”

O’Neal on Bryant: “It’s been rumored that he may shut it down after this year. Fans are saying, ‘This could be Kobe Bryant’s last All-Star game. I want to see him one last time.”

Smith on Bryant vs. Harden: “This is a fan’s list. I’d rather see Kobe Bryant as a fan. If I’m a player, picking my team to win the championship this year, then I’m picking James Harden.”

Eastern Conference All-Star starters: 

John Wall Washington Wizards
Kyle Lowry Toronto Raptors
LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers
Pau Gasol Chicago Bulls
Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks

Smith on the Gasol brothers being the first set of brothers to ever face each other in an NBA All-Star Game: “It’s crazy. Two guys in the same household are two of the top 10 most popular players in the world and two of the top 10 players in the game at their position.”

Barkley on Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony being named an All-Star starter: “I do have a problem with Carmelo [being named a starter]. I just don’t understand. Fans have to be honest and realistic.”

Smith on Anthony: “He has accumulated a big amount of fans over his career who will ride or die with him.”

O’Neal on players from losing teams being named All-Stars: “We have to come to the realization that there are two types of fans. There are fans that think like Chuck: ‘His team’s not winning. I don’t care who he is, he’s not an All-Star.’ Then there are fans like me: ‘This guy has great numbers. As a single individual, he is an All-Star.”

TNT’s Inside the NBA team pick their Western Conference reserves:

James Harden Houston Rockets
Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers
Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors
LaMarcus Aldridge Portland Trail Blazers
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings
Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder
Tim Duncan San Antonio Spurs
James Harden Houston Rockets
Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers
Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors
LaMarcus Aldridge Portland Trail Blazers
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings
Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder
Dwight Howard Houston Rockets
James Harden Houston Rockets
Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers
Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors
LaMarcus Aldridge Portland Trail Blazers
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings
Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder
DeAndre Jordan Los Angeles Clippers
James Harden Houston Rockets
Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers
Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors
LaMarcus Aldridge Portland Trail Blazers
DeMarcus Cousins Sacramento Kings
Russell Westbrook Oklahoma City Thunder
Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder

Barkley on Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins: “He has played very well. He deserves to make the All-Star team. Shaq wants to anoint him as the best big man in the game and I cannot do that. If you put up good numbers, but your team loses all the time, you might be part of the problem. However, the kid is a terrific talent.”

O’Neal on Cousins: “He’s the best center in the league. When I was coming up, it was all based on numbers. Nobody is playing better than Cousins.”

Barkley on Spurs power forward Tim Duncan: “Tim Duncan has played well this year. He has been the best player on the Spurs, that’s why I put him on the team.”

Smith on his choice of Thunder point guard Russell Wesbtrook over Tim Duncan: “Any time you say Tim Duncan is an All-Star, you can’t be wrong. It’s just a personal preference. I was very close to putting Duncan in, but Russell Westbrook, without question, healthy or not healthy, is the most lethal guard in basketball. There is no one more lethal, not even Steph Curry. He has to be an All-Star.”

Barkley on Mavericks point guard Monta Ellis as an All-Star candidate: “There is just a glutton of point guards in the Western Conference. The best player on the Mavericks is Monta Ellis. He’s never going to be [center] Dirk Nowitzki, but Ellis is just going to be beat [out for All-Star] by [Warriors guard] Klay Thompson, who is the best two-guard in the league.”

Smith on the Mavericks: “If the Dallas Mavericks were in the Eastern Conference, they would have three All-Stars.”

TNT’s Inside the NBA team pick their Eastern Conference reserves:

Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls
Jeff Teague Atlanta Hawks
Paul Millsap Atlanta Hawks
Chris Bosh Miami Heat
Al Horford Atlanta Hawks
Brandon Knight Milwaukee Bucks
Kyle Korver Atlanta Hawks


Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls
Jeff Teague Atlanta Hawks
Paul Millsap Atlanta Hawks
Chris Bosh Miami Heat
Al Horford Atlanta Hawks
Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers
Dwyane Wade Miami Heat
Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls
Jeff Teague Atlanta Hawks
Paul Millsap Atlanta Hawks
Marcin Gortat Washington Wizards
Kevin Love Cleveland Cavaliers
Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers
Bradley Beal Washington Wizards
Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls
Jeff Teague Atlanta Hawks
Paul Millsap Atlanta Hawks
Marcin Gortat Washington Wizards
Al Horford Atlanta Hawks
Chris Bosh Miami Heat
Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers

Barkley on the Atlanta Hawks: “Atlanta Hawks deserve four All-Stars. I reward winning. The Hawks have the second-best record in the NBA.”

