Adrian Peterson Discusses Breaking Single-Season Rushing Record On Tonight’s Episode Of Inside The NFL On Showtime®

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NEW YORK (December 12, 2012) – Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson joins INSIDE THE NFL tonight via satellite to discuss breaking Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing record and the recovery road after surgery.

Plus, six-time Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb joins James Brown, Phil Simms and Cris Collinsworth on tonight’s episode which premieres at 9 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

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Following are excerpts from this week’s episode:

On Adrian Peterson’s mindset after surgery…

PETERSON: It was the most important thing. Mentally getting my mind right. I had to accept it for what it was, quick. That’s when I told myself, you know what, I’m going to come back better than before.  I made that pact to myself. From the moment I got out of surgery, that’s when it started. And I just grind, grind hard to get back to the player that I am now.

Peterson’s thoughts on being the MVP or comeback player of the year contender…

PETERSON: I’m definitely mindful of it.  It helps my drive. But most importantly my drive is to get into the postseason and the team goal which is to win a championship.  You know, I look at other guys like Antoine Winfield, Jared Allen, and Kevin Williams. Those guys have been in this league for a long time, they‘ve been grinding.  To win a championship, that’s what inspires me.  The coaching staff, this is what they do.  People don’t really understand how much time the coaches put into this game.  I’m able to think about all that and that’s what drives me and keeps me going and keeps me so passionate about winning and that chase for a championship.

Peterson’s thoughts on whether passing Eric Dickerson’s single-season rushing mark is attainable…

PETERSON:  I think it is.  I definitely think it is.  You know, you hear a lot of people talking about how Adrian Peterson might crack 2,000 yards and you know in my mind, I’m reaching past that. I’m always looking at the bigger picture, the bigger goal to accomplish. That would be to edge over Eric Dickerson. It’s something that I feel like is right there and grasp, we can get it.

On Paul Tagliabue’s ruling on the Saints bounty scandal…

COLLINSWORTH:  Almost universally, people think it was a reaction to the concussion lawsuits.  In other words, the NFL was going to have to go before a judge at some point and prove that they have players’ safety at the top of the list.  And so what happens, you end up with one of these sort of bounty scandal things and what happens? The Commissioner crashes down on it.  And it was right when all those concussion suits were happening.

SIMMS:  I like the decision.  The coaches, they control the locker room, they control those meetings. They could have stopped it at any time they wanted to. I’m glad the players are absolved.  Look, it’s part of just rallying and being part of something.  I don’t think it was ever meant to be malicious.

Simms’ thoughts on why the New York Giants will go far this year…

SIMMS: When you look at them, there are too many ways they can win the game. That’s plain and simple. They can do it.  You can talk about people moving the ball. They get turnovers at an alarming rate. That pass rush is always dangerous. You have to worry about it.  They might not sack you, but that quarterback is afraid. I watch how everyone plays the Giants, and they’re always like ‘Who’s going to hit me next?’  And the offense [they are] daring, takes chances, has speed, and they have depth at running back.

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