“Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant are the two best wide receivers in football right now.” – Michael Irvin. — Quotable from Week 16 Editions of NFL Network’s ‘NFL GameDay Highlights’ & ‘NFL GameDay Final’

NFL-GameDay-FinalWeek 16 (12/23/12) – Quotable from

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– “Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant are the two best wide receivers in football right now.”Michael Irvin on wide receivers Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions and Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys

– “Dez Bryant is now running more than one route. He is running the whole playbook.”Deion Sanders on the maturity of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant who has 10 touchdown receptions in the last seven games

– “The New York Giants can’t protect Eli Manning, they have virtually no running game, and the defensive backs cannot cover.” – Deion Sanders on the New York Giants who have lost three of their last four games

– “The Houston Texans were exposed vs. New England and no one is scared of them anymore. Matt Schaub has no mobility. That is a problem.”Deion Sanders on the Houston Texans who have lost two of their last three games and quarterback Matt Schaub’s inability to avoid the pass rush

– “Seattle is good enough to get the Super Bowl.”Deion Sanders on the Seattle Seahawks who have scored a combined 150 points in their last three games, all victories

– “Leslie Frazier should get mentioned for NFL Coach of the Year.”Deion Sanders on Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier. The Vikings are 9-6

– “Mike Zimmer should get a head coaching job.”Marshall Faulk on Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer. The Bengals are 9-6 and have clinched a playoff spot

– “Give the Brown family credit for keeping Marvin Lewis. They could have let him go two years ago.” – Marshall Faulk on Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown and head coach Marvin Lewis. The Cincinnati Bengals went 4-12 in 2010

– “Reggie Bush won’t be in Miami next year.”Deion Sanders on Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush who is in the final year of his contract

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