Smith on Bucks point guard Brandon Knight vs. Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving: “The toughest decision for me was Brandon Knight or Kyrie Irving. Knight is not a better player in the long run, but I would pick him for this season and what he’s doing for his team. When LeBron James was out, [Cavs center] Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving had an opportunity to separate themselves and show that they could carry a team without James…they didn’t’ do a good job of that. Knight is carrying the Bucks offensively. He is running the show.”

Barkley on Hawks sharpshooter Kyle Korver: “Steph Curry might be the best shooter in the NBA, but I would pay to see Kyle Korver. If I need one wide open jumper, I might go with Korver over Curry. He reminds me of Reggie Miller and Steve Kerr. ”

O’Neal on the Hawks: “They should have three or four guys that make the All-Star team, and I hope they do.”

Barkley on the Milwaukee Bucks: Milwaukee is one of the best kept secrets in the NBA. They lost [Bucks forward] Jabari Parker, who was arguably the Rookie of the Year, but they are still winning.”

Smith on Heat guard Dwyane Wade: “He gets the job done. You’re talking about an Eastern Conference that isn’t guard heavy.”

Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Jan. 22, 2015

TNT’s NBA coverage will continue on Thursday, Jan. 29, at 8 p.m. ET with a doubleheader featuring the Denver Nuggets @ Memphis Grizzlies followed by the Chicago Bulls @ Los Angeles Lakers at 10:30 p.m.


****    ****    ****    ****

San Antonio Spurs (81) @ Chicago Bulls (104)
Marv Albert (play-by-play), Reggie Miller and Grant Hill (analysts) with Rachel Nichols (reporter)



Hill on Bulls point guard Derrick Rose getting over his injuries: “It is about trusting your body. The mental hurdle is the last hurdle to accomplish. Derrick Rose is there but he has to continue to trust his body that he’ll be okay.”

Hill on the potential of the Bulls team once all healthy: “When they get healthy, they have a chance to make up some ground.”


Hill on the Bulls’ loss in Cleveland earlier this week: “Tonight is a drastic change from Monday night in Cleveland. They are bringing energy and effort, and playing with a sense of urgency they didn’t have against the Cavs. That game might have been the lowest point for Chicago this season. They had team meetings and a lot of speculation in the media. It’s encouraging to see them come out and play Chicago Bulls basketball.”

Miller on Bulls guard Jimmy Butler and Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard: “Both are fabulous talents who get it done at both ends of the floor. More importantly, on defense. They are hard, gritty and they both rebound. Butler is only the second guard behind James Harden in free throw attempts. That shows he’s aggressive.”

Miller on Butler: “You should book a ticket to New York for Jimmy Butler. He deserves to be an All-Star reserve for the Eastern Conference.”

Hill on Derrick Rose: “I love the explosion of Derrick Rose tonight. He’s getting to the basket, getting up high and elevating in traffic. It’s a great sign for the Bulls.”

Hill on the success of Bulls power forward Pau Gasol in Chicago: “He was marginalized and forgotten the last two or three years in Los Angeles. That [Lakers former head coach] Mike D’Antoni style of play didn’t really fit him. People forgot how talented he is. Here in Chicago, he gets a chance to show that he’s still got it.”

  Hill on the value of a deep bench: “It’s a great luxury to have a deep bench. [Spurs head coach Gregg] Popovich learns to trust them and they typically come through in the playoffs when he needs them. A lot of coaches don’t trust their bench through the season.  Popovich empowers these guys and makes them believe in themselves. He can rely on them when he needs them down the stretch.”

Miller on the Spurs offense: “The Spurs are so patient at the offensive end when the shot clock is running down. They constantly have movement.”

Hill on Spurs center Boris Diaw: “Boris Diaw is yet another playmaker for San Antonio and a very talented defender.”

Miller on Diaw: “This guy is so crafty with the basketball. What makes him even tougher to guard is his passing ability at that size.”

Hill on whether the Spurs can repeat as NBA Champions this year: “Without a doubt. There is no real team in the West that is sticking out. The Spurs have an easy schedule, and it’s conceivable that by All-Star they could be third or fourth in the conference. They are gaining momentum, which they usually do this time of year. You can’t count out the San Antonio Spurs…I’ve learned that.”


****    ****    ****    ****

Brooklyn Nets (84) @ Los Angeles Clippers (123)
Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) and Brent Barry (analyst) with Jaime Maggio (reporter)





Barry on the weakness of the Nets defense: “There are gaps all over the Brooklyn Nets defense that the Clippers are exposing.”

Barry on the lack of consistent shooters on the Nets: “No shooter has gotten hot and stayed consistent for the Nets this season. It takes so much away from your offense when your point guards are pitching it out to opportunities and no one is able to knock those shots down.”

Barry on whether Lionel Hollins’ new system in Brooklyn has been a success: “The Nets have a new coach and new perspective, as well as veteran guys learning a new system. Hollins will admit he’s had to make adjustments around those guys, once he found out if they were capable of carrying out their assignments. Then you have the injuries, with [center] Brook Lopez and [power forward] Kevin Garnett in and out of the lineup. Hollins feels like he’s done a pretty good job in the first half of the year. Hopefully they can get some consistency and a good run in the second half.”

Barry on the Nets offense: “[Nets point guard] Deron Williams does so much offensively, but they are only going to be as good as their shooters start to take them. Williams is gearing up, they need more consistent minutes for Garnett, and the [center] Mason Plumlee is improving. They need to win a stretch of games before we can start believing in what this team can do.”

Barry on bench players getting an opportunity to play in blowout games:  “Whether you are up, or you see the hole that’s been dug and you know you’ll stay buried for the rest of the game, you have to play the game the right way. There is some karma that can carry over. If you play hard as a bench player, you compete and you do the right things, the next game, something good might happen to you. Don’t come in and think ‘this is embarrassing’ when the game is well out of hand. It’s a difficult thought, but you have to avoid it.”


Barry on the Clippers this season: “It just feels different. They are dealing with something they haven’t ever experienced…expectations.”  


Barry on Clipper center DeAndre Jordan: “What he does on the interior on a nightly basis for [head coach] Doc Rivers puts the Clippers in a great position to win.”

Barry on Clippers guard Jamal Crawford: “Jamal continues to be a bright spot for the Clippers. There are so many nights when they rely on him. He comes in and saves them offensively.”

Barry on the improvement of Clippers star Blake Griffin: “He’s shooting the ball well. I think he has expanded his game a little bit and has taken some criticism for doing the things he needed to in order to start being a better player.”

Barry on head coach Doc Rivers bringing in his son, guard Austin Rivers: “It is very interesting. There is lots of chatter about Doc making the move to bring Austin in. His career has gotten off to a rough start. This might be Doc’s attempt to try and save Austin River’s career moving forward, to simplify things for him and give him this great opportunity. It tells you a lot about the trust he has in the rest of the team, to take on Austin as a player, add him to this roster and give him minutes as they try to make progress throughout the season.”

Brent on the monster dunks of DeAndre Jordan: “There are two or three dunks a year that DeAndre Jordan gets on an opposing player, and it’s talked about all summer long. Makes for a miserable summer for his defenders.”

Barry on the inconsistency between the Clippers starters and bench players: “The Clippers bench is like when you are a parent and you have kids. You have friends come over, you give your kids to them and they wind them up and get them all excited. But when the kids start crying and fussing the friends hand them back to their parents. That’s what the bench and the starters are for the Clippers. The starters get the game going, hand it over to the bench and the kid is crying when they come back in. The bench has to be able to maintain and take care of the game.”

Barry on the impending trade deadline and if Doc Rivers will bring any players in to positively affect his team: “We’ve already seen teams that are in the hunt make significant moves on their roster, to bring in guys that will be significant in their rotation. Doc Rivers is content to wait, because he wants to add veteran presence. He wants to make sure he can pick guys that he knows what they can bring to the team. Sticking with the known and leaving the unknown alone. That’s the M.O. of Doc Rivers when it comes to adding players to the roster.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal and Smith


Smith on the Chicago Bulls: “They are a team that could contend. They have all the elements in every position. One out of three nights they will have the advantage, minimum. Especially when [center] Joakim Noah is back.”

O’Neal on Bulls power forward Pau Gasol: “Pau is playing unbelievable. It’s hard to believe this is his 14th year [in the NBA]…and his best year.”


Smith on Bulls point guard Aaron Brooks: “Everywhere he’s been, he’s been able to score. Even when he went overseas, he was able to score.”





Barkley on the Spurs loss to the Bulls: “I think Coach Popovich was surprised at the level of competitiveness. You can’t judge the Spurs until everybody gets healthy. They are just getting Kawhi Leonard back and Tony Parker has been in and out. They are going to be tough because they play hard, smart and they have the best coach in the NBA. It’s going to be interesting now with the injury to Aldridge. It’s just ridiculous out West right now.”


Smith on his NBA finals prediction: “I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the Spurs and Bulls playing each other in June.”


O’Neal on the Spurs chances in the playoffs: “I’m not worried about the Spurs. Yes, they are older, but they can win on the road. It’s not checkers; it’s chess. If the playoffs started today, I think the Spurs could go into Portland and win.”

  Barkley on the fast play of the Clippers: “The Clippers are the best full-court team in the NBA. You can’t let them play fast. When you let them dunk and everything, they are going to be tough to beat.”

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Notes from NBA on TNT Coverage ­ Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015

nba-on-tntNotes from NBA on TNT Coverage – Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015

TNT’s NBA coverage will continue with a special Martin Luther King, Jr. Day doubleheader on Monday, Jan. 19, at 7:30 p.m. ET with a doubleheader featuring the Chicago Bulls @ Cleveland Cavaliers followed by the Los Angeles Lakers @ Phoenix Suns at 10 p.m. 

****    ****    ****    ****

TNT NBA Tip-off presented by

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith

  Barkley on the rumors of tension between Cavaliers head coach David Blatt and the players in Cleveland: “I don’t know what is true and not, but if these rumors that these guys on the cavaliers are trying to get their coach fired and assistant coaches are trying to undermine their head coach, they are punks in my opinion.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Oklahoma City Thunder (101) @ Houston Rockets (112)
Marv Albert (play-by-play) and Chris Webber (analyst) with David Aldridge (reporter)



 Webber on the quick release of Rockets guard James Harden: “He doesn’t have as quick of a release as [Warriors point guard] Steph Curry, but he’s right up there.”

Webber on the team play of the Rockets: “The Rockets are winning games because of sharing and penetration, and it all starts with [James] Harden.”

Webber on Rockets forward Josh Smith: “He’s athletic and a willing passer. He is a good defender and keeps guys involved, but [for Smith to be successful in the NBA] it’s going to take somebody like Rockets head coach Kevin McHale believing in him.”

Webber on the winning style of the Rockets: “The great thing about Houston is they have defenders, guys that can steal; they shoot threes and they have the personnel to switch. If [center] Dwight Howard goes out, [power forward] Donatas Motiejunas comes in to stretch the floor. It seems like the perfect team for the defensive and offensive style that [head coach] Kevin McHale wants to see his team play.”

Webber on Josh Smith’s poor three-point shooting: “If you don’t shoot well, it affects your aggressiveness. Smith needs to improve his three-point shooting or teams are going to hack-a-Josh in the fourth quarter, and the Rockets don’t want that.”

Webber on Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley: “We all know he is a capable offensive player but, with his defense, any offense that you get is just extra. Usually you have a specialist on your team that just plays defense. No one in the league guards the ball or turns guys like he does. Having his offense is just the icing on the cake.”

Webber on the recent incident between Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard: “I would like to see Dwight Howard protect himself and show other players that you can’t do that to him, but that’s not his personality or his character.”

   Webber on Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook’s unselfish play:  “Until Kevin Durant came back [from injury], Westbrook was carrying the team on his shoulders. Right now he is trying to make sure his team wins regardless of his stats.”

Webber on Thunder’s recent trade for guard Dion Waiters: “They are starting to get their mojo and their groove back, and they are very excited about Waiters. They are saying that he is a defensive player and he really helps the facilitating.”

Webber on the versatility of Westbrook: “I love the different speeds of Westbrook…he can speed it up or slow it down. He can also shoot from anywhere on the court.”

Webber on the three-team trade between the Cavaliers, Knicks and Thunder: “I like the trade for everyone, especially [Thunder guard] Dion Waiters. Whenever you are traded it’s a deflation of your ego, but you have to remember someone wanted you and asked for you. It’s a great opportunity for guys to revaluate themselves, be honest and reinvent themselves.”

Webber on reported trade involving Nets center Brook Lopez to the Thunder: “I know it’s just speculation, but Brook Lopez is what OKC might need. He can block shots and finish. If I’m a Thunder fan; I’m very excited about that prospect.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Cleveland Cavaliers (109) @ Los Angeles Lakers (102)
Kevin Harlan (play-by-play) and Reggie Miller (analyst) with Rachel Nichols (reporter)



 Miller on the speculation surrounding unrest between the Cavaliers players and head coach: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There is probably a little validity to what everyone is saying. However, there is one person in this building who can stop all this nonsense, and it’s [Cleveland star] LeBron James. If LeBron were to get in front of a microphone and say, ‘I’m tired of hearing all this noise,’ we wouldn’t hear anything. We’re rolling with this guy. But it’s silence from LeBron James…I understand he’s in a tough predicament, but he could stop all of this.”

Miller on the reason it is taking this Cavaliers time to find their rhythm: “There are a lot of moving parts. You are adding a center, two shooting guards [J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert], a new system and a rookie coach who has never coached in the NBA before.”

Miller on Cavs head coach David Blatt: “The thought when he first came to Cleveland was that he was going to expand the Cavaliers’ game offensively. The reason why we haven’t seen that is all the injuries and trades.”

Miller on the relationship between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant: “I equate these two to Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan on the original Dream Team. Kobe and LeBron are the best of their generation, obviously. They have a special relationship. They are the best players on the planet.”

Miller on Cavaliers center Kevin Love’s back spasms: “You can tell Kevin Love is very uncomfortable by the way he is walking. His back is really acting up. If you’re [head coach] David Blatt that is something to really think about. There are a lot of games left to play.”

Miller on Love playing through the pain: “It sends a message to your team. ‘I play hurt. I’ll do whatever it takes to win.’”

   Miller on a 36-year-old Kobe Bryant: “I know exactly what Kobe is going through. In my 17th and 18th year, there were some games where I didn’t even know I had legs because they were so fatigued and sore. I like that [head coach] Byron Scott and the trainers have come up with a game plan [to keep him healthy]. They are going to stick to Kobe playing only 32 minutes a game.”

Miller on the notion that the Lakers might shut Kobe down after the All-Star break: “If that ever happens, I would love to be in the room for that conversation. There is no way Kobe will ever think about shutting down. He wants to compete at the highest level, all the time. It’s already tough enough that the Lakers have cut his minutes down to 32, but Father Time is undefeated for a reason.”

Miller on the mutual respect shared by Kobe Bryant and LeBron James: “LeBron looks up to Kobe, but it’s mutual respect and admiration. At the end of the day, these two want to beat each other, but they’ll have a good time while doing it. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them going against each other on the court due to injuries. It’s a great scene.”

Miller on how the Lakers can improve next season: “In a perfect world, this team wants to be bad enough to have a top five pick. Then they will get an injured [Lakers rookie] Julius Randle back, have a top draft pick and still have money to go out and get a top free agent.”

Miller on the impressive play of Kobe Bryant: “I hope people appreciate this. We aren’t going to see it much longer. There are only two guards in the history of the game that I would take over Kobe Bryant. One being Michael Jordan, the other being Magic Johnson. After that, Kobe Bryant is the best guard who has ever played this game.”

****    ****    ****    ****

Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal and Smith

 Smith on early MVP candidate James Harden: “James Harden is the best one-on-one player in the NBA. He took the title over from Carmelo Anthony.”


 Barkley on the Memphis Grizzlies as a contender: “I really like what Memphis has done, going out and getting [forward] Jeff Green. It makes them a three-headed monster.”
  Barkley on the Milwaukee Bucks 21-19 record so far this season: “Jason Kidd has done a fantastic job. One of the most underrated things in sports is the ability to play hard. Everybody gets so enamored with talent, but energy is a talent.”

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NBA on TNT to Present Special Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Doubleheader ‹ Bulls vs. Cavaliers & Lakers vs. Suns ‹ Monday, Jan. 19, at 7:30 p.m. ET

nba-on-tnt NBA TV to Tip-Off Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Coverage with Western Conference Showdown — Mavericks vs. Grizzlies  at 5 p.m.

TNT Updates NBA Telecast Schedule to Include Nuggets vs. Grizzlies on Thursday, Jan. 29, at 8 p.m.

NBA on TNT presented by State Farm regular season coverage continues with a special Martin Luther King, Jr. Day doubleheader on Monday, Jan. 19, with the Chicago Bulls and Derrick Rose visiting the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James at 7:30 p.m. ET, followed by the Phoenix Suns and Eric Bledsoe hosting the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant at 10 p.m. Marv Albert will call the Bulls/Cavaliers game alongside analysts Grant Hill and reporter David Aldridge, while Brian Anderson will provide play-by-play for the Lakers/Suns matchup with analyst Reggie Miller and reporter Rachel Nichols. TNT’s coverage will begin at 7 p.m. with TNT NBA Tip-Off presented by

TNT’s Sports Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA presented by Kia with host Ernie Johnson and analysts Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal will recap the night’s action following the doubleheader.

Additionally, NBA TV will tip-off the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day game lineup with two of the best teams in the Western Conference in action when the Dallas Mavericks and Dirk Nowitzki visit the Memphis Grizzlies and Marc Gasol at 5 p.m. Coverage will begin at 4:30 p.m. with the Pregame Show hosted by Matt Winer alongside analysts Steve Smith and Brent Barry.

Live streaming coverage of all NBA on TNT games is available via and the Watch TNT app.  Fans are able to access the games whenever and wherever they desire by logging in with the user name and password provided by their TV service provider. Additionally, enhanced live streaming coverage of select NBA on TNT games is available via TNT Overtime (

TNT Updates NBA Telecast Schedule

TNT has updated its upcoming NBA regular season schedule to include the Grizzlies hosting the Denver Nuggets and Ty Lawson on Thursday, Jan. 29, at 8 p.m.  The game telecast will replace the previously scheduled New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers matchup.  The NBA on TNT schedule over the remainder of the month:

Date Time (ET) Game / Commentators
Thursday, Jan. 15 8 p.m. Oklahoma City Thunder @ Houston Rockets

Marv Albert, Chris Webber, David Aldridge

10:30 p.m. Cleveland Cavaliers @ Los Angeles Lakers

Kevin Harlan, Reggie Miller, Rachel Nichols

Post-game Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith

Monday, Jan. 19 7 p.m. TNT NBA Tip-Off presented by

Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal, Smith

7:30 p.m. Chicago Bulls @ Cleveland Cavaliers

Albert, Grant Hill, Aldridge

10 p.m. Los Angeles Lakers @ Phoenix Suns

Brian Anderson, Miller, Nichols

Post-game Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal, Smith

Thursday, Jan. 22 8 p.m. San Antonio Spurs @ Chicago Bulls

Albert, Miller, Hill, Nichols

10:30 p.m. Brooklyn Nets at Los Angeles Clippers

Harlan, Greg Anthony, Jaime Maggio

Post-game Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal, Smith

Thursday, Jan. 29 8 p.m. Denver Nuggets @ Memphis Grizzlies

Albert, Miller, Aldridge

10:30 p.m. Chicago Bulls @ Los Angeles Lakers

Harlan, Brent Barry

Post-game Inside the NBA presented by Kia

Johnson, Barkley, O’Neal, Smith

Turner Sports, marking its 31st consecutive year of NBA coverage, will feature a 53-game regular-season schedule on TNT.  Additionally, TNT is the exclusive home of NBA Thursday Night doubleheaders, the NBA All-Star Weekend and more NBA Playoff games than any other network including first and second round action along with the exclusive presentation of the 2015 NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

